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List of Time Warner Cable channels (San Diego, December 2000)

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Parent Page: List of Retro Cable lineups in the United States

Time Warner Cable costumers in San Diego, California had access to the following channels on December 11, 2000. Today, San Diego is served partially by Charter Communications (due to Charter's acquisition of Time Warner Cable in 2016), with the remainder of the city served by Cox Communications.

Source: Wayback Machine

# Logo Network Notes
0 Playboy TV 1989.svg Playboy TV
1 TV Guide Channel 1999.png TV Guide Channel
2 TBS Superstation.png TBS Superstation Superstation feed of WTBS in Atlanta, Georgia
3 WGN Entertaining America 1999.svg WGN: Entertaining America Superstation feed of WGN in Chicago, Illinois
4 TV Guide Unknown if it is the TV Guide Channel or something else, as that channel is listed separately on this lineup
Channel 4 San Diego 1996.png Channel 4 San Diego Local cable channel
5 KSWB 1996.png KSWB Ch. 69 (The WB) San Diego
6 XETV 2000.svg XETV Ch. 6 (Fox) Tijuana
7 KNSD 2000.png KNSD Ch. 39 (NBC) San Diego
8 KFMB 1996.svg KFMB Ch. 8 (CBS) San Diego
9 KUSI 1997.png KUSI Ch. 51 (Ind.) San Diego
10 KGTV 1995.svg KGTV Ch. 10 (ABC) San Diego
11 KPBS 1991.svg KPBS Ch. 15 (PBS) San Diego
12 San Diego Network Local cable channel
13 XHUPN 1999.png XHUPN Ch. 49 (UPN) Tecate
14 KTLA5 WB.png KTLA Ch. 5 (The WB) Los Angeles
15 San Diego News Channel 15 Local cable news channel
16 Community Programming Local public-access channel
17 ITV San Diego old.png ITV Local educational-access channel operated by the San Diego County Office of Education
18 UCSD-TV old.svg UCSD-TV Local educational-access channel operated by the University of California, San Diego
California Channel old.png The California Channel Local cable channel
Odyssey Network.png Odyssey Network
19 KBNT 2000.png KBNT Ch. 17 (Univision) San Diego
20 C-SPAN 1991.svg C-SPAN
21 HBO Flat.svg HBO
22 Cable Source
23 C-SPAN 2 1991.svg C-SPAN2
24 San Diego City Access.png City Access Local government-access channel
25 QVC 1993.svg QVC
26 CNN 1984.svg CNN
27 TNT 1995.svg TNT
28 CNN Headline News 1997.svg CNN Headline News
29 ESPN.svg ESPN
30 E! 1990.svg E! Entertainment Television
31 Fox Sports Net West.png Fox Sports Net West
32 Lifetime 1994.svg Lifetime
33 Nickelodeon Old.svg Nickelodeon Airs during the day
Nick at Nite 1992.svg Nick at Nite Airs overnight
34 USA Network 1999.png USA Network
35 Fox Family 2000.svg Fox Family
36 MTV (UK) 1994.svg MTV: Music Television
37 Fox News Channel 1996.png Fox News Channel
38 The National Network.svg The National Network
39 Court TV 1999.svg Court TV
40 Bravo 1991.svg Bravo
41 BET 1989.png BET
42 VH1 1998.svg VH1: Music First
43 AMC 1998.png American Movie Classics
44 Discovery Channel 2001.svg Discovery Channel
45 A&E 1995.svg A&E
46 International Channel.png International Channel
47 ShopNBC 2000.svg ShopNBC
48 The Weather Channel 1996.png The Weather Channel
49 CNBC.svg CNBC
50 MSNBC 2000.svg MSNBC
51 Food Network 1997.png Food Network
52 FX 1997.svg FX
53 HGTV 1994.svg HGTV
54 Travel Channel 2000 US.png Travel Channel
55 TLC 1998.svg TLC
56 The History Channel.svg The History Channel
57 Sci Fi logo 1999.png Sci Fi
58 MOVIEplex.png MoviePlex
59 Turner Classic Movies 1994.svg Turner Classic Movies
60 ESPN2 1993.svg ESPN2
61 CMT 1991.svg Country Music Television
62 Cartoon Network 1992.svg Cartoon Network
63 Disney 2000.png Disney Channel
64 Animal Planet 1996.svg Animal Planet
65 TV Land 2001.svg TV Land
66 Comedy Central 2000.svg Comedy Central
67 PAX.svg Pax TV
68 In Demand 1999.svg iN DEMAND
69 HBO Plus.png HBO Plus
70 Cinemax 2005.svg Cinemax
71 MoreMax.png MoreMax
72 Showtime.svg Showtime
73 Starz! 1994.svg Starz!
74 Independent Film Channel.svg Independent Film Channel
75-76 In Demand 1999.svg iN DEMAND
77 HSN 2000.svg HSN
78 Leased Access Local leased-access channel
98 Playboy TV 1989.svg Playboy TV
99 TV Guide Channel 1999.png TV Guide Channel
101 Ovation 1995.svg Ovation
102 Style Network 1998.svg Style
103 Bet on Jazz.svg BET on Jazz
104 Game Show Network 1997.svg Game Show Network
105 The Health Network.svg The Health Network
106 Discovery Kids 1997.png Discovery Kids Channel
107 Discovery Science 1998.png Discovery Science Channel
108 Discovery Wings Channel.png Discovery Wings Channel
109 ESPNews.png ESPNews
110 CNN Sports Illustrated 1999.png CNN/SI
111 ESPN Classic 2003.svg ESPN Classic
112 Speedvision 1996.svg Speedvision
113 The Outdoor Channel.png The Outdoor Channel
114 The Golf Channel 1995.png The Golf Channel
115 CNNfn.svg CNNfn
116 Fox Sports World.jpg Fox Sports World
117 Trio 1999.png Trio
118 Newsworld International.png Newsworld International
119 Toon Disney 1998.png Toon Disney Channel
120 BBC America 1998.svg BBC America
121 MTV2 1999.png MTV2
122 Noggin 1999.png Noggin
161 Encore 1999.png Encore
162 Action 1994.png Action
163 Love Stories.png Love Stories
164 Mystery.png Mystery
165 Westerns.png Westerns
166 True Stories.png True Stories
167 WAM!.png WAM! America's Kidz Network
170 Fox Movie Channel.png Fox Movie Channel
171 Lifetime Movie Network 2000.png Lifetime Movie Network
201 HBO Flat.svg HBO
202 HBO Plus.png HBO Plus
203 HBO Signature.svg HBO Signature
204 HBO Family.png HBO Family
205 HBO Comedy 2000.png HBO Comedy
206 HBO Zone 2000.png HBO Zone
221 Cinemax 2005.svg Cinemax
222 MoreMax.png MoreMax
223 ActionMax.png ActionMax
224 ThrillerMax logo.png ThrillerMax
241 Showtime.svg Showtime
242 Showtime 2.png Showtime 2
243 Showtime 3.png Showtime 3
244 Showtime Extreme 1998.png Showtime Extreme
245 Showtime Beyond.png Showtime Beyond
246 The Movie Channel 1997.svg The Movie Channel
247 The Movie Channel 2.png The Movie Channel 2
271 Starz! 1994.svg Starz!
272 Starz! Theater 2000.png Starz! Theater
273 BET Movies Starz!.png BET Movies: Starz!
274 Starz! Family 2000.png Starz! Family
275 Starz! Cinema 2000.png Starz! Cinema
290 Playboy TV 1989.svg Playboy TV
295 Independent Film Channel.svg Independent Film Channel
300 In Demand 1999.svg iN DEMAND Guide/Previews iN DEMAND barker channel
301-334 iN DEMAND
351-358 NHL Center Ice 2000.svg NHL Center Ice
370-377 ESPN Full Court.svg ESPN Full Court
ESPN GamePlan 1999.svg ESPN GamePlan
MLS ESPN Shootout.svg MLS/ESPN Shootout
380-391 NBA League Pass old.svg NBA League Pass
381-385 WNBA Season Pass.svg WNBA Season Pass
401 Playboy TV 1989.svg Playboy TV
402 Spice.png Spice
403 Spice 2
404 Pleasure
501 Music Choice US 1998.png Music Choice Showcase I
502 Music Choice Showcase II
503 Music Choice Origens
504 Music Choice New Releases
505 Music Choice American Originals
506 Music Choice Sounds of the Seasons
507 Music Choice For Kids Only
508 Music Choice World Beat
509 Music Choice Body & Soul
510 Music Choice Classic R&B
511 Music Choice R&B Hits
512 Music Choice Dance
513 Music Choice Rap
514 Music Choice Metal
515 Music Choice Alternative Rock
516 Music Choice Progressive
517 Music Choice Classic Rock
518 Music Choice Rock Hits
519 Music Choice Soft Rock
520 Music Choice Hit List
521 Music Choice '80s
522 Music Choice '70s
523 Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies
524 Music Choice Today's Country
525 Music Choice Classic Country
526 Music Choice Big Band
527 Music Choice Singers & Standards
528 Music Choice Easy Listening
529 Music Choice Classical Masterpieces
530 Music Choice Light Classical
531 Music Choice Atmospheres
532 Music Choice Light Jazz
533 Music Choice Jazz
534 Music Choice Blues
535 Music Choice Gospel
536 Music Choice Contemporary Christian
537 Music Choice Musica Latina
538 Music Choice Tropical
539 Music Choice Mexicana
540 Music Choice Tejano