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Archive:List of Channels on i-Cable

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i-Cable is a pay TV provider in Hong Kong, which provides cable and satellite services.

Sat indicates the channel is available on i-Cable's satellite service.

(Note: i-Cable's pay TV services are set to cease on 1 June 2023)

EPG No. (HD) EPG No. (SD) Channel name Notes Owner/parent company
1 5 Hoy TV Free-to-view Fantasic TV (i-Cable)
2 6 Hoy Infotainment Free-to-view Fantasic TV (i-Cable)
3 7 Hong Kong International Business Channel Free-to-view Fantasic TV (i-Cable)
108 151 i-Cable Finance Info Sat i-Cable
109 152 i-Cable News Sat i-Cable
110 153 i-Cable Live Events Sat i-Cable
111 CCTV 13 China Central Television
112 CCTV 4 Asia China Central Television
113 154 Phoenix InfoNews Free-to-view (SD) Phoenix TV
114 ETTV Asia News Free-to-view Eastern Broadcasting Corp
122 BBC World News Sat BBC Studios
124 CNN International Sat WarnerMedia News & Sports
125 HLN WarnerMedia News & Sports
126 NHK World-Japan NHK
127 CNBC Hong Kong Sat NBCUniversal International Networks
128 155 Bloomberg Television Free-to-view Bloomberg L.P.
129 CGTN Free-to-view China Central Television
130 Channel NewsAsia Free-to-view Mediacorp
131 Russia Today TV-Novosti ANO
133 Al-Jazeera English Al-Jazeera Media Network
134 France 24 French France Medias Monde
135 France 24 English France Medias Monde
136 Euronews English Euronews SA
137 Euronews Portuguese Euronews SA
139 DW English ARD
140 DW Deutsch ARD
201 251 i-Cable Movies Sat i-Cable
202 252 My Cinema Europe Mainstream Media AG
204 Star Chinese Movies Fox Networks Group (Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
213 HITS Movies Rewind Networks
218 253 i-Cable Cine p. i-Cable
219 Thrill Celestial Tiger Entertainment
301 371 i-Cable Family Entertainment Sat i-Cable
304 Phoenix Hong Kong Free-to-view Phoenix TV
305 Greater Bay Area TV Free-to-view Radio Television Guangdong
310 HITS Rewind Networks
317 ROCK Entertainment Blue Ant Media
318 ROCK Extreme Blue Ant Media
319 375 FashionTV FashionTV
320 377 tvN Sat CJ E&M / Disney Channels Worldwide
322 NHK World Premium NHK
325 Arirang TV Arirang TV Network
326 ABC Australia Free-to-view Australian Broadcasting Corp
331 ETTV Asia Eastern Broadcasting Corp
332 Star Chinese Channel Fox Networks Group (Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
333 MTV Live ViacomCBS International Media Networks EMEAA
334 Dragon TV International Free-to-view Radio Television Shanghai (Shanghai Media Group)
335 Shenzhen TV International Free-to-view Shenzhen Media Group
336 Hunan TV World Free-to-view Hunan Broadcasting System
337 Hubei TV Free-to-view Radio Television Hubei
340 CCTV Opera Free-to-view China Central Television
341 CCTV 1 RTHK TV 33 version, free-to-view. China Central Television
376 Phoenix Chinese Channel Free-to-view Phoenix TV
502 ETTV Yoyo Eastern Broadcasting Corp
510 DreamWorks Channel NBCUniversal International Networks
511 Cartoon Network WarnerMedia Entertainment
512 Boomerang WarnerMedia Entertainment
513 Da Vinci Da Vinci Media GmbH
514 Nickelodeon ViacomCBS International Media Networks Asia Pacific
515 Nick Jr. ViacomCBS International Media Networks Asia Pacific
516 BabyTV Fox Networks Group (Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
517 CBeebies BBC Studios
518 ZooMoo Blue Ant Media
601 661 i-Cable Sports Sat i-Cable
602 662 i-Cable Sports Plus 1 Sat i-Cable
603 i-Cable HD603 Sat i-Cable
604 664 i-Cable Sports Plus 2 Sat i-Cable
605 665 i-Cable Sports Plus 3 i-Cable
610 TechStorm TechTV Network Pte Ltd
618 i-Cable 18 Sat i-Cable
668 i-Cable Horse Racing 1 Sat i-Cable
669 i-Cable Horse Racing 2 Sat i-Cable
701 751 Nat Geo Wild Fox Networks Group (Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
702 752 National Geographic Channel Sat Fox Networks Group (Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)
709 761 Outdoor Channel International Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
710 Discovery Asia Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
711 754 Discovery Channel Sat Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
712 755 TLC Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
713 756 EVE Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
714 757 Animal Planet Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
715 758 Discovery Science Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
716 759 DMAX Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
720 760 BBC Lifestyle BBC Studios
721 BBC Earth Sat BBC Studios
730 Pet Club TV Lightning International
851 Zee TV Zee Entertainment Enterprises (Essel Group)
852 WION Zee Media Corporation (Essel Group)
853 Zee Cinema International Zee Entertainment Enterprises (Essel Group)
854 Zing Zee Entertainment Enterprises (Essel Group)
901 Channel Blue Adult channel. Unknown

Former channels

The list contemplates channels that were removed before June 1, 2023, the date of the provider's closure.

Former TV channels

EPG No. Logo Channel name Removal date Reason Owner/parent company Format
13 Main Channel February 1995 Replaced by Optional Channel. Wharf Cable TV 4:3
12 Trending Channel June 28, 1996 Replaced by Women's Channel. Wharf Cable TV 4:3
13 Optional Channel April 1, 1997 Replaced by Preview (EPG channel). Wharf Cable TV 4:3
12 Women's Channel January 12, 1998 Replaced by Entertainment Channel. Wharf Cable TV 4:3
15 Universal Channel February 9, 1998 Replaced by English-language news channels, such as BBC World and CNN International. Wharf Cable TV 4:3
14 Learning Channel February 9, 1998 Replaced by documentary channels, such as Discovery Channel and Financial Information Channel. Wharf Cable TV 4:3
6 ESPN Sports Channel March 1, 1999 ESPN was arranged to broadcast on a separate channel, while the sports channel was split into Sports 1 and Sports 2. Hong Kong Cable TV 4:3
6 ESPN 2000 Replaced by Sports 1 and Sports 2. Hong Kong Cable TV 4:3
28 Cable 28 2001 Cable 28 is one of the in-house movie channels that was established after the shutdown of channel 82. It was broadcast simultaneously with channel 88. Later, due to the establishment of the CAT series of adult channels, it was stopped. Hong Kong Cable TV 4:3
5 YMC August 17, 2001 Replaced by Entertainment Channel and ESPN STAR Sports. Hong Kong Cable TV 4:3