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Master list of digital television channels (Romania)

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General interest

Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Antena 1.png Antena 1
Antena 1 hd.png Antena 1 HD
Bucuresti TV.png București TV
Bucuresti TV.png București TV HD
DIGI 4K.png Digi 4K
Focus Sat.png Info Focus Sat
Kanal D.png Kanal D
Kanal D HD.png Kanal D HD
Metropola TV.png Metropola TV
Metropola TV.png Metropola TV HD
National 24 Plus.png Național 24 Plus
National TV.png Național TV
Orange Info.png Orange Info
Prima TV.png Prima TV
Prima TV HD.png Prima TV HD
Pro TV.png Pro TV
Pro TV HD.png Pro TV HD
Pro X.png Pro X
Pro X HD.png Pro X HD
Telekom Info.png Telekom Info
TVR 1.png TVR 1
TVR 1 HD.png TVR 1 HD
TVR 2.png TVR 2
TVR 2 HD.png TVR 2 HD
TVR 3.png TVR 3
VDF Info.png Vodafone Info


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
24 Mix Teleshop.jpg 24 Mix Teleshop
24 Mix Teleshop.jpg 24 Mix Teleshop HD
Agro TV.png Agro TV
Estrada TV.png Estrada TV
Inedit TV.png Inedit TV
KapitalTV.PNG Kapital TV
Linkpress TV.png Linkpress TV
Linkpress TV.png Linkpress TV HD
Nasul TV.png Nașul TV
Telestar madeinitaly diffusion.png Telestar 1
Top Shop TV.png Top Shop TV
TVSE.png TV Sud Est
TVSE.png TV Sud Est HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Accent TV.png Accent TV
Actualitatea TV.png Actualitatea TV
Alba TV.jpg Alba Carolina TV
Alpha Media.png Alpha Media
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Brașov
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Călărași
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Constanța
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Deva
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Iași
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Pitești
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Ploiești
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Slobozia
Antena 3.png Antena 3 Târgu Mureș
Apollonia TV.png Apollonia TV
Ardeal tv.jpg Ardeal TV
Arges TV.jpg Arges TV
As tv.jpg AS TV
Atlas TV.png Atlas TV
Balada TV.png Balada TV
Bit.png Bit TV
Bucovina TV.png Bucovina TV
City TV RO.png City TV
Columna TV.png Columna TV
Cromtel.png Cromtel
Curier TV.png Curier TV
Dobrogea-TV.png Dobrogea TV
DottoSport.PNG Dotto Sport HD
Dunarea TV.png Dunărea TV
Est tv.png Est TV
Eveniment TV.png Eveniment TV
Fagaras TV.png Făgăraș TV
Focus TV.png Focus TV
Gyergyo TV.png Gyergyó TV
HD365.png HD 365
Life TV.png Iași TV Life
InfoHd.jpg Info HD
Intermedia.png Intermedia
Infinit TV.png Infinit TV
Infinit TV.png Infinit TV HD
Litoral TV.png Litoral TV
M9.png M9
Media TV Medgidia.png Media TV
Muscel TV.jpg Muscel TV
Ncn-cluj new.png NCN Cluj-Napoca
N Est TV.png N Est TV
Nova TV Brasov.png Nova TV
Ploiesti TV.png Ploiești TV
Plus TV.png Plus TV
Prahova TV.png Prahova TV
Profi 24.png Profi 24 TV
Rapsodia TV.png Rapsodia TV
Remete TV.png Remete TV
Roman TV.png Roman TV
RTV Galati.jpg RTV Galați-Brăila
Sangeorz TV.png Sângeorz TV
SOMAX.png Somax TV
Sud-vest-tv-TM.jpg Sud Vest TV
Super TV.PNG Super TV
TELE2.PNG Tele 2 Drobeta
Logotele3.png Tele 3
Tele Europa Nova.jpg Tele Europa Nova
TeleM.png Tele M
TeleMBotosani.png Tele M Botosani
Telemoldova.jpg TeleMoldova PLUS
Tele Universitatea.png Tele Universitatea
Tezaurtv.png Tezaur TV
Top All TV.jpg Top All TV
Turda TV.png Turda TV
TV Arad.png TV Arad
Tv-buzau.png TV Buzau
TV City.png TV City
TV City.png TV City HD
TV CNS Roman.png TV CNS
Tv-galati.png TV Galați
TV Plus Regional.png TV Plus
Tv sibiu.png TV Sibiu
Sighet.png TV Sighet
TvSud.png TV Sud
TVR Cluj.png TVR Cluj
TVR Craiova.png TVR Craiova
TVR Iasi.png TVR Iași
TVR Timisoara.png TVR Timișoara
TVR Tg-Mures.png TVR Tîrgu Mureș
UNU-TV.png Unu TV
Valea Prahovei TV.jpg VPTV
Valea Prahovei TV.jpg VPTV HD
Zona TV.jpeg Zona TV


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Aleph News.PNG Aleph News
Aleph News.PNG Aleph News HD
Antena 3.png Antena 3
Antena 3 hd.png Antena 3 HD
B1.png B1 TV
DIGI 24 HD.png Digi 24
DIGI 24 HD.png Digi 24 HD
Moneynews.png Money News
Profit.png Profit.ro
Realitatea Plus.png Realitatea Plus
Romania TV.png România TV


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Auto motor sport Channel.png Auto Motor Sport Channel
DIGI Sport 1.png Digi Sport 1
DIGI Sport 1.png Digi Sport 1 HD
DIGI Sport 2.png Digi Sport 2
DIGI Sport 2.png Digi Sport 2 HD
DIGI Sport 3.png Digi Sport 3
DIGI Sport 3.png Digi Sport 3 HD
DIGI Sport 4.png Digi Sport 4
DIGI Sport 4.png Digi Sport 4 HD
Eurosport 1.png Eurosport 1 Romania
Eurosport 1 HD.png Eurosport 1 Romania HD
Eurosport 1 HD.png Eurosport 1 International HD
Eurosport 2.png Eurosport 2
Eurosport 2 HD.png Eurosport 2 HD
Eurosport-4K.png Eurosport 4K
Extreme.png Extreme Sports Channel
Fast & FunBox HD.png Fast&FunBox HD
FightBox HD.png FightBox
FightBox HD.png FightBox HD
Look 4K.png Look 4K
Look TV.png LookSport
Look TV HD.png LookSport HD
Look Sport 2.png LookSport 2
Look Sport 2 HD.png LookSport 2 HD
Look Sport 3.png LookSport 3
Look Sport 3 HD.png LookSport 3 HD
LookPPV1.PNG LookSport PPV 1
LookPPV2.PNG LookSport PPV 2
LookPPV3.PNG LookSport PPV 3
LookPPV4.PNG LookSport PPV 4
LookSport+.png LookSport+
LookSport+ HD.PNG LookSport+ HD
MotorVision.TV.png Motorvision
MotorVision.TV.png Motorvision HD
Nautical Channel 2020.png Nautical Channel HD
Outdoor Channel.png Outdoor Channel HD
Sport Extra.PNG Sport Extra
Sport Extra.PNG Sport Extra HD
Telekom Sport 1.png Telekom Sport 1
Telekom Sport 1.png Telekom Sport 1 HD
Telekom Sport 2.png Telekom Sport 2
Telekom Sport 2.png Telekom Sport 2 HD
Telekom Sport 3.png Telekom Sport 3
Telekom Sport 3.png Telekom Sport 3 HD
Telekom Sport 4.png Telekom Sport 4
Telekom Sport 4.png Telekom Sport 4 HD
FotbalOnline.png Telekom Sport 7 Online
FotbalOnline.png Telekom Sport 8 Online
FotbalOnline.png Telekom Sport 9 Online
FotbalOnline.png Telekom Sport 10 Online
The Fishing & Hunting Channel.png The Fishing & Hunting Channel
The Fishing & Hunting Channel.png The Fishing & Hunting Channel HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Antena Stars.png Antena Stars
Antena stars hd.png Antena Stars HD
Canal 33.png Canal 33
Canal 33.png Canal 33 HD
E!.png E! Entertainment
E!.png E! Entertainment HD
Fashion TV.png Fashion TV
Fashion TV.png Fashion TV HD
FashionBox HD.png FashionBox HD
Food Network.png Food Network
Food Network.png Food Network HD
Insight TV.png Insight TV UHD
Medika TV.png Medika TV
MTV Global.svg MTV Global
The Museum Channel.png Museum HD
My Zen TV.png myZen TV HD
Trace Sport Stars.png Trace Sport Stars
Trace Sport Stars.png Trace Sport Stars HD
Travel Channel.png Travel Channel
Travel Channel.png Travel Channel HD
Travel Mix.png Travel Mix
Travel Mix.png Travel Mix HD
Travel-mix-4k.png Travel Mix 4K
TravelXP SD.png Travel XP
Travel XP.png Travel XP HD
TV Paprika.png TV Paprika
TV Paprika.png TV Paprika HD
TV Paprika.png TV Paprika Hungary


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Animal Planet.png Animal Planet
Animal Planet HD.png Animal Planet HD
Arcadia.png Arcadia World HD
BBC Earth.png BBC Earth
BBC Earth.png BBC Earth HD
CBS Reality.png CBS Reality
Cinethronix new.png Cinethronix
Cinetube.png Cinetube
Crime investigation.png Crime + Investigation
DIGI Animal World.png Digi Animal World
DIGI Animal World.png Digi Animal World HD
DIGI Life.png Digi Life
DIGI Life.png Digi Life HD
DIGI World.png Digi World
DIGI World.png Digi World HD
DIGI World.png Digi World Hungary HD
Discovery Channel.png Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel.png Discovery Channel HD
Discovery Science.png Discovery Science
Discovery Science HD.png Discovery Science HD
DocuBox HD.png DocuBox
DocuBox HD.png DocuBox HD
History.png History
History.png History HD
Investigation Discovery 2020.png Investigation Discovery
Investigation Discovery HD 2020.png Investigation Discovery HD
Love Nature.png Love Nature
Love Nature.png Love Nature HD
Love-nature-4k.png Love Nature 4K
Nat Geo People.png Nat Geo People
National Geographic.png National Geographic
National Geographic HD.png National Geographic HD
Nat Geo Wild.png National Geographic Wild
Nat Geo Wild.png National Geographic Wild HD
Viasat Explore.png Viasat Explore
Viasat Explore.png Viasat Explore HD
Viasat History.png Viasat History
Viasat History.png Viasat History HD
Viasat Nature.png Viasat Nature
Viasat Nature.png Viasat Nature HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
AXN Black.png AXN Black
AXN Spin.png AXN Spin
AXN White.png AXN White
BO Clasic.png Bollywood Clasic
BO Film.png Bollywood Film
BO TV.png Bollywood TV
BO TV.png Bollywood HD
CineMaraton.png Cinemaraton
CineMaraton.png Cinemaraton HD
Cinemax.png Cinemax
Cinemax.png Cinemax HD
Cinemax 2.png Cinemax 2
Cinemax 2.png Cinemax 2 HD
Comedy Central.png Comedy Central
Comedy Central.png Comedy Central HD
Comedy Central.png Comedy Central Hungary
Comedy Central Family hu.png Comedy Central Family Hungary
ComedyEst.png comedyEst
DIVA.png Diva
Epic Drama.png Epic Drama
Epic Drama.png Epic Drama HD
FilmBox.png FilmBox
Filmbox Arthouse.png FilmBox Arthouse
FilmBox Extra HD.png FilmBox Extra
FilmBox Extra HD.png FilmBox Extra HD
FilmBox Family.png FilmBox Family
FilmboxStars.png FilmBox Stars
FilmBox Premium.png FilmBox Premium
Filmcafe.png Film Café
Filmcafe.png Film Café HD
FilmNow.png Film Now
FilmNow.png Film Now HD
Happy Channel.png Happy Channel
Happy Channel HD.png Happy Channel HD
HBO 2.png HBO 2
HBO 2.png HBO 2 HD
HBO 3.png HBO 3
HBO 3.png HBO 3 HD
Pro 2.png Pro 2
Pro 2 HD.png Pro 2 HD
Pro Cinema.png Pro Cinema
Pro Cinema HD.png Pro Cinema HD
Pro Gold.png Pro Gold
Pro Gold HD.png Pro Gold HD
Viasat TV 1000.png TV1000
Russian Kino.png TV1000 Russian Kino


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Babytv.png Baby TV
Boomerang.png Boomerang
Cartoon Network.png Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network.png Cartoon Network HD
Da Vinci Learning.png Da Vinci
Disney Channel.png Disney Channel
Disney Junior.png Disney Junior
Ducktv.png Duck TV
Duck HD.png Duck TV HD
Gametoon HD.png GameToon HD
JimJam.png JimJam
Minimax.png Minimax
Minimax.png Minimax Hungary
Nick Jr.png Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.png Nick Jr HU
Nickelodeon.png Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon.png Nickelodeon HU
Nickelodeon HD.png Nickelodeon HD
Nicktoons.png Nicktoons
Nicktoons.png Nicktoons HU
TeenNick.png TeenNick


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
TuneBox.png 360 TuneBox
Balkanika Music Television.png Balkanika Music Television
Club MTV.png Club MTV
DM Sat.png DM Sat
N Sat TV.png Emi TV
Emi HD.png Emi TV HD
Etno.png Etno
Etno.png Etno HD
Favorit.png Favorit TV
H!T Music Channel.png H!T Music Channel
H!T Music Channel HU.png H!T Music Channel Hungary
Hora TV.png Hora TV
Kiss TV.png Kiss TV
Kiss TV.png Kiss TV HD
Magic TV.png Magic TV
Magic TV.png Magic TV HD
Mezzo.png Mezzo
Mezzo.png Mezzo HD
Mezzo Live HD.png Mezzo Live HD
Mooz Dance.png Mooz Dance
Mooz Dance.png Mooz Dance HD
Mooz HD.png Mooz HD
Mooz Hits.png Mooz Hits
Mooz RO!.png Mooz Ro!
MTV 80s.png MTV 80s
MTV 90s.png MTV 90s
MTV.png MTV Hungary
MTV Hits.png MTV Hits
MTV Live HD.png MTV Live HD
Music Channel.png Music Channel
Music Channel HU.png Music Channel Hungary
Muzsika TV.png Muzsika TV
Orizont TV.png Orizont TV
Party Mix HD.jpg Party Mix
Party Mix HD.jpg Party Mix HD
Rock TV.png Rock TV
Rock TV.png Rock TV HD
Slager TV.png Sláger TV
Stingray CMusic.png Stingray C Music
Classica HD.png Stingray Classica
Classica HD.png Stingray Classica HD
Stingray Djazz.png Stingray Djazz HD
Stingray-festival-4k.png Stingray Festival 4K
Stingray iConcerts.png Stingray iConcerts
Stingray iConcerts.png Stingray iConcerts HD
Taraf TV.png Taraf TV
Taraf TV.png Taraf TV HD
Trace Caribbean.png Trace Caribbean HD
TRACE Urban.png Trace Urban HD
Traditional TV.png Traditional TV
Traditional TV.png Traditional TV HD
U TV.png U TV
U TV.png U TV HD
VH1 2020.png VH1
Zu tv hd.png ZU TV HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Alfa Omega TV.png Alfa Omega TV
Credo TV.png Credo TV
Maria TV.png Maria TV
Speranta TV.png Speranța TV
Trinitas TV.png Trinitas TV
Trinitas TV.png Trinitas TV HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
24horas.png 24 Horas
Al Jazeera.png Al Jazeera Arabic
Al Jazeera English.png Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English.png Al Jazeera English HD
Antena International HD.png Antena Internațional HD
Arte.png Arte HD
BBC World News.png BBC World News
BBC World News.png BBC World News HD
Bloomberg.png Bloomberg
CGTN Documentary.png CGTN Documentary
CNBC.png CNBC Europe
CNN.png CNN International
CNN.png CNN International HD
Cool.png Cool TV
Duna.png Duna
Duna.png Duna HD
Duna World.png Duna World
Duna World.png Duna World HD
DW.png DW Europe
DW.png DW Europe HD
DW.png DW Germany
DW.png DW Germany HD
Erdely Magyar Televizio.png Erdély TV
Erdely Magyar Televizio HD.png Erdély TV HD
Euronews.png Euronews
Euronews.png Euronews HD
FEM3.png Fem3
FILM+.png Film+
FILM+ HD.png Film+ HD
Film4 hu.png Film4
France 2.png France 2 HD
France 3.png France 3
FRANCE 5.png France 5
France 24.png France 24 English HD
France 24.png France 24 French
France 24.png France 24 French HD
Galaxy4.png Galaxy4
HirTV.png Hír TV
Izaura TV.png Izaura TV
Jednotka HD.svg Jednotka HD
Kabel eins.png Kabel Eins
M1.png M1
M1.png M1 HD
M2.png M2
M2.png M2 HD
M2 Petofi.png M2 Petofi
M2 Petofi.png M2 Petofi HD
M4 Sport.png M4 Sport
M4 Sport.png M4 Sport HD
M4+.png M4 Sport+
M4+.png M4 Sport+ HD
M5.png M5
M5.png M5 HD
Mediaset Italia.jpg Mediaset Italia
Mozi+.png Mozi+
N-tv.png N-TV
Nitro.png Nitro
Prime.png Prime
ProSieben.png ProSieben
Pro TV International.png Pro TV Internațional
Rai 1.png Rai 1
Rai 2.png Rai 2
Rai 3.png Rai 3
Rai News 24.png Rai News 24
RT.png RT HD
RTL+.png RTL+
Rtl gold hu.png RTL Gold
RTL II.png RTL Zwei Germany
RTL II HU.png RTL II Hungary
RTL II HU HD.png RTL II Hungary HD
RTL Klub.png RTL Klub
RTL Klub HD.png RTL Klub HD
RTS Satelit.png RTS Sat
RTV 1.png RTV 1
SAT.1.png Sat.1
Sixx.png Sixx
Sky News.png Sky News
Sorozat+.png Sorozat+
Spiler TV.png Spíler 1 TV
Story4.png Story4
Super RTL.png Super RTL
Super TV2.png Super TV2
Super TV2 HD.png Super TV2 HD
TV2.png TV2
TV2 HD.png TV2 HD
TV2 Comedy.png TV2 Comedy
Kiwi TV.png TV2 Kids
LiChi TV.png TV2 Séf
TV 4.png TV4
TV5MONDE Europe.png TV5Monde Europe
TV5MONDE Europe.png TV5Monde Europe HD
TVE Internacional.png TVE Internacional
TVR International.png TVR Internațional
TVR Moldova.png TVR Moldova
VIASAT3.png Viasat 3
Welt TV.png Welt
Zenebutik.png Zenebutik


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
Blue Hustler.png Blue Hustler
Brazzers TV Europe.png Brazzers TV Europe
Brazzers TV Europe.png Brazzers TV Europe HD
CentoXCento.png CentoXCento
Dorcel.png Dorcel TV HD
Dorcel XXX.png Dorcel XXX HD
EroX HD.png EroX HD
Hustler TV.png Hustler TV
Hustler HD.png Hustler HD
Penthouse hd.png Penthouse Passion
Penthouse hd.png Penthouse Passion HD
Penthouse HD1.png Penthouse Gold
Penthouse HD1.png Penthouse Gold HD
Penthouse Quickies.png Penthouse Quickies
Penthouse Quickies.png Penthouse Quickies HD
Pink'O Club.png Pink'O Club
Playboy TV.png Playboy TV
Playboy TV.png Playboy TV HD
PRIVATE TV.png Private
Redlight HD.png Redlight HD
SuperOne HD.png SuperOne
SuperOne HD.png SuperOne HD


Logo Channel name DVB-T2 DVB-C DTH IPTV Online TV
90.9 Jazzy.png 90.9 Jazzy
Bartok Radio.png Bartok Radio
Chill FM.jpg Chill FM
Dance FM new logo.png Dance FM
Europa FM.png Europa FM Ardeal
Europa FM.png Europa FM Banat
Europa FM.png Europa FM Bucuresti
Europa FM.png Europa FM Dobrogea
Europa FM.png Europa FM Moldova
Europa FM.png Europa FM Muntenia
Europa FM.png Europa FM Oltenia
Favorit FM.png Favorit FM
Itsy Bitsy.png Itsy Bitsy FM
Jazz Radio.png Jazz Radio
Kiss FM.png Kiss FM
Kossuth Radio.png Kossuth Radio
Magic FM.png Magic FM
Radio Maria.png Mária Rádió
National FM.png National FM
Petofi Radio.png Petofi Radio
Pro FM.png Pro FM
Radio Chisinau.png Radio Chișinău
Radio Gaga.png Radio Gaga
Radio Guerilla.png Radio Guerilla
Radio-Impuls.png Radio Impuls
Radio Maria.png Radio Maria
Radio Romania Actualitati.png Radio România Actualitati
Radio România Satelor.png Radio România Antena Satelor
Radio România Cultural.png Radio România Cultural
Radio romania muzical.png Radio România Muzical
Radio Trinitas.png Radio Trinitas
Radio Vocea Sperantei.png Radio Vocea Sperantei
Radio ZU.png Radio ZU
RealitateaFM.png Realitatea FM
Romantic FM.png Romantic FM
Rock FM.png Rock FM
Slager FM.png Slager FM
Smart FM.png Smart Radio
Sport Total FM.png Sport Total FM
Vibe FM.png Vibe FM
Virgin Radio Romania.png Virgin Radio