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Past channel changes

Expected channel changes


Key/Example Description
Launch Channel due to be launched on the EPG
Relaunch Channel due to relaunch to the EPG after being removed.
Temporary launch Channel due to be temporarily launched on the EPG
Removal Channel due to be removed from the EPG
Temporary removal Channel due to be temporarily removed from the EPG
Rename Channel due to be renamed on the EPG
Temporary rename Channel due to be temporarily renamed on the EPG
Reversion Channel is currently using a temporary name that is due to revert to its original name
Restoration to EPG Channel due to be restored to the EPG after being removed.
Move Channel due to be moved to another EPG number.
Temporary move Channel due to be moved temporarily to another EPG number.
1xx Channel number is to be confirmed.
The first number indicates speculation on the channel range.
Satellite Changes affect Sky satellite receivers (Sky Q, Sky+HD and Sky+ boxes, Sky Digiboxes) only.
OTT Changes affect Sky's OTT devices (Sky Glass & Sky Stream devices) only.

Forthcoming changes

Date Region
(UK & Ireland unless stated)
(OTT & Satellite unless stated)
Current EPG number Current channel name Type of change New EPG number New channel name Testing info References/Notes
14/12/22 UK Satellite 427 BoxNation SD Removal
Ireland 429
17/12/22 West Anglia,
Satellite 101 BBC One East (West) SD Removal BBC One changes
(not West Anglia,
West Anglia,
OTT 101 BBC One East (West) HD
(not West Anglia,
Henley On Thames,
Satellite 101 BBC One Oxfordshire SD
(not Henley On Thames,
Henley On Thames,
OTT 101 BBC One Oxfordshire HD
(not Henley On Thames,
West Anglia,
Satellite 961 BBC One East (East) SD Move 101
OTT 8008 BBC One East (East) HD
Henley On Thames,
Satellite 964 BBC One South SD 101
OTT 8011 BBC One South HD
Between 26/12/22 & 06/01/23 303 Sky Cinema Christmas HD Reversion Sky Cinema Drama HD
303 Sky Cinema Drama HD Move 310
310 Sky Cinema Hits HD 303
Satellite 325 Christmas 24 SD Reversion Movies 24 SD
OTT 313
Satellite 326 Christmas 24+ SD Movies 24+ SD
OTT 314
352 MTV Xmas SD MTV 90s SD
UK 355 BoXmas SD The Box SD
UK Satellite 359 Trace Xmas SD Trace Hits SD
UK Satellite 363 NOW Christmas SD NOW 90s SD
05/01/23 Satellite 319 GREAT! movies christmas SD Rename GREAT! romance SD Formerly GREAT! movies classic
Satellite 320 GREAT! movies christmas +1 GREAT! romance +1
??/02/23 Satellite 6xx Sky Kids HD Launch 11856 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27.5 2/3 as
Sky to launch brand new 24-hour ad-free Sky Kids channel
OTT 2xx
??/??/23 Satellite 1xx WildEarth HD Launch 11509 V DVB-S2 8PSK 23 2/3 as
Between 01/01/23 & 01/04/23 England Satellite 101 BBC One SD
Removal BBC to switch off SD channels on Sky and Freesat

Goodbye red slate. Hello BBC One in HD for everyone... — Phase 1
Scot, Wales, NI 801
Various (UK) 954-961, 963, 964, 966-968, 977-979
Ireland 832
NI 102 BBC Two SD
[Wales, NI]
Eng, Scot, Wales 802
Various (UK) 972, 980
Ireland 142
England 101 BBC One HD
[English Regions]
Various (UK) 9xx (multiple)
Ire 9xx (London)
NI 102 BBC Two (Northern Ireland) HD 12226 H DVB-S2 8PSK 27.5 2/3 as
"11015" - UK version
"1199" - Ire version
GB 9xx
Ire 142
Scotland 117 BBC Alba HD
England, Wales, Northern Ireland 169
UK 504 BBC Parliament HD
981 BBC Red Button 1 HD
9xx BBC One SD (Network)
NI 115 BBC Two HD (Network) Move 9xx
Ire 347
Scotland 117 BBC Alba SD Move 8xx
England, Wales, Northern Ireland 169
UK 504 BBC Parliament SD Move 8xx
UK 981 BBC Red Button 1 SD Move 98x
Before 01/08/23 Scot Satellite 141 BBC Three HD Move 1xx Must be moved before this date within the top 24 channel slots as per Ofcom rules.

Likely to be moved to channel 115 in England and Northern Ireland
How the BBC HD switch will affect Sky satellite viewers (subheading "BBC Three")
London 173 115
Before 01/04/24 Satellite 9xx BBC One SD (Network) Removal Goodbye red slate. Hello BBC One in HD for everyone... — Phase 2
England, Scot 802 BBC Two SD (Network)
Wales, NI, Ire 969
845 BBC Three SD
UK 815 BBC Four SD
Ireland 833
UK 844 BBC Scotland SD
UK 8xx BBC Alba SD
UK 882 BBC News SD
8xx BBC Parliament SD
98x BBC Red Button 1 SD
644 CBeebies SD
Before end of 2024 UK Satellite 116 BBC Four HD Removal To become online services.
(Channel numbers are current channel numbers and may change before closure)

RX:TV Info - Multiple BBC Channels to close in online shift
Ire 143
Eng, Scot, NI OTT 119
Wales 120
Ire 122
Satellite 607 CBBC HD
UK Satellite 0126 BBC Radio 4 Extra 🔊
UK Satellite 0130 BBC Radio 4 LW 🔊 The BBC equipment that produces the radio signal can no longer be satisfactorily maintained