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List of over-the-air television stations in Grand Junction-Montrose

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VC = Virtual Channel (what's showing on your TV)
PC = Physical Channel (what channel the station actually broadcasts from)
¤ = Low-power station
Note: Clickable station call letters below are links to station Wikipedia sites.
    The Grand Junction-Montrose market is ranked
    #188 out of 210 TV markets in the U.S.
Call Letters VC PC Network or Format Owner/Operator Notes/Other info
KFQX 4.1 15.4
Nexstar Broadcasting (SSA)
(Mission Broadcasting, Inc.
(Mission Broadcasting))
Translators (all but KREY are ¤):
KREY-TV, Ch. 10  Montrose, CO
K17NI  Mesa, CO
K26MS  Collbran, CO
K43NL  Snowmass Village, CO
K50IN  Woody Creek, CO
4.2 15.7
4.3 15.8
Court TV Mystery
4.4 15.9
KREX 5.1 2.3
Nexstar Broadcasting
(Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.)
Translators (all are ¤):
K04HH  Aspen, CO
K07KF  Thomasville, CO
K10RB  Mesa, CO
K24LQ  Collbran, CO
K35IX  Basalt, CO
K44JQ  Redstone, CO
K45MB  Snowmass Village, CO
5.2 2.4
5.3 2.6
(KGJT-CD (27.1) simulcast)
5.4 2.7
Bounce TV
KJCT-LP ¤ 8.1 20.3
Gray Television
(Gray Television Licensee, LLC)
Translators (all are ¤):
K10PR  Thomasville, CO
K12QO  Aspen, CO
K13AAF  Monticello/Blanding, CO
K21JK  Montrose, CO
K22LR  Collbran, CO
K23NX  Gateway, CO
K25MR  Snowmass Village, CO
K28AD  Montrose, CO
K31OH  Mesa, CO
K34KM  Basalt, CO
K34LC  Rifle, CO
K35CH  Cortez/Mancos, CO
K36AF  New Castle, CO
K38FO  Carbondale, CO
K42EV  Glenwood Springs, CO
K45AF  Parachute, CO
K45HL  Redstone, CO
8.2 20.4
8.3 20.5
KKCO 11.1 12.1
Gray Television
(Gray Television Licensee, LLC)
This station has a digital replacement translator:
Ch. 11 (digital 9)  Paonia, CO

Translators (all are ¤):
K08HN  Aspen, CO
K09ZS  Gateway, CO
K11LM  Thomasville, CO
K13RD  Collbran, CO
K16MR  Gateway, CO
K17JA  Basalt, CO
K23NW  Montrose, CO
K26IT  Redstone, CO
K35NQ  Mesa, CO
K36LV  Snowmass Village, CO
11.2 12.2
11.3 12.3
KRMJ 18.1 18.1
Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting
(Rocky Mountain Public Media, Inc.)
Translators (all are ¤):
K06GW  New Castle, CO
K06HU  Aspen, CO
K08OX  Thomasville, CO
K09PJ  Ouray, CO
K11PS  Collbran, CO
K13SN  Nucla, CO
K19HG  Redstone, CO
K20OE  Silt, CO
K24JO  Crawford, CO
K25PC  Gateway, CO
K26LH  Snowmass Village, CO
K28HA  Grand Valley, CO
K31CW  Carbondale, CO
K31IW  Ridgway, CO
K32CW  Montrose, CO
K32HL  Rulison, CO
K32NO  Glenwood, CO
K33PB  Mesa, CO
K35NS  Montrose, CO
K35ON  Paonia, CO
K36GX  Basalt, CO
K48LO  Woody Creek, CO
18.2 18.2
PBS Kids
18.3 18.3
Create  (8am - 8pm)
World Channel  (8pm - 8am)
KGBY 20.1 7.3
Cozi TV
Ventura Broadcasting
(Ventura Media Communications GJ LLC)
Translator (¤):
K36LM  Grand Junction, CO
20.2 7.4
Cozi TV  (SD version)
20.3 7.5
20.4 7.6
(no programming)
K22JN ¤ 22.1 22.1
Maranatha Broadcasting
(MBC Grand Broadcasting, Inc.)
KGJT-CD ¤ 27.1 27.3
Nexstar Broadcasting
(Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.)
27.2 27.4
(KREX-TV (5.1) simulcast)