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List of digital channels on Sun Communications

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Sun Communications is a Moldovan ISP, cable TV provider and phone service company founded in 1993.

This list details the current channels available on Sun Communications. There are currently around 170 television channels on the cable network.


The packages are shown using colours as follows:

Package Notes Price
Starter Channels that can be viewed with a digital tuner without any decoder MDL 80.00
Optim The medium package, including Starter MDL 100.00
Ultra The biggest package, including Starter and Optim MDL 170.00
HBO MaxPak Movie package from Home Box Office Inc. MDL 90.00

Channel list


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
1 Prime Romanian, Russian Starter
2 Canal 2 Romanian, Russian Starter
3 Canal 3 Romanian, Russian Starter
4 N4 Romanian, Russian Starter
5 Publika TV Romanian, Russian Starter
6 Moldova 1 Romanian, Russian Starter
7 Pro TV Chișinău Romanian, Russian Starter
8 Jurnal TV Romanian Starter
9 NTV Moldova Romanian, Russian Starter
10 STS Mega Russian Starter
11 RTR Moldova Russian Starter
12 TV8 Romanian, Russian Starter
13 Bravo Russian Starter
14 Ren Moldova Romanian Starter
15 Agro TV Moldova Romanian Starter
16 Pro 2 Romanian Starter
17 TVC21 Romanian, Russian Starter
18 TNT/Exclusiv TV Russian Starter
19 Euro TV Romanian Starter
20 TVR Moldova Romanian, Russian Starter
21 Realitatea TV Moldova Romanian, Russian Starter
22 iTV Romanian, Russian Starter
23 Accent TV Romanian, Russian Starter
24 Orhei TV Romanian, Russian Starter
25 Național TV Romanian Starter
26 Moldova 2 Romanian, Russian Starter
27 Canal Regional Romanian, Russian Starter
28 MBC Romanian, Russian Starter
29 Impact TV Romanian Starter

International general interest

No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
30 1+1 International Russian, English Starter
31 MIR Russian Starter
32 Inter+ Russian, Ukrainian Starter
33 TV5Monde Russian, Romanian, French Starter
34 RTV I Russian Starter
35 Nostalgiya Russian Starter
131 RTL German Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
36 Paramount Comedy Russian Starter
37 Familia Domashniy Romanian, Russian Starter
38 Zee TV Russian Starter
39 TV1000 Russian, English Starter
40 TV1000 Action Russian, English Starter
41 TV1000 Russkoe Kino Russian Starter
42 Kinomix Russian Starter
43 FOX Russian, English Starter
44 Rodnoe Kino Russian Starter
92 Kinosemya Russian Optim
93 Kinohit Russian Optim
94 Nashe Novoe Kino Russian Optim
95 Russkiy Illyuzion Russian Optim
96 Illyuzion+ Russian Optim
97 Bestseller+ Russian, English Optim
98 Evrokino Russian Optim
99 AMC Russian, English Optim
100 AXN Romanian, English Optim
133 AXN Black Romanian, English Ultra
134 AXN White Romanian, English Ultra
135 FOX Life Russian, English Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
45 Minimax Romanian Starter
46 Gurinel TV Romanian, Russian Starter
47 Boomerang Romanian, Russian, English Starter
48 Nickelodeon Russian, English Starter
49 Detskiy Mir Russian Starter
50 Malysh Russian Starter
51 Mult Russian Starter
101 Cartoon Network Russian, English Optim
132 Disney Channel Romanian, English Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
52 Nash Futbol Russian Starter
53 Eurosport 1 Russian, English Starter
54 Eurosport 2 Russian, English Starter
55 KHL Russian Starter
56 Setanta Sport Eurasia Russian, English Starter
57 Setanta Sport+ Eurasia Russian, English Starter
58 Sport 1 Russian, Ukrainian Starter
102 Zhivi Russian Optim
103 Viasat Sport Russian, English Optim


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
59 National Geographic Russian, English, Bulgarian Starter
60 Discovery Channel Russian, Hungarian Starter
61 Animal Planet Russian, English Starter
62 Zhivaya Planeta Russian Starter
63 Moya Planeta Russian, English, Bulgarian Starter
64 Istoriya Russian Starter
65 English Club TV Russian, English Starter
66 Da Vinci Learning Russian, English, Ukrainian, Polish Starter
67 Viasat Explore Romanian, Russian, English, Czech, Polish, Hungarian Starter
68 Viasat Nature Romanian, Russian, English, Czech, Polish, Hungarian Starter
69 Viasat History Romanian, Russian, English, Czech, Polish, Hungarian Starter
104 Mama Russian Optim
105 24 Tekhno Russian, English, Polish Optim
106 Voprosy i otvety Russian Optim
107 Oruzhie Russian Optim
108 Nauka 2.0 Russian Optim
109 Psikhologiya 21 Russian Optim
110 Travel+Adventure Russian, English Optim
111 Travel Channel Russian, English Optim
136 Nat Geo Wild Russian, English Ultra
137 Discovery Science Russian, English, Hungarian Ultra
138 BBC Earth Russian, English Ultra
139 365 Dney Russian Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
70 CNL Russian, English Starter
71 Trinitas TV Romanian Starter
72 Soyuz Russian Starter


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
73 Fashion TV French, English Starter
74 Kukhnya TV Russian, English Starter
75 TV Paprika Romanian, English Starter
76 Sarafan Russian Starter
77 Okhota i Rybalka Russian Starter
78 Drive Russian Starter
79 Usadba Russian Starter
80 Zdorovoe TV Russian Starter
112 RTG Russian, English, Turkish Optim
113 Fine Living Network Russian, English Optim
114 Cinema Russian Optim
115 TLC Russian, English Optim
116 ID Xtra Russian, English Optim
117 DTX Russian, English Optim
118 AVTO 24 Russian Optim
119 Rai 1 Italian Optim
120 Trick Russian Optim


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
81 RuTV Moldova Russian Starter
82 Gold TV English Starter
83 Europa Plus TV Russian Starter
84 Zona M Romanian Starter
85 C Music TV French, English Starter
86 Noroc TV Romanian Starter
87 Busuioc TV Romanian Starter
88 Favorit TV Romanian Starter
89 (New channel) Romanian Starter
121 MTV Europe English Optim
122 VH1 Europe English Optim
123 U TV Romanian, English Optim


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
90 Euronews Russian Starter
91 Național 24 Plus Romanian Starter
124 România TV Romanian Optim
125 Digi 24 Romanian Optim
126 RBK Russian Optim
127 Nastoyashchee Vremya Russian, English Optim
128 MIR24 Russian Optim
129 DW English English Optim
130 France 24 French Optim
140 Eurosport News Russian, English Ultra
141 CNN International English Ultra
142 Al Jazeera English Ultra
143 BBC World News English Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
144 Prime HD Romanian, Russian Optim
145 Canal 2 HD Romanian, Russian Optim
146 Canal 3 HD Romanian, Russian Optim
147 Publika TV HD Romanian, Russian Optim
148 MBC HD Romanian, Russian Optim
149 Jurnal TV HD Romanian Optim
150 Gold TV HD Romanian Optim
151 TV1000 Megahit HD Russian, English Ultra
152 TV1000 Premium HD Russian, English Ultra
153 TV1000 Comedy HD Russian, English Ultra
154 Kinopremyera Russian Optim
155 MIR HD Russian Optim
156 Setanta Sports Eurasia HD Russian, English Optim
157 Setanta Sports+ Eurasia HD Russian, English Optim
158 Eurosport 1 HD Russian, English Ultra
159 Eurosport 2 HD Romanian, Russian, English, Turkish, Polish, Czech Ultra
160 Viasat Golf HD English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Ultra
161 Viasat Sport HD Russian, English Ultra
162 KHL HD Russian Ultra
163 Discovery Showcase HD Romanian, Russian, English Ultra
164 Discovery Science HD Romanian, Russian, English Ultra
165 National Geographic HD Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, English Ultra
166 Viasat Nature/History HD Russian, English Ultra
167 Animal Planet HD Russian, English Ultra
168 ID Xtra HD Russian, English, Turkish, Hungarian Ultra
169 DTX HD Russian, English, Turkish Ultra


No. Channel Name Language(s) Package
170 HBO Romanian, English HBO MaxPak
171 HBO 2 Romanian, English HBO MaxPak
172 HBO 3 Romanian, English HBO MaxPak
173 Cinemax Romanian, English HBO MaxPak
174 Cinemax 2 Romanian, English HBO MaxPak