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List of Blue Ridge channels (Carbon, Kresgeville, Kunkletown)

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This table shows the colour coding used to show what type of subscription (if any) is needed to view a channel.

Package Notes
Broadcast Basic Local channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) available in the area + additional local broadcast stations
Basic+ A selection of the most popular cable channels + all channels from 'Broadcast Basic'
Digital Basic Additional selection of cable channels + all channels from 'Basic+' and 'Broadcast Basic'
Digital Basic+ Additional selection of cable channels + all channels from 'Digital Basic', 'Basic+' and 'Broadcast Basic'
HDTV Basic
HDTV Basic+
Subscription An additional monthly fee is required
EPG No. Channel Name Minimum Package
1 On Demand Digital Basic
2 WYOU-22 Scranton (CBS) Broadcast Basic
3 KYW-3 Philadelphia (CBS) Broadcast Basic
4 WFMZ-69 Allentown (Ind.) Broadcast Basic
5 WOLF-56 Wilkes Barre (Fox) Broadcast Basic
6 WPVI-6 Philadelphia (ABC) Broadcast Basic
7 WBRE-28 Scranton (NBC) Broadcast Basic
8 WNEP-16 Scranton (ABC) Broadcast Basic
9 WWOR-9 New York (MyNetworkTV) Broadcast Basic
10 WCAU-10 Philadelphia (NBC) Broadcast Basic
11 WSWB-38 Scranton (The CW) Broadcast Basic
12 WLVT-39 Allentown (PBS) Broadcast Basic
13 BRC 13 Broadcast Basic
14 QVC Broadcast Basic
15 Headline News Broadcast Basic
16 WQMY-53 WB/Scranton (MyNetworkTV) Broadcast Basic
17 HSN Broadcast Basic
18 Ion Television Broadcast Basic
23 WVIA-44 WB/Scranton (PBS) Broadcast Basic
24 PCN Broadcast Basic
25 Nickelodeon Basic+
26 CNN Basic+
27 USA Network Basic+
28 Lifetime Basic+
29 MTV Basic+
30 ESPN Basic+
31 ESPN2 Basic+
32 ESPNews Basic+
33 ESPN Classic Basic+
34 The Weather Channel Basic+
35 TBS Basic+
36 Spike Basic+
37 ABC Family Basic+
38 Syfy Basic+
39 Golf Channel Basic+
40 TNT Basic+
41 VH1 Basic+
42 EWTN Basic+
43 SportsNet New York Basic+
44 AMC Basic+
45 WGN America Basic+
46 Disney Channel Basic+
47 Comedy Central Basic+
48 Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia Basic+
49 Food Network Basic+
50 CMT Basic+
51 A&E Basic+
52 FX Basic+
53 TLC Basic+
54 Discovery Channel Basic+
55 WE tv Basic+
56 TV Land Basic+
57 History Basic+
58 Cartoon Network Basic+
59 E! Basic+
60 TCM Basic+
61 HGTV Basic+
62 CNBC Basic+
63 MSNBC Basic+
64 Animal Planet Basic+
65 truTV Basic+
66 Travel Channel Basic+
67 Fox News Channel Basic+
68 Investigation Discovery Basic+
69 Bravo Basic+
70 YES Network Basic+
71 FXX Basic+
72 NFL Network Basic+
73 GSN Basic+
74 OWN Basic+
75 NBCSN Basic+
76 Univision Basic+
77 Fox Sports 1 Basic+
78 Hallmark Channel Basic+
79 Lifetime Movie Network Basic+
80 Guide / Community Board Basic+
98 C-SPAN Broadcast Basic
100 Nick Jr. Digital Basic
101 NickToons Digital Basic
102 TeenNick Digital Basic
103 Disney XD Digital Basic
104 Nick Too Digital Basic
105 Discovery Family Digital Basic
106 Science Digital Basic
107 Destination America Digital Basic
109 American Heroes Channel Digital Basic
111 MTV2 Digital Basic
112 MTV Classic Digital Basic
113 TV 113 Digital Basic
114 Discovery Life Digital Basic
115 Outdoor Channel Digital Basic
116 Qubo Digital Basic
117 Disney Junior Digital Basic
118 Sprout Digital Basic
119 PassTime Games Digital Basic
120 UP Digital Basic
121 TVG2 Digital Basic
122 FXM Digital Basic
123 Fox College Sports Atlantic Digital Basic
124 Fox College Sports Central Digital Basic
125 Fox College Sports Pacific Digital Basic
126 National Geographic Channel Digital Basic
127 IFC Digital Basic
128 Oxygen Digital Basic
129 EVINE Live Digital Basic
130 RFD TV Digital Basic
131 WNEP 2 Digital Basic
132 CCTV International Digital Basic
133 Lifetime Real Women Digital Basic
134 MTV Hits Digital Basic
135 Fusion Digital Basic
136 ESPNU Digital Basic
137 FYI Digital Basic
138 H2 Digital Basic
140 NHL Network Digital Basic
141 Nat Geo Wild Digital Basic
142 Fox Business Digital Basic
143 Fox Sports 2 Digital Basic
144 C-SPAN2 Digital Basic
145 Chiller Digital Basic
146 Reelz Digital Basic
147 MLB Network Digital Basic
148 NBA TV Digital Basic
149 Jewelry TV Digital Basic
150 HSN2 Digital Basic
153 PBS Create Digital Basic
154 Pivot Digital Basic
155 The Church Channel Digital Basic
156 JUCE TV Digital Basic
157 Smile of a Child Digital Basic
158 TBN Digital Basic
159 Me-TV Digital Basic
160 Inspirational Network Digital Basic
161 Justice Network Digital Basic
162 Fuse Digital Basic
163 Crime & Investigation Network Digital Basic
164 Military History Digital Basic
165 Tennis Channel Digital Basic
166 SEC Network Digital Basic
167 SEC Network (Alternate) Digital Basic
168 Comet TV Digital Basic
169 QVC Plus Digital Basic
170 BBC America Digital Basic
200 DIY Network Digital Basic+
201 NASA TV Digital Basic+
204 CBS Sports Network Digital Basic+
205 TheBlaze Digital Basic+
206 Boomerang Digital Basic+
207 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Digital Basic+
208 Esquire Network Digital Basic+
209 BBC World News Digital Basic+
210 tr3s Digital Basic+
211 BET Soul Digital Basic+
212 CMT Music Digital Basic+
213 BET Jams Digital Basic+
214 Outside Television Digital Basic+
215 Jewish Broadcasting Service Digital Basic+
216 CNN International Digital Basic+
217 Cooking Channel Digital Basic+
218 The Weather Channel Weatherscan Digital Basic+
221 Great American Country Digital Basic+
225 Sportsman Channel Digital Basic+
226 Accuweather Channel Digital Basic+
250 News Zone Digital Basic+
251 Kids Zone Digital Basic+
300 HBO Subscription
301 HBO 2 Subscription
302 HBO Signature Subscription
303 HBO Family Subscription
304 HBO Comedy Subscription
305 HBO Latino Subscription
306 HBO Zone Subscription
307 Cinemax Subscription
308 MovieMax Subscription
309 MoreMax Subscription
310 ActionMax Subscription
311 ThrillerMax Subscription
312 MaxLatino Subscription
313 5StarMax Subscription
314 OuterMax Subscription
400 Showtime Subscription
401 Showtime 2 Subscription
402 Showtime Showcase Subscription
403 Showtime Extreme Subscription
404 Showtime Beyond Subscription
405 Flix Subscription
406 Sundance TV Subscription
407 The Movie Channel Subscription
408 The Movie Channel Xtra Subscription
409 Showtime Next Subscription
410 Showtime Family Subscription
411 Showtime Women Subscription
500 Starz Subscription
502 Starz Edge Subscription
503 Starz In Black Subscription
504 Starz Kids & Family Subscription
505 Starz Cinema Subscription
506 Starz Comedy Subscription
507 Encore Subscription
509 Encore Classic Subscription
511 Encore Westerns Subscription
513 Encore Suspense Subscription
515 Encore Black Subscription
517 Encore Action Subscription
519 Encore Family Subscription
550 HBO 2 HD Subscription - HBO required
551 HBO Signature HD Subscription - HBO required
552 HBO Family Subscription - HBO required
553 HBO Comedy HD Subscription - HBO required
554 HBO Latino HD Subscription - HBO required
555 HBO Zone HD Subscription - HBO required
556 MovieMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
557 MoreMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
558 ActionMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
559 ThrillerMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
560 MaxLatino HD Subscription - Cinemax required
561 5StarMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
562 OuterMax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
565 Showtime 2 HD Subscription - Showtime required
566 Showtime Showcase HD Subscription - Showtime required
567 Showtime Extreme HD Subscription - Showtime required
568 Showtime Beyond HD Subscription - Showtime required
569 Showtime Next HD Subscription - Showtime required
570 Showtime Women HD Subscription - Showtime required
571 The Movie Channel HD Subscription - The Movie Channel required
572 The Movie Channel Xtra HD Subscription - The Movie Channel required
575 Starz Edge HD Subscription - Starz required
576 Starz In Black HD Subscription - Starz required
577 Starz Kids & Family HD Subscription - Starz required
578 Starz Cinema HD Subscription - Starz required
579 Starz Comedy HD Subscription - Starz required
580 Encore HD Subscription - Starz required
581 Encore Black HD Subscription - Starz required
582 Encore Action HD Subscription - Starz required
600 On Demand HDTV Basic
601 WNEP-16 (ABC) HD HDTV Basic
602 WYOU-22 (CBS) HD HDTV Basic
603 WBRE-28 (NBC) HD HDTV Basic
604 WOLF-56 (Fox) HD HDTV Basic
605 QVC HD HDTV Basic
606 WVIA-44 (PBS) HD HDTV Basic
607 WSWB-38 (The CW) HD HDTV Basic
608 WWOR-9 (MyNetworkTV) HD HDTV Basic
609 WQPX-64 (Ion Television) HD HDTV Basic
610 HBO HD Subscription - HBO required
611 Starz HD Subscription - Starz required
612 Showtime HD Subscription - Showtime required
613 BRC 13 HD HDTV Basic
614 Cinemax HD Subscription - Cinemax required
615 Pay Per View HD HDTV Basic
616 WFMZ HD HDTV Basic
617 WQMY HD HDTV Basic
618 NBA TV HD HDTV Basic
619 HSN HD HDTV Basic
620 CNN HD HDTV Basic
621 The Weather Channel HD HDTV Basic
622 CNBC HD HDTV Basic
623 Fox News Channel HD HDTV Basic
624 PCN HD HDTV Basic
626 Fox Business HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
627 Sportsman Channel HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic+ required)
628 Tennis Channel HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
629 CBS Sports Network HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic+ required)
630 ESPN HD HDTV Basic
631 ESPN2 HD HDTV Basic
632 ESPNews HD HDTV Basic
633 ESPNU HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
634 Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia HD HDTV Basic
635 YES Network HD HDTV Basic
636 SportsNet New York HD HDTV Basic
638 Fox Sports 1 HD HDTV Basic
639 Outdoor Channel HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
640 NFL Network HD HDTV Basic
641 NHL Network HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
642 MLB Network HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
643 Golf Channel HD HDTV Basic
644 NFL RedZone HD HDTV Basic+
645 Crime & Investigation Network HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
646 FXX HD HDTV Basic
647 Fox Soccer Plus HD HDTV Basic+
648 Spike HD HDTV Basic
649 Comedy Central HD HDTV Basic
650 USA Network HD HDTV Basic
651 TNT HD HDTV Basic
652 TBS HD HDTV Basic
653 Lifetime HD HDTV Basic
654 Lifetime Movie Network HD HDTV Basic
655 HDNet Movies HDTV Basic+
656 A&E HD HDTV Basic
657 History HD HDTV Basic
658 FX HD HDTV Basic
659 MTV Live HDTV Basic+
660 Syfy HD HDTV Basic
661 Universal HD HDTV Basic+
662 Bravo HD HDTV Basic
663 AXS TV HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
664 Hallmark Movies HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic+ required)
665 MGM HD HDTV Basic+
666 Smithsonian HD HDTV Basic+
667 MTV HD HDTV Basic
668 CMT HD HDTV Basic
669 VH1 HD HDTV Basic
670 Discovery Channel HD HDTV Basic
671 Velocity HD HDTV Basic+
672 Science HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
673 National Geographic Channel HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
674 TLC HD HDTV Basic
675 Destination America HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
676 HGTV HD HDTV Basic
677 Food Network HD HDTV Basic
678 E! HD HDTV Basic
679 Travel Channel HD HDTV Basic
680 Disney Channel HD HDTV Basic
681 Disney XD HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
682 ABC Family HD HDTV Basic
683 Animal Planet HD HDTV Basic
684 Nickelodeon HD HDTV Basic
685 FYI HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
686 H2 HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
687 GSN HD HDTV Basic
688 Hallmark Channel HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
689 AMC HD HDTV Basic
690 IFC HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
691 WE tv HD HDTV Basic
692 Fuse HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
693 truTV HD HDTV Basic
694 Esquire Network HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic+ required)
695 Oxygen HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
696 Cartoon Network HD HDTV Basic
697 BBC America HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
698 Fox Sports 2 HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
699 World Fishing Network HD HDTV Basic+
700 TheBlaze HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic+ required)
701 HLN HD HDTV Basic
702 Outside Television HD HDTV Basic+ (Digital Basic+ required)
703 Investigation Discovery HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
704 MTV2 HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
706 TV Land HD HDTV Basic
707 Nick Jr. HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
708 NickToons HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
710 Sprout HD HDTV Basic (Digital Basic required)
711 MLB Network Strike Zone HD HDTV Basic+
712 SEC Network HD HDTV Basic
713 SEC Network (Alternate) HD HDTV Basic
761-765 NBC League Pass Subscription
766-770 NBA League Pass / MLS Direct Kick Subscription
771-784 MLB Extra Innings / NHL Center Ice Subscription
794 Music Choice Play Digital Basic
795-844 Music Choice Digital Basic
845-859 Spanish Subscription Subscription
900 iN Demand PPV PPV
995 Blue Ridge Interactive Digital Basic
996 Digital Messaging Center Digital Basic
997 iSubscribe Digital Basic
998 Remote Help Digital Basic
999 TV Caller ID Digital Basic