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Site News & Updates

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  • November 8: TV Channel Lists welcomed Kalman2007 as the newest admin. Branch, LongIslandMedia, and TVChannelLists remain your admins.
  • April 16: Official Linking Guidelines have been added.
  • April 15: ScytheChariot and Mynameisjeff have retired from the administration. We wish them good luck in their future endeavors. Branch, LongIslandMedia, and TVChannelLists remain your admins.
  • April 7: VisualEditor removed from the site due to technical issues.
  • March 11: Content and Copyright Disclaimers were updated.
  • March 9: To further reduce vandalism, account approval was introduced.
  • March 6: Optional two-factor authentication introduced to increase account security.
  • February 12: E-mail verification introduced to reduce vandalism.
  • February 10: TV Channel Lists welcomed Mynameisjeff as the site's fourth administrator.


  • December 16: TV Channel Lists welcomed LongIslandMedia as the site's third administrator.
  • October 24: Server upgraded again to double its RAM and CPU cores to reduce slowdowns in peak periods due to continued growth in visitor numbers.
  • October 15: To combat vandalism, registration is now required to edit channel listings.
  • October 13: The reply to function has been added which links to the new notification system. It can be used by typing {{reply to|USERNAME}}. For example, {{reply to|Branch}} (which appears as @Branch:) would let Branch know they have a new message.
  • September 16: Improvements to HTTPS redirection, removed inactive user accounts.
  • August 18: VisualEditor activated on the site, allowing for WYSIWYG editing of pages.
  • August 17: Country flags added. Main page cleaned-up with the consolidation of columns and removal of blank pages.
  • August 16: Due to continued growth, TV Channel Lists again migrates to a new and more powerful server.
  • August 15: SSL (HTTPS) access to the site implemented. WikiEditor was also implemented to improve the editing experience on the site.
  • August 14: Cleanup category created to identify listings that require improvement. Also, Echo was implemented for better notifications.
  • August 13: Our first Privacy Policy and Content Disclaimer went into effect.
  • August 12: August 12: TV Channel Lists welcomed Branch as the site's second administrator.
  • August 11: TV Channel Lists welcomed ScytheChariot as the site's first part-time administrator.
  • August 8: Stability & speed improvements were made to the site.
  • August 7: TV Channel Lists launched the third iteration of its logo. An evolution of the site's logo can be seen here.
  • August 6. Our official Misconduct Policy went into effect.
  • May 10: Implemented new reCaptcha to replace QuestyCaptcha.
  • March 19: Improvements were made to the uploading of Channel Logos: All you need to do is to drag-and-drop files from your computer into the box above the editing box that says "Drop files here". You will then be able to upload several images at once, rather than individually as before.


  • December 6: TV Channel Lists migrated to a new server with more data allowance to accommodate its growth.


  • March 19: TV Channel Lists launched, as a result of the positive vote to remove channel listings from Wikipedia.