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List of channels on Moldtelecom

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Moldtelecom is the state telecommunications provider of Moldova, founded in 1993. It offers landline, Internet, mobile and IPTV services.

This list details the current channels available on Moldtelecom. There are currently around 190 television and radio channels on the IPTV network.


The packages are shown using color as follows:

Package Notes Price
Simplu The base package. MDL 85.00
Premier Includes Simplu. MDL 110.00
Junior Additional subscription for a number of kids' channels. Eligible for Premier customers. MDL 10.00
Univers Includes Premier and Junior. MDL 135.00
Adult Additional subscription for a number of adult channels. Eligible for Premier and Univers customers. MDL 35.00

Channel list

General interest

No. Channel name Language(s) Package
1 Moldova 1 HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
2 Primul în Moldova HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
3 Canal 2 HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
4 Canal 3 HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
5 Publika TV HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
6 Moldova 2 Romanian, Russian Simplu
7 Jurnal TV HD Romanian Simplu
8 Prime HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
9 NTV Moldova HD Russian, Romanian Simplu
10 Domashniy Familia Russian Simplu
11 Accent TV Romanian, Russian Simplu
12 STS Mega Russian Simplu
13 Pro TV Chișinău HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
14 TNT/Exclusiv TV Romanian, Russian Simplu
15 N4 Romanian, Russian Simplu
16 TV8 HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
17 RTR Moldova HD Russian Simplu
18 Kanal D Romanian Simplu
19 TVR Moldova Romanian Simplu
20 Noroc TV HD Romanian Simplu
21 TVC 21 Romanian, Russian Simplu
22 TV Centrala HD Russian Simplu
23 GRT Găgăuzia Gagauz Simplu
24 REN TV Moldova HD Russian Simplu
25 Canal 5 Romanian, Russian Simplu
26 MBC HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
27 Agro TV Moldova Romanian Simplu
28 ITV Moldova Russian Simplu
29 10 TV HD Romanian Simplu
30 Axial TV Romanian Simplu
31 Vocea Basarabiei HD Romanian Simplu
33 Orhei TV HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
34 Orizont TV HD Romanian, Russian Simplu


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
101 Kino TV Russian Premier
102 Kinohit Russian Premier
103 Kinosemya Russian Premier
104 TV1000 Russian, English Premier
105 TV1000 Action Russian, English Premier
106 TV1000 Russkoe Kino Russian Premier
107 Pro 2 Romanian Simplu
108 Național TV Romanian Simplu
109 Kinokomediya Russian Premier
110 Indiyskoe Kino Russian Premier
111 FOX Russian, English Premier
112 FOX Life Russian, English Premier
113 Sony Turbo Russian Premier
114 Sony Sci-Fi Russian Univers
115 Spike Russian, English Premier
116 StarCinema HD Russian, Ukranian, English Premier
117 StarFamily Russian, English Premier
118 Kinosvidanie Russian Univers
119 Kinomix Russian Univers
120 Nashe Novoe Kino Russian Univers
121 Lyubimoe Kino Russian Univers
122 Illyuzion+ Russian Univers
123 Dom Kino Russian Univers
124 FilmUaDrama Russian Simplu
125 BOLT Russian Univers
126 VIP Premiere HD Russian Univers
127 VIP Megahit HD Russian Univers
128 VIP Comedy HD Russian Univers
129 Kinopremyera HD Russian Univers


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
201 Minimax Romanian Premier
202 Gurinel TV HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
203 Mult / Bravo TV HD Russian Premier
204 Nickelodeon Romanian, Russian, English Premier
205 Disney Channel Romanian Premier
206 Boomerang Romanian, Russian, English Junior
207 Nick Jr. Romanian, Russian, English Junior
208 Cartoon Network (Eastern Europe) Romanian, Hungarian Univers
209 Cartoon Network (Russia & SE Europe) Russian, English Univers
210 Detskiy Russian Junior
211 Karusel Russian Junior
212 Detskiy Mir Russian Junior
213 STS Kids Russian Junior
214 Duck TV HD English Univers
215 Nickelodeon HD Russian Premier


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
301 Eurosport 1 Romanian, Russian, English Premier
302 Eurosport 1 HD Romanian, Russian, English Premier
303 Eurosport 2 Russian, English Univers
304 Eurosport 2 HD Russian, English Univers
305 Setanta Sports Russian Premier
306 Setanta Sports HD Russian Premier
307 Setanta Sports 1 Russian Simplu
308 Setanta Sports 1 HD Russian Univers
309 Setanta Sports 2 Russian Univers
310 Setanta Sports 2 HD Russian Premier
311 Sport 1 Russian, Ukrainian Univers
312 Match! Premier Russian Univers
313 Viasat Sport HD Russian, English Univers

Nature and science

No. Channel name Language(s) Package
401 National Geographic Russian, English Premier
402 Discovery Russian, English Premier
403 Animal Planet Russian, English Premier
404 Discovery Science Russian, English Univers
405 DTX Russian, English Premier
406 ID Xtra Russian, English Univers
407 Viasat Explore Russian, English Premier
408 Travel Channel Russian, English Premier
409 Viasat Nature/History HD Russian, English Univers
410 Moya Planeta Russian Univers
411 Zhivaya Planeta Russian Univers
412 Nauka 2.0 Russian Univers
413 Viasat History English, Russian Univers
414 English Club TV Russian, English Univers
415 Cinethronix Romanian Univers
416 Epoque Russian Univers

Lifestyle and entertainment

No. Channel name Language(s) Package
501 TLC Russian, English, Hungarian, Czech Premier
502 Doktor Russian Univers
503 Mama Russian Univers
505 Kukhnya TV Russian Univers
506 Bober Russian Univers
507 Okhota i Rybalka Russian Univers
508 Avto Plus Russian Univers
509 Sarafan Russian Univers
510 Kvartal TV Russian Simplu
511 Peretz International Russian Univers
512 Fashion TV English Univers
513 Nostalgiya Russian Univers
514 Vremya Russian Univers


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
551 Trinitas TV Romanian Simplu
552 Speranța TV Romanian Simplu
553 Alfa Omega TV Romanian Simplu
554 CNL Russian Simplu
555 Soyuz Russian Simplu


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
601 Euronews Russian Premier
602 Euronews English Premier
603 Realitatea TV Romanian Simplu
604 Național 24 Plus Romanian Simplu
605 România TV Romanian Simplu
606 București TV Romanian Premier
607 5 Kanal Ukrainian Simplu
608 UA:Pershyi Ukrainian Simplu
609 1+1 International Ukrainian Univers
610 CNN International English Univers
611 TV5Monde Europe French Univers
612 DW Deutsch German Univers
613 DW English English Univers
614 Mediaset Italia Italian Univers
615 Rai 1 Italian Univers
616 Current Time Russian Univers
617 RTVi Russian Univers
618 MIR Premium Russian Simplu
619 MIR 24 Russian Simplu
620 Belarus-24 Belarusian, Russian Univers
621 Armenia 1 TV Armenian Univers
622 Kazakh TV Kazakh, Russian, English Univers
623 BNT 4 Bulgarian Univers


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
701 Gold TV English Simplu
702 U TV Romanian Simplu
703 Zona M Romanian Simplu
704 RuTV Moldova Russian Simplu
705 MTV Hits English Univers
706 VH1 English Univers
707 MTV Live HD English Univers
708 Trace Urban HD English Univers
709 Muzyka Pervogo Russian Univers
710 Busuioc TV Romanian Simplu
711 Favorit TV Romanian Simplu
712 Etno TV Romanian Simplu
713 Taraf TV Romanian Simplu


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
751 Radio Noroc Romanian Premier
753 Muz FM Romanian Premier
754 Maestro FM Russian Premier
755 Publika FM Romanian, Russian Premier


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
801 Prime HD Romanian, Russian Premier
802 Canal 2 HD Romanian, Russian Premier
803 Canal 3 HD Romanian, Russian Premier
804 Publika TV HD Romanian, Russian Premier
805 Jurnal TV HD Romanian, Russian Premier
806 PRO TV Chişinău HD Romanian Premier
807 TV8 HD Romanian, Russian Premier
808 RTR Moldova HD Russian Premier
809 Euronews HD English Premier
810 Current Time HD Russian Premier
811 MIR Premium HD Russian Premier
812 Animal Planet HD Russian, English Premier
813 Discovery Science HD Russian, English Univers
814 DTX HD Russian, English Premier
815 ID HD Russian, English Univers
816 Travel Channel HD Russian, English, Turkish Univers
817 VIP Premiere HD Russian Univers
818 VIP Megahit HD Russian Univers
819 VIP Comedy HD Russian Univers
820 StarCinema HD Ukranian, Russian Univers
821 Gold TV HD English Premier
822 Noroc TV HD Romanian Premier
825 10TV HD Romanian Premier
826 Axial TV HD Romanian Premier
827 Vocea Basarabiei HD Romanian Premier
828 ATV HD Gagauz, Russian Premier
829 Trinitas HD Romanian Premier
830 Belarus-24 HD Russian, Belarussian Univers
831 Orhei TV HD Romanian, Russian Premier
832 TV Centrala HD Romanian, Russian Premier
833 MBC / Digi 24 HD Romanian, Russian Premier
834 Orizont TV HD Romanian, Russian Premier


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
901 Elita TV (Rezina) Romanian Simplu
902 Sor TV (Soroca) Romanian Simplu
903 Studio L (Căușeni) Romanian Simplu
904 Drochia TV Romanian Simplu
905 TV Prim (Glodeni) Romanian Simplu
906 Media TV (Cimișlia) Romanian Simplu
907 Canal Regional Romanian Simplu
908 BTV HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
909 NTS HD Romanian, Russian Simplu
912 ATV HD Russian Simplu


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
951 Chișinău Live Premier
952 Bălți Live Premier
953 Cahul Live Premier
954 Soroca Live Premier
955 Ungheni Live Premier


No. Channel name Language(s) Package
991 Private TV English Adult
992 Hustler TV English Adult
993 Blue Hustler English Adult