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Edit EPG section


Example Description
Launch Channel due to be launched or temporarily launched on the EPG
Removal Channel due to be removed or temporarily removed from the EPG
Rename Channel due to be renamed or temporarily renamed on the EPG
Reversion Channel is currently using a temporary name that is due to revert to its previous name
Restoration Channel due to be relaunched or restored to the EPG after being removed.
Move Channel due to be moved to another EPG number.

Confirmed changes

Date Channel No. (TV 360) Channel No. (Horizon and older) Channel name Type of change New channel number (TV 360) New channel number (Horizon and older) New channel name Region (whole of Ireland unless stated) Notes
??/??/22 302 336 Sky Cinema Ultimate Action HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema ?? HD
??/??/22 352 306 Sky Cinema Ultimate Action SD Temporary rename Sky Cinema ?? SD
??/??/22 100 Virgin Media More HD Move 116 Due to backlash from RTÉ not being first on EPG.