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List of Line-Up Changes on AT&T U-verse from the 2020s

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New AT&T U-verse logo

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Channel # Network Notes
154 (SD)
1154 (HD)
El Rey Network removed
206 (SD)
1206 (HD)
Fusion removed
570 JUCE TV relaunched Positiv


Channel # Network Notes
740 (SD)
1740 (HD)
Marquee Sports Network launched


Channel # Network Notes
114 and 599 (SD)
1114 and 1599 (HD)
Audience removed (due to channel shutdown)


Channel # Network Notes
613 (SD)
1613 (HD)
ESPN Goal Line & Bases Loaded removed (due to channel shutdown)


Channel # Network Notes
860 (SD)
1860 (HD)
Showtime Beyond relaunched SHOxBET


Channel # Network Notes
108 (SD)
1108 (HD)
TNT (East) removed
109 (SD)
1109 (HD)
TNT (West) removed
112 (SD)
1112 (HD)
TBS (East) removed
113 (SD)
1113 (HD)
TBS (West) removed
164 (SD)
1164 (HD)
truTV (East) removed
165 (SD)
1165 (HD)
truTV (West) removed
202 (SD)
1202 (HD)
CNN removed
203 (SD)
1203 (HD)
HLN removed
205 CNNI removed
325 (SD)
1325 (HD)
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (East) removed
326 (SD)
1326 (HD)
Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (West) removed
327 Boomerang removed
790 (SD)
1790 (HD)
Turner Classic Movies removed
1679 World Fishing Network HD removed
3053 Boomerang en Español removed
3110 CNN en Español removed
3690 VivaTV Plus removed