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List of over-the-air television stations in Baltimore

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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving the Baltimore, MD broadcast market.

VC Call Sign Network Station Owner/parent company RF Chan Video
2.1 WMAR-HD ABC WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.3 720p
2.2 WMARDT1 Laff WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.4 480i
2.3 BOUNCE Bounce TV WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.5 480i
2.4 MYSTERY MYSTERY WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.6 480i
2.5 CourtTV Court TV WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.7 480i
2.6 Newsy Newsy WMAR E.W. Scripps Company 27.8 480i
11.1 WBAL-DT NBC WBAL Hearst Television 12.3 1080i
11.2 MeTV MeTV WBAL Hearst Television 12.4 480i
11.4 TheGrio TheGrio WBAL Hearst Television 12.7 480i
13.1 WJZ-TV CBS WJZ CBS Corporation 11.1 1080i
13.2 StartTV Start TV WJZ CBS Corporation 11.2 480i
13.3 Dabl Dabl WJZ CBS Corporation 11.3 480i
13.4 FaveTV Fave TV WJZ CBS Corporation 11.4 480i
22.1 MPT-HD PBS WMPT State of Maryland 21.1 1080i
22.2 MPT-2 Create WMPT State of Maryland 21.2 720p
22.3 MPTKIDS PBS Kids WMPT State of Maryland 21.3 480i
22.4 NHK-WLD NHK World WMPT State of Maryland 21.4 480i
24.1 WUTB TBD WUTB Deerfield Media/Sinclair 26.5 720p
45.1 WBFF45 Fox WBFF Sinclair Broadcast Group 26.3 720p
45.2 MyTV MyNetworkTV WBFF Deerfield Media/Sinclair 26.4 720p
45.3 TBD TBD WBFF Sinclair Broadcast Group 26.5 480i
45.4 Charge! Charge! WBFF Sinclair Broadcast Group 26.7 480i
54.1 CWWNUV The CW WNUV Cunningham/Sinclair 21.5 720p
54.2 Antenna Antenna TV WNUV Cunningham/Sinclair 27.9 480i
54.3 Comet Comet WNUV Cunningham/Sinclair 12.5 480i
54.4 Stadium Stadium WNUV Cunningham/Sinclair 12.6 480i
54.11 CWWNUV The CW WNUV Cunningham/Sinclair 22.5 720p
67.1 MPT-HD PBS WMPB State of Maryland 22.1 1080i
67.2 MPT-2 Create WMPB State of Maryland 22.2 720p
67.3 MPTKIDS PBS Kids WMPB State of Maryland 22.3 480i
67.4 NHK-WLD NHK World WMPB State of Maryland 22.4 480i