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Example Description
Launch Channel due to be launched or temporarily launched on the EPG
Removal Channel due to be removed or temporarily removed from the EPG
Rename Channel due to be renamed or temporarily renamed on the EPG
Reversion Channel is currently using a temporary name that is due to revert to its previous name
Restoration Channel due to be relaunched or restored to the EPG after being removed.
Move Channel due to be moved to another EPG number.

Confirmed changes

Date Channel No.
TV 360
Channel No.
TV V6 / TiVo
Channel name Type of change New channel No.
TV 360
New channel No.
TV V6 / TiVo
New channel name Other notes / References
27/09/21 402 402 Sky Cinema Music HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Spies HD Sky channel changes September 2021
28/09/21 505 505 Sky Sports Ryder Cup HD Reversion Sky Sports Golf HD
28/09/21 505 515 Sky Sports Ryder Cup Reversion Sky Sports Golf
01/10/21 419 419 Movies 24 Temporary rename Christmas 24 Movies 24 > Christmas 24
01/10/21 420 420 Movies 24+ Temporary rename Christmas 24+
01/10/21 716 716 Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Reversion Nick Jr. Too
??/10/21 402 402 Sky Cinema Spies HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema ? HD
20/11/21 347 347 Now 80s Temporary rename Now Christmas Sky Media | NOW Christmas
27/12/21 347 347 Now Christmas Reversion Now 80s Sky Media | NOW Christmas
04/01/21 424 424 GREAT! movies christmas Reversion GREAT! movies classic Sky Media | GREAT! movies christmas
??/01/22 419 419 Christmas 24 Reversion Movies 24
??/01/22 420 420 Christmas 24+ Reversion Movies 24+
??/01/22 1xx 1xx BBC Three HD Relaunch BBC Three returns to TV screens after six-year break
??/02/22 507 507 Sky Sports NFL HD Temporary removal Sky EPG changes (August 2021)
??/02/22 507 517 Sky Sports NFL Temporary removal
??/02/22 507 507 Sky Sports Action HD Restoration to EPG
??/02/22 507 517 Sky Sports Action Restoration to EPG