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List of over-the-air television stations in Medford-Klamath Falls

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VC = Virtual Channel (what's showing on your TV)
PC = Physical Channel (what channel the station actually broadcasts from)
¤ = Low-power station
Note: Clickable station call letters below are links to station Wikipedia sites.
    The Medford-Klamath Falls market is ranked
    #135 out of 210 TV markets in the U.S.
Call Letters VC PC Network or Format Owner/Operator Notes/Other info
KOBI 5.1 5.1
California Oregon Broadcasting
(California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.)
Translators (all are ¤):
K07HS  Williams, OR
K07JT  Brookings, OR
K07PZ  Cave Junction, OR
K08AK  Port Orford, OR
K13HU  Fort Jones, CA
K13MI  Squaw Valley, OR
K16LL  Cottage Grove, OR
K25EN  Gold Beach, OR
K25OK  Yoncalla, OR
K31OQ  Grants Pass, OR
K32DY  Medford, OR
K33NY  Roseburg, OR
K33PM  Gold Hill, OR
K34KJ  Harbor, OR
K34OW  Yreka, CA
K36BX  Coos Bay, OR
5.2 5.2
This TV
KSYS 8.1 8.1
Southern Oregon Public TV
(Southern Oregon Public TV, Inc.)
Translators (all are ¤):
K02JG  Prospect, OR
K02JJ  Williams, OR
K13PE  Shady Grove, OR
K13PF  Pinehurst, OR
K13PI  Ruch/Applegate, OR
K15IM  Brookings, OR
K19HS  Grants Pass, OR
K22IQ  Cave Junction, OR
K27KW  Gold Hill, OR
K34DJ  Phoenix, OR
8.2 8.2
World Channel
8.3 8.3
8.4 8.4
PBS Kids
KTVL 10.1 10.1
Sinclair  (KTVL Licensee, LLC)
Translators (all are ¤):
K04JZ  Gold Hill, OR
K06KA  Fort Jones, CA
K14QH  Butte Falls, OR
K15HU  Lakeview, OR
K15JZ  Applegate Valley, OR
K15KE  Klamath Falls, OR
K15KL  Jacksonville, OR
K18LJ  Dunsmuir, CA
K18LU  Glendale, OR
K19HH  Midland, OR
K21JI  Cave Junction, OR
K25JW  Hugo, OR
K29LL  Phoenix/Talent, OR
K30JS  Yreka, CA
10.2 10.2
10.3 10.3
Comet TV
10.4 10.4
KDRV 12.1 12.1
Heartland Media
(Oregon TV License Company LLC)
Translators (all are ¤):
K15BP  Grants Pass, OR
K15KJ  Gold Hill, OR
K17BA  Yreka, CA
K21BG  Jacksonville, OR
K21LW  Gazelle, CA
K29NI  Cave Junction, OR
K36HM  Fort Dick, CA
12.2 12.2
Antenna TV
12.3 12.3
Justice Network
KDSO-LD ¤ 16.1 16.1
theDove TV  (religious)
theDove Media, Inc.
KDOV-LD ¤ 18.1 18.1
theDove TV  (religious)
theDove Media, Inc.
18.2 18.2
CBN News
KMVU 26.1 26.3
Terrier Media
(Broadcasting Licenses, L.P.)
Translators (both are ¤):
K31GP  Brookings, OR
K34NO  Grants Pass, OR
26.2 26.4
26.3 26.5
K32LQ ¤ 26.1 32.3
(KMVU-TV (26.1) simulcast)
Terrier Media
(Broadcasting Licenses, L.P.)
Licensed to: Yreka, CA
26.2 32.4
(KMVU-TV (26.2) simulcast)
26.3 32.7
(KMVU-TV (26.3) simulcast)
48.1 32.5
(KFBI-LD (48.1) simulcast)
48.2 32.6
(KFBI-LD (48.2) simulcast)
KBLN 30.1 30.1
3ABN / Better Life TV
Better Life Television
Licensed to: Grants Pass, OR

Translators (all are ¤):
K17EZ  Rogue River, OR
K22FC  Grants Pass, OR
K23EX  Medford, OR
K25IM  Medford, OR
K25NO  Gasquet, CA
K26HS  Tillamook, OR
K31NH  Klamath Falls, OR
K33GJ  Merlin, OR
K36NF  Grants Pass, OR
K36NY  Yreka, CA
K44MH  Coos Bay, OR
K48GO  Cave Junction, OR
30.2 30.2
Better Health TV
30.3 30.3
Nature Channel
30.4 30.4
3ABN Latino / Vida Mejor TV
KFBI-LD ¤ 48.1 19.3
Terrier Media
(Broadcasting Licenses, L.P.)
Translator (¤):
K26NB  Klamath Falls, OR
48.2 19.4