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List of analog channels on StarNet

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Star Net is a Moldovan analog cable, IPTV, internet service and landline service provider founded in 2003.

There are currently around 70 television channels in the analog cable network.

Channel list

General interest

Channel name Language(s)
Accent TV Romanian, Russian
Alt TV Romanian, Russian
Canal 2 Romanian, Russian
Canal 3 Romanian, Russian
Jurnal TV Romanian, Russian
Moldova 1 Romanian, Russian
N4 Romanian, Russian
Prime Romanian, Russian
Pro TV Chișinău Romanian, Russian
Publika TV Romanian, Russian
Ren Moldova Romanian, Russian
RTR Moldova Romanian, Russian
STS Romanian, Russian
TNT/Bravo Romanian, Russian
TV8 Romanian, Russian
TVC21 Romanian, Russian
TVR Moldova Romanian, Russian


Channel name Language(s)
Acasă în Moldova Romanian
FOX Life Russian, English
Illyuzion+ Russian
Mir Serialov Russian
Nashe Kino Russian
NTV+ Kino+ Russian
Super TV Romanian, Russian
TV1000 Russian, English
TV1000 Action Russian, English
TV1000 Russkoe Kino Russian


Channel name Language(s)
Boomerang Romanian, English, Russian
Cartoon Network Romanian
Destkiy Russian
Gurinel TV Romanian
Minimax Romanian
Tiji Russian


Channel name Language(s)
Eurosport 1 RO Romanian
Moldova Sport Romanian, Russian
Setanta Sport Eurasia Russian, English
Sport 1 Russian, Ukrainian


Channel name Language(s)
24 Tekhno Russian
Animal Planet Russian, English
Da Vinci Learning Russian
Discovery Channel Russian, English
Discovery Investigation Russian, English
Discovery World Russian, English
English Club TV English
National Geographic Russian, English
Nauka 2.0 Russian
Viasat Explore Russian, English
Viasat History Russian, English


Channel name Language(s)
Agro TV Moldova Romanian
Chasse et Peche French, Russian
Fashion One English
Nostalgiya Russian
StarNet Info Romanian, Russian
TLC Russian
Zdorovoe TV Russian


Channel name Language(s)
Euronews Russian, English
Inter+ Ukrainian, Russian
Mediaset Italia Italian
MIR Russian
Național 24 Plus Romanian
Național TV Romanian
România TV Romanian
RTVi Russian
TV Rain Russian
TV5Monde French


Channel name Language(s)
Busuioc TV Romanian
Europa Plus TV Russian
Favorit TV Romanian
Gold TV English
Noroc TV Romanian
RuTV Moldova Romanian, Russian


Channel name Language(s)
CNL Russian