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List of channels on StarNet (IPTV)

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StarNet is a Moldovan analog cable, IPTV, internet service and landline service provider founded in 2003.

There are currently around 195 television channels in the IPTV network.


The packages are shown using colors as follows:

Package Notes Price
Start Star package. 50 MDL
Plus Extends Start. 60 MDL
Pro Extends Plus. 70 MDL

Channel list

General interest

EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
1 Jurnal TV HD Romanian Base
2 TV8 HD Romanian, Russian Base
3 PRO TV Chișinău HD Romanian Base
4 TVR Moldova Romanian Base
5 Prime HD Romanian, Russian Base
6 Canal 2 HD Romanian Base
7 Canal 3 HD Romanian Base
9 Moldova 1 HD Romanian Base
10 Moldova 2 Romanian Base
11 TNT Exclusiv TV Russian Base
13 Cvartal TV Russian, Ukrainian Base
15 TVC 21 Russian, Romanian Base
16 STS Mega Russian Base
17 Cotidianul TV Romanian Base
18 Ren TV Moldova Russian Base
19 NTV Moldova Russian Base
20 RTR Moldova HD Russian Base
22 TV6 HD Russian Base
23 Kanal D Romanian Base
24 Noroc TV HD Romanian Base
26 N4 Romanian, Russian Base
27 Accent TV Romanian Base
28 Agro TV Moldova Romanian Base
33 Primul în Moldova Russian, Romanian Base
34 ITV Moldova Russian, Romanian. Base
36 10 TV HD Romanian Base
37 Axial TV HD Romanian Base
42 Național TV Romanian Base
43 Național 24 Plus Romanian Base
44 Vocea Basarabiei TV HD Romanian Base
48 Orizont TV Romanian Base


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
8 Publika TV HD Romanian, Russian Base
21 R LIVE TV Romanian Base


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
400 EuroSport 2 International HD English Premium
401 Eurosport 1 Romania Romanian Base
402 Eurosport 1 Russia Russian Base
403 Eurosport 2 International English Extra
404 EuroSport 1 International HD English Premium
405 M-1 Global Russian Extra
406 Setanta Sports 1 Russian Base
407 Viasat Sport Russian Extra
408 Viasat Sport HD Russian Premium
410 Sport 1 Russian Extra
411 Setanta Sports HD Eurasia Russian Premium
412 Match! Planeta Russian Extra
413 Setanta Sports 2 Russian Base
414 Setanta Sports 1 HD Russian Premium
415 Setanta Sports 2 HD Russian Premium


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
300 TV Paprika Romanian Base
301 Cuhnia TV Russian Base
302 Bober Russian Base
303 Travel+Adventure HD Russian Extra
304 Teleputeshestvia HD Russian Extra
305 Poehali! Russian Base
306 CVN TV Russian Base
307 CBS Reality Russian Base
308 World Fashion Channel HD English Extra
310 Jivi Russian Base
311 Luxury HD Russian Premium
312 Dicyi Russian Base
313 Dicaia Ohota HD Russian Extra
314 Dicaia Ribalca HD Russian Extra
315 The Fishing and Hunting Channel Romanian Base
316 Sarafan TV Russian Base
317 Ohotnic i Ribolov HD Russian Extra
318 Nostalgia Russian Base
320 Avto Plus Russian Extra
321 Drayv Russian Base
323 Travel Mix HD Romanian Extra
324 Fashion TV HD English Extra


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
98 ID HD Russian Premium
99 Animal Planet English, Russian Extra
100 Discovery Science HD English, Russian Premium
101 Discovery Science English, Russian Base
102 DTX HD English, Russian Extra
103 ID English, Russian Extra
104 Discovery Channel English, Russian Base
106 TLC English, Russian Extra
111 Viasat Nature HD Russian Extra
112 Viasat Nature/History HD Russian Premium
113 Animal Planet HD English, Russian Premium
114 Viasat History HD English, Russian Extra
115 Viasat Explore HD Russian Extra
117 Jivaia Planeta Russian Base
118 Moia Planeta Russian Base
119 Nauca 2.0 Russian Base
121 V Mire Jivotnix HD Russian Premium
122 Doctor Russian Extra
123 Eureca HD Russian Extra
124 Nasha Sibir HD Russian Extra
125 Nano HD Russian Extra
126 HD Life Russian Premium


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
50 TV 1000 HD Russian Nase
51 TV 1000 Action HD Russian Base
52 TV 1000 Russcoe Chino HD Russian Base
53 Familia Domashniy Russian Base
54 BOLT TV Russian Base
55 FilmUADrama Ukrainian Base
56 VIP Serial HD Russian Premium
60 Zee TV English Base
61 Vremya:Dalecoe i Blizcoe Russian Base
62 ChinoComedia Russian Base
63 ChinoPremiera HD Russian Base
64 Rodnoe Chino Russian Base
65 ChinoHit Russian Base
66 ChinoMix Russian Extra
69 PRO Gold Romanian Base
70 Dom Chino Russian Base
71 VIP Comedy HD Russian Premium
72 VIP Megahit HD Russian Premium
73 VIP Premiere HD Russian Premium
74 ChinoSeriya Russian Base
75 ChinoSemya Russian Base
76 Mujscoe Chino Russian Base
77 Dom Chino Premium Russian Extra
78 Dom Chino Premium HD Russian Premium
79 Star Cinema HD Russian Base
80 Star Family HD Russian Base
81 ChinoSvidanie Russian Base
82 Nashe Novoe Chino Russian Base
85 Cinema Russian Base


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
150 Duck TV Slovak, Russian Base
151 Duck TV HD Slovak, Russian Extra
152 Disney Channel Romanian Extra
153 Minimax Romanian Base
154 Cartoon Network Romanian, Hungarian , English Base
155 Boomerang Romanian, Hungarian, English Extra
158 Cartoon Network Russian Extra
159 Rijiy Russian Base
160 Gurinel TV HD Romanian Base
161 Carusel TV Russian Base
162 Disney Junior Romanian Extra
163 Mult/Bravo TV Russian Base
164 STS Kids Russian Base
165 Telecanal O! Russian Extra
166 Capitan Fantastica HD Russian Premium
167 Malish Russian Extra


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
200 Noroc TV HD Romanian Start
201 RU TV Moldova Russian
202 Zona M Russian
203 U TV Romanian Start
204 Europa Plus TV Russian Plus
205 La-Minor TV Russian Plus
206 Tezaur Folc TV HD Romanian Start
207 MTV 80s English Plus
208 Favorit TV Romanian Start
209 TNT Music Russian Pro
210 MTV Russian Pro
211 Taraf TV Romanian Start
212 Etno TV Romanian Start
213 MTV 90s English Pro
214 Popas TV Romanian Start
215 Busuioc TV Romanian Start
216 Shanson TV Russian Plus
218 Party Mix HD Romanian Plus
219 Atomic TV Romanian Plus


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
14 BTV HD (Bălți) Russian Base
25 Sor TV (Soroca) Russian Base
29 NTS (Taraclia) Romanian Base
30 TV Prim (Glodeni) Romanian Base
31 Orhei TV HD Romanian Base
32 GRT Gagauz Base
35 Drochia TV Romanian Base
39 Canal Regional (Chișinău) Russian, Romanian Base
40 Elita TV (Rezina) Romanian Base
47 Media TV (Cimișlia) Romanian Base
49 ATV (Comrat) Russian Base


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
350 Alfa Omega TV Romanian Start
351 CNL Russian Start
352 Soyuz Russian Start
353 Trinitas TV Romanian Start
356 Speranța TV Romanian Start


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
250 România TV Romanian Start
251 Kanal D2 HD Romanian Start
252 UA TV Ukrainian Start
256 RTVi Russian Plus
257 Inter+ Ukrainian Start
258 Mir TV Russian Start
259 TV5Monde Europe HD French Start
262 Deutsche Welle HD English Start
264 Deutsche Welle German Start
269 Belarus 24 Bielorusian Start
275 Mir HD Russian Start
276 Nastoyasthee Vremya HD Russian Start
277 A7 TV HD Russian Plus


EPG Number Channel name Language(s) Package
451 Barely Legal TV English Pro
452 Redlight HD English Pro
454 Private TV HD English Pro
457 Blue Hustler English Pro
458 Hustler HD English Pro