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List of channels on Otau TV

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EPG No. Channel name
1 Kazakhstan
2 Kazsport
3 Balapan
4 Message
6 Kazakh TV
7 Bilim jäne Mädenïet (Education and Culture)
8 KZ 24
9 Astana
10 KTK
11 Channel 7
12 7 Kazakhstan
13 First Channel Eurasia
14 Mir
15 Channel 31
16 NTK
17 STV
18 Tañ
19 Almaty
20 Zhetysu
21 MuzZone
22 Hit TV
23 TDK-42
24 Fire-TV
25 Aktau, Kazakhstan
26 Aktobe, Kazakhstan
27 Karagandy
28 Berlin
29 Bucharest
30 Stockholm
31 Stockholm
32 Oskemen
33 Pavlodar
34 Petropavlosk
35 Taraz
36 Shymkent
37 Asyl Arna
53 Footage
71 Turan TV
88 Gakku TV
103 Kazakh Radio
104 Chelkar