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By using this site you agree to the most recent iteration of any policy, disclaimer, and guideline on this page.


Content Disclaimer

We do not guarantee any content provided on the site, we disclaim any liabilities for any content we carry. You are solely responsible for any and all content you upload to the site. By contributing content you are implicitly allowing us to host that content at our domains for as long as we wish, and use that content for any purpose. Due to the fact that this site may be edited by anyone, the content will not always be accurate. Please check with your provider for the most accurate listings. Should you notice inaccurate content that you are unable to fix, let us know here.

Copyright Disclaimer

It is considered that the channel listings on this site not meet the threshold of originality for copyright protection, therefore placing them in the Public Domain. As such, the collection of channel listings on this website based on data from service providers or other third-party sources is not considered to be copyright infringement. However, the layout, design, and format of the listings on this site was created by TV Channel Lists and its contributors, and we reserve all rights for those and all other non-listing related content, including our name and logo. Reproducing the layout, design, and format of our site is not allowed, regardless of credit given.


Misconduct Policy

Permanent ban offenses

The following serious offenses will result in an immediate and permanent ban:

  • Blatant vandalism (including, but not limited to):
    • Spamming of external links
    • Self-promotion of your products
    • Unjustified blanking of pages
  • Creating multiple accounts for the purposes of circumventing of previously instituted bans
  • Personal attacks on other users
  • Inappropriate usernames, or usernames designed to impersonate existing users, as determined by the site admins
  • Other major disruptive behavior, as determined by the site admins

Graduated ban offenses

The following offenses are considered to be of a lesser impact and will result in a graduated ban response:

  • Purposeful insertion of unsourceable or false information
  • Purposeful insertion of irrelevant/unrelated content
  • Other minor disruptive behavior, as determined by the site admins
  • Creating multiple accounts with a malicious or deceptive purpose

The progression of the graduated ban is outlined below:

  • 1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: One-week ban
  • 3rd offense: One-month ban
  • 4th offense: Three-month ban
  • 5th offense: Permanent ban

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

When registering on our site (TV Channel Lists), you are required to enter a username and a verifiable email address to help you with your experience. Registration is voluntary to view information, but required to contribute to the site. You also have the option to voluntarily enter your real name, for better attribution of your work.

In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices, should a data breach that involves personally identifiable information occur, we will notify the users via in-site notification within 1 business day. By using this site, and choosing to provide your personally identifiable information by registering, you agree to not hold www.tvchannellists.com or any of its owners or operators liable for any data breaches involving said information.

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include any parties who assist us in the operations of this website.

We will, however, release information to comply with the law, enforce our or our site operation partners' policies, or protect ours or others' rights, property, or safety.

Cookies & Google Ads

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Google Analytics

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Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us here.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

You can see the date of the last Privacy Policy update below. By using this site you agree to the most recent iteration of the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on February 12, 2017.

Inactive Account Policy

Inactive accounts (accounts with no contributions 90 days after creation) will be deleted. If you'd like to return, simply remake your account.


Standard Page Naming Guidelines

If you are creating a new page, please name it in accordance with the list below:

  • Subscription TV channel line-ups: List of channels on provider name.
    • If the provider has different line-ups in different areas: List of channels on provider name (location)
    • If you are creating a separate page for local channels that vary based on region: List of location-specific channels on provider name
      • If that list contains all the areas served by the provider, replace location with region.
  • Over-the-air channel line-ups: List of over-the-air television stations in location
    • If the page is a list of a country's cities with OTA listings: List of country-demonym over-the-air television stations
  • Provider line-up changes: List of line-up changes on provider name
    • If there are numerous changes, the listing can be separated into decades: List of line-up changes on provider name in the decades
      • Listings with a very large number of changes can be separated by year: List of line-up changes on provider name in year
  • Master lists: Master list of list type (location)

If you're unsure about how to name a page, please don't hesitate to ask an admin.

Linking Guidelines

Please add links in accordance with the list below:

  • Whenever possible, link each station's name to its English Wikipedia article
    • If an English Wikipedia article is not available, native Wikipedia may be used
    • If no Wikipedia article is available, leave the station unlinked - do not link to the station's website
    • For local channels, link to the Wikipedia article that corresponds with that specific local station, and not the affiliate
      • If there is no Wikipedia article for that specific local station, link to the Wikipedia article that lists the affiliates stations of the main network affiliate
      • An exception to this rule is on pages where the table has a column for callsign and network, the main network affiliate may be linked to the networks in the network column.
      • For local subchannels, simply link to the main local channel's Wikipedia page, unless the local subchannel has its own specific Wikipedia page

If you're unsure about how to add the right links, please don't hesitate to ask an admin.

Incomplete Listing Guidelines

Users are more than welcome to create work in progress listings, however the listing is not eligible to be added to the main page until the listing is reasonably useful to the average reader, as determined by the admins. The main page will also be evaluated from time to time, and outdated/defunct lineups will be removed. Outdated, defunct, and incomplete listings may also be moved to the creator's user subpages (e.g. User:Tvchannellists/Foxtel) until they are updated or completed.

Changes to This Page and the Site

This page is subject to change at any time, without notice. By using this site you agree to the most recent iteration of any policy, disclaimer, and guideline on this page. If you'd like to propose a change to this page, or the site in general, do so here-- be sure to mention why it would be beneficial to make the change. Changes to this page (and therefore any site policy, disclaimer, and guideline) require the support of the admins, and will publicly be discussed at the same location. We encourage users to add their thoughts.