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List of Line-Up Changes on Verizon FiOS from the 2020s

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Channel # Network Notes
604 Yahoo! Finance HD launched
605 Bloomberg TV HD re-added
1799 Music Choice Play removed


Channel # Network Notes
610 i24News HD added
614 Cheddar Business HD added
737 Hallmark Drama HD added
795 UpliftTV renamed Universal Living Faith Network
950 Playboy HD removed
951 Brazzers removed
952 Reality Kings removed
1005 Hustler removed


Channel # Network Notes
635 Ride TV HD became available in all packages


Channel # Network Notes
678 Law & Crime Network added
1793 TVB2 replaced with TVB Drama


Channel # Network Notes
829 ESPN Goal Line & Bases Loaded removed (due to channel shutdown)


Channel # Network Notes
229 Folk TV removed
368 Showtime Showcase (West) SD removed
371 and 372 Showtime Beyond removed (due to channel shutdown)
868 Showtime Showcase (West) HD replaced with SHOxBET HD


Channel # Network Notes
795 Universal Living Faith Network HD replaced with PTL Television Network HD