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Sky Cinema Magic.png

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Original logo:
Sky Cinema Select.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Select.png|80px]]

Other logos used on Sky Cinema Select:
Sky Cinema Adventure.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Adventure.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Batman.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Batman.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Best of 2020.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Best of 2020.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Blockbuster.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Blockbuster.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Classics.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Classics.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Cops & Robbers.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Cops & Robbers.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Cornetto.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Cornetto.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema DC Heroes.png
[[File:Sky Cinema DC Heroes.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Fast & Furious.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Fast & Furious.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Feel Good.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Feel Good.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Gangsters.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Gangsters.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Harry Potter.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Harry Potter.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Lord of the Rings.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Lord of the Rings.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Magic.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Magic.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Musicals.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Musicals.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Must See Movies.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Must See Movies.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Oscars.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Oscars.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Race Against Time.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Race Against Time.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Road Movies.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Road Movies.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Spider-Man.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Spider-Man.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Spooky.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Spooky.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Star Wars.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Star Wars.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Superheroes.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Superheroes.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Tom Hanks.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Tom Hanks.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Transformers.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Transformers.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Twilight.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Twilight.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Westerns.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Westerns.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Will Smith.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Will Smith.png|80px]]

Sky Cinema Wizarding World.png
[[File:Sky Cinema Wizarding World.png|80px]]

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