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List of channels on Equidia.fr

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Logo Equidia

Equidia.fr is a streaming service that offers horse racing live and on demand. The platform became free in February 2020.

Live channels

Logo Name Broadcast hour
EQUIDIA.png Equidia 24 hours
EQUIDIA Racing Trot.svg Equidia Racing Trot 24 hours
EQUIDIA Racing Galop.svg Equidia Racing Galop 24 hours
EQUIDIA R1.png Equidia Racing 1 Occasional
EQUIDIA R2.png Equidia Racing 2 Occasional
EQUIDIA R3.png Equidia Racing 3 Occasional
EQUIDIA R4.png Equidia Racing 4 Occasional
EQUIDIA R5.png Equidia Racing 5 Occasional
EQUIDIA R6.png Equidia Racing 6 Occasional
EQUIDIA R7.png Equidia Racing 7 Occasional
EQUIDIA R8.png Equidia Racing 8 Occasional
EQUIDIA PMH.png Equidia PMH Occasional
EQUIDIA Racing Mag.svg Equidia Racing Mag 24 hours

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