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Forthcoming changes to digital platforms (UK & Ireland)

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July 2017

  • 24th - Sky Cinema Tom Hanks SD/HD renames as Sky Cinema Superheroes SD/HD (Sky, Virgin & YouView)
  • 25th - 3e HD (Sky in Ireland)
  • 25th - That's Carlisle (Carlisle) (Freeview/YouView 7)
  • 26th - That’s Surrey (Guildford) (Freeview/YouView 7)
  • 30th - Spider-Man Channel reverts to Disney XD +1 (Sky, Virgin)
  • 31st - That's Scarborough (Scarborough) (Freeview/YouView 7)
  • That’s Salisbury (Salisbury) (Freeview/YouView 7)

August 2017

September 2017

  • 1st - Heart Summer reverts to Heart TV (Sky, Freesat)

Summer 2017

Expected in 2017


  • Autumn - BBC Scotland (all platforms in Scotland)

No confirmed timescale

  • BBC One HD English regions (all platforms - UK)
  • BBC Two HD nations (all platforms - UK)
  • Other ITV regions in HD (all platforms). Channel HD, Meridian South HD and Yorkshire East HD appear to have been licensed by Ofcom. Launches also expected on Virgin/Freeview of regions that have already launched on Sky/Freesat.

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