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Forthcoming changes to digital platforms (UK & Ireland)

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September 2018

  • 24th - True Movies & True Movies +1 rename temporarily as True Christmas & True Christmas +1 (all platforms but only Sky & Freesat for +1)
  • 25th - Sky Sports Golf HD & SD rename temporarily as Sky Sports Ryder Cup HD & SD (Sky, Virgin Media & YouView)
  • 25th - Gold HD replaces Gold SD (Virgin Media 124)
  • 30th - Motorsport TV removed and becomes online subscription channel (Sky, Virgin Media)
  • On or around 30th - Sky Sports Ryder Cup HD & SD revert to Sky Sports Golf HD & SD (Sky, Virgin Media & YouView)
  • Food Network +1 (Virgin Media)
  • Travel Channel +1 (Virgin Media)
  • Vintage TV restored (Sky 367 and possibly Virgin Media)
  • Retro Movies restored (Sky 327)
  • CNC World restored (Sky 514)
  • Urdu1 Europe restored (Sky 772)
  • VTV restored (Sky 777)

October 2018

  • 1st - Sky Cinema Sky Fi HD & SD revert to Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror HD & SD (Sky, Virgin Media & YouView)
  • 20th - Movies 24 & Movies 24+ rename temporarily as Christmas 24 & Christmas 24+ (Sky & Virgin Media for both plus YouView (BT/PlusNet) for main channel)
  • Ideal Extra rebrands temporarily as Ideal Xmas (Sky 671)
  • QVC Extra rebrands temporarily as QVC Christmas (Sky & Freesat)
  • Sky Cinema Westerns HD & SD revert to Sky Cinema Select HD & SD (Sky, Virgin Media & YouView)

November 2018

November/December 2018

  • Other temporary Christmas rebrands (all platforms)

December 2018

Expected by end of 2018

January 2019

February 2019

  • BBC Scotland in SD and HD (all platforms in Scotland), with BBC Two Scotland closing and BBC Scotland taking BBC Four's EPG slot in Scotland on some platforms

No confirmed timescale

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