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Archive:List of channels on Comcast Philadelphia(December 2009)

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Channel number Logo Channel name Affiliate Owner/parent company
2 TBS 2004.png TBS TimeWarner
3 KYW 2003.svg KYW CBS CBS Corporation
4 CNN 1984.svg CNN TimeWarner
5 USA Network 2005.svg USA Network NBCUniversal
6 6abc.png WPVI ABC American Broadcasting Companies
8 Comcast Network.png Comcast Network Comcast
9 Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia.png Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia Comcast
10 WCAU 1995.svg WCAU NBC NBCUniversal
11 QVC 2010.svg QVC Liberty Media
12 WHYY 2000.png WHYY PBS WHYY Inc.
13 MTV 2002.svg MTV Viacom
14 AMC 2002.svg AMC Rainbow Media
15 WTXF 2007.svg WTXF FOX News Corporation
16 WPSG 2006.png WPSG The CW CBS Corporation
17 Myphl17.png WPHL MyNetworkTV Tribune Broadcasting
18 WMCN44.png WMCN Lenfest Broadcasting
19 Discovery Channel 2009.svg Discovery Channel Discovery Communications
20 TLC 3D.png TLC Discovery Communications
21 BET 2005.png BET Viacom
22 E! 1990.svg E! Comcast
23 NJN.png NJN PBS New Jersey Broadcasting Authority
24 A&E.svg A&E A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
25 VH1 2003.svg VH1 Viacom
28 Hallmark Channel.svg Hallmark Channel Crown Media
29 Lifetime 2008.png Lifetime Lifetime Entertainment Services
30 HLN 2008.png HLN TimeWarner
31 HSN 2008.svg HSN Home Shopping Network
32 ABC Family.svg ABC Family American Broadcasting Companies
33 Nickelodeon (2009).svg Nickelodeon Viacom
34 Disney Channel 2002.svg Disney Channel The Walt Disney Company
35 MiND.svg MiND: Media Independence Independence Media
36 TNT 2001.svg TNT TimeWarner
37 WUVP 2006.svg WUVP Univision Univision Communications
38 TCM 2004.svg Turner Classic Movies TimeWarner
39 PBS39.png WLVT PBS Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corporation
40 Comedy Central 2000.svg Comedy Central Viacom
41 Animal Planet 2008.svg Animal Planet Discovery Communications
43 Style Network 1998.svg Style Comcast
45 FX 2008.png FX News Corporation
46 Fox News Channel 2002.svg Fox News Channel News Corporation
48 TBN 1992.png WGTW TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network
49 TV One 2006.png TV One Comcast/Radio One
50 TUTV Temple University
51 WBPH 2001.svg WBPH Sonshine Family TV
52 PSTV School District of Philadelphia
53 CCPTV Community College of Philadelphia
54 Drexel University TV Drexel University
55 WFMZ.png WFMZ Maranatha Broadcasting Company
56 LaSalle TV LaSalle University
57 GSN.svg GSN Sony Pictures Entertainment/DirecTV
58 Syfy 2009.svg Syfy NBCUniversal
59 ESPN 2.svg ESPN2 ESPN Inc.
61 ION Television.png WPPX ION ION Media Networks
62 WWSI.png WWSI Telemundo ZGS Communications
63 Government Access
64 PhilaGOVtv City of Philadelphia
66 PhillyCAM Philadelphia Community Access Media
67 TV Land 2009.png TV Land Viacom
68 WTVE 1986.png WTVE WRNN-TV Associates
69 Versus.svg Versus Comcast
71 Speed logo.png Speed Channel News Corporation
72 Bravo.png Bravo NBCUniversal
73 Food Network 2003.svg Food Network Scripps Networks
75 EWTN.svg EWTN Eternal Word Television Network
76 History 2008.svg History A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
77 HGTV 1994.svg HGTV Scripps Networks
78 C-SPAN 1991.svg C-SPAN National Cable Satellite Corporation
79 MSNBC 2009.svg MSNBC NBCUniversal
80 CNBC.svg CNBC NBCUniversal
81 TruTV 2008.png TruTV TimeWarner
82 The Weather Channel 2005.png The Weather Channel NBCUniversal/Bain Capital/Blackstone Group
83 Cartoon Network 2008.svg Cartoon Network TimeWarner
84 Golf Channel 2008.png Golf Channel Comcast
85 Spike 2006.svg Spike Viacom
89 ShopNBC 2000.svg ShopNBC NBCUniversal
94 TV Guide Network.png TV Guide Network Lionsgate
100 TV Guide Network.png TV Guide Network Lionsgate
101 Weatherscan logo 2005.png Weatherscan NBCUniversal/Bain Capital/Blackstone Group
102 ESPNews.png ESPNEWS ESPN Inc.
103 Bloomberg 2004.svg Bloomberg Television Bloomberg L.P.
104 C-SPAN 2 1991.svg C-SPAN2 National Cable Satellite Corporation
105 C-SPAN 3 2001.svg C-SPAN3 National Cable Satellite Corporation
106 Fox Business 2007.svg Fox Business Network News Corporation
107 Current TV.svg Current TV Al Gore/Joel Hyatt
108 Nat Geo Wild Old.svg Nat Geo Wild National Geographic Society/News Corporation
109 National Geographic Channel.svg National Geographic Channel National Geographic Society/News Corporation
110 Science Channel.png Science Channel Discovery Communications
111 Investigation Discovery 2009.png Investigation Discovery Discovery Communications
112 Military Channel.svg Military Channel Discovery Communications
113 Planet Green.png Planet Green Discovery Communications
114 BBC America 1998.svg BBC America BBC Worldwide/Discovery Communications
115 Bio.svg The Biography Channel A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
116 History International 2008.png History International A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
117 WE.png WEtv Rainbow Media
118 Style Network 1998.svg Style Comcast
119 Lifetime Movie Network 2009.png Lifetime Movie Network Lifetime Entertainment Services
120 Soapnet 2007.svg SoapNet American Broadcasting Companies
121 DIY Network.svg DIY Network Scripps Networks
122 Cooking Channel.svg Cooking Channel Scripps Networks
123 Oxygen logo 2008.svg Oxygen NBCUniversal
126 Cartoon Network 2008.svg Cartoon Network TimeWarner
128 Sprout 2005.png PBS Kids Sprout Comcast/PBS/Sesame Workshop/Apax Partners
129 Nicktoons 2010.svg Nicktoons Viacom
130 Discovery Kids 2002.svg Discovery Kids Discovery Communications
131 Nick Jr. 2009.svg Nick Jr. Viacom
132 Nick 2 2009.svg Nick2 Viacom
133 TeenNick 2009.png TeenNick Viacom
134 Encore Wam.png Encore Wam Starz Entertainment LLC
135 Disney XD 2009.svg Disney XD The Walt Disney Company
137 Hallmark Channel.svg Hallmark Channel Crown Media
138 AMC 2002.svg AMC Rainbow Media
139 MTV Hits 2002.png MTV Hits Viacom
140 MTV2.svg MTV2 Viacom
141 MTV Tr3s.svg MTV Tr3s Viacom
142 MTV Jams.png MTV Jams Viacom
143 VH1 Classic 2007.png VH1 Classic Viacom
144 VH1 Soul.png VH1 Soul Viacom
145 CMT Pure Country.svg CMT Pure Country Viacom
146 CMT.svg CMT Viacom
147 GAC 2005.svg Great American Country Scripps Networks
148 Fuse 2008.png Fuse Rainbow Media
149 Movieplex 2006.svg Movieplex Starz Entertainment LLC
150 Encore 2005.png Encore Starz Entertainment LLC
152 Encore Action.png Encore Action Starz Entertainment LLC
154 Encore Mystery.png Encore Mystery Starz Entertainment LLC
156 Encore Love.png Encore Love Starz Entertainment LLC
158 Encore Drama.png Encore Drama Starz Entertainment LLC
159 Crime & Investigation Network.svg Crime and Investigation Network A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
160 Encore Westerns.png Encore Westerns Starz Entertainment LLC
162 G4.svg G4 Comcast
163 Logo 2005.png Logo Viacom
164 IFC 2001.svg Independent Film Channel Rainbow Media
167 Indieplex.svg Indieplex Starz Entertainment LLC
168 Retroplex.svg Retroplex Starz Entertainment LLC
170 FLiX.svg Flix CBS Corporation
171 BBC World News 2008.svg BBC World News British Broadcasting Corporation
172 Fox Movie Channel 2007.png Fox Movie Channel News Corporation
173 TV One 2006.png TV One Comcast/Radio One
174 Centric 2009.png Centric Viacom
178 Military History 2008.svg Military History A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
179 GSN.svg GSN Sony Pictures Entertainment/DirecTV
181 FitTV.png FitTV Discovery Communications
182 Discovery Health 2008.svg Discovery Health Discovery Communications
248 NBC Plus.png WCAU-DT-2 NBC Plus NBCUniversal
250 This.png WPHL-DT-2 ThisTV Tribune Broadcasting
251 Telefutura.png WFPA-CA Telefutura Univision Communications
261 NJN.png NJN PBS New Jersey Broadcasting Authority
283 ShopNBC 2000.svg ShopNBC NBCUniversal
300 HBO HD 2008.svg HBO HD TimeWarner
301 HBO 1980.png HBO (east) TimeWarner
302 HBO 2 2002.svg HBO2 TimeWarner
303 HBO Signature.svg HBO Signature TimeWarner
304 HBO Family.png HBO Family TimeWarner
305 HBO Comedy 2000.png HBO Comedy TimeWarner
306 HBO 1980.png HBO (west) TimeWarner
310 HBO Zone 2000.png HBO Zone TimeWarner
311 HBO Latino.png HBO Latino TimeWarner
319 Max HD 2008.png Cinemax HD TimeWarner
320 Cinemax 2008.png Cinemax (east) TimeWarner
321 Moremax 2008.png Moremax TimeWarner
322 Cinemax 2008.png Cinemax (west) TimeWarner
324 Actionmax 2008.png Actionmax TimeWarner
325 Thrillermax 2008.png Thrillermax TimeWarner
327 WMax 2008.png Wmax TimeWarner
328 @max 2008.png @max TimeWarner
339 5starmax 2008.png 5starmax TimeWarner
330 Outermax 2008.png Outermax TimeWarner
341 SHO HD.png Showtime HD CBS Corporation
340 Showtime.svg Showtime CBS Corporation
341 Showtime 2.svg Showtime 2 CBS Corporation
342 Showcase US.svg Showcase CBS Corporation
346 Showtime Beyond.png Showtime Beyond CBS Corporation
347 Showtime Extreme 2001.png Showtime Extreme CBS Corporation
350 The Movie Channel US.svg The Movie Channel CBS Corporation
352 The Movie Channel Xtra 2006.png The Movie Channel Xtra CBS Corporation
369 Starz HD 2008.png Starz HD Starz Entertainment LLC
370 Starz 2008.png Starz Starz Entertainment LLC
371 Starz Edge.png Starz Edge Starz Entertainment LLC
372 Starz inBlack.png Starz In Black Starz Entertainment LLC
373 Starz Kids and Family 2008.png Starz Kids and Family Starz Entertainment LLC
374 Starz Cinema 2008.png Starz Cinema Starz Entertainment LLC
375 Starz Comedy 2008.png Starz Comedy Starz Entertainment LLC
401-448 Music Choice.png Music Choice Music Choice LLC
602 CNN en Español 1997.svg CNN en Espanol TimeWarner
605 MTV Tr3s.svg MTV Tr3s Viacom
607 Disney XD 2009.svg Disney XD The Walt Disney Company
790 Live Well 2009.gif WPVI-DT-2 Live Well American Broadcasting Companies
791 WTVE 1986.png WTVE-DT WRNN-TV Associates
792 WFMZ.png WFMZ-DT Maranatha Broadcasting Company
793 PBS39.png WLVT-DT PBS Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corporation
794 WMCN44.png WMCN-DT Lenfest Broadcasting
795 WUVP 2006.svg WUVP-DT Univision Univision Communications
796 WWSI.png WWSI-DT Telemundo ZGS Communications
797 Telefutura.png WFPA-CA Telefutura Univision Communications
799 ION Television.png WPPX-DT ION ION Media Networks
800 NJN.png NJN HD PBS New Jersey Broadcasting Authority
803 KYW 2003.svg KYW-DT CBS CBS Corporation
804 HSN 2008.svg HSN Home Shopping Network
805 WTXF 2007.svg WTXF-DT FOX News Corporation
806 6abc.png WPVI-DT ABC American Broadcasting Companies
807 Myphl17.png WPHL MyNetworkTV Tribune Broadcasting
808 QVC 2010.svg QVC HD Liberty Media
810 TEN.png WCAU-DT NBC NBCUniversal
811 WPSG 2006.png WPSG-DT The CW CBS Corporation
812 WHYY 2000.png WHYY-DT PBS WHYY Inc.
817 CNN HD Old.png CNN HD TimeWarner
820 Fox News HD.png Fox News HD News Corporation
822 Universal HD.png Universal HD NBCUniversal
823 USA Network HD.svg USA Network HD NBCUniversal
824 FX HD 2008.svg FX HD News Corporation
825 TNT in HD.png TNT HD TimeWarner
826 TBS in HD.svg TBS HD TimeWarner
827 Spike HD.png Spike HD Viacom
828 Comedy Central HD 2009.png Comedy Central HD Viacom
829 Syfy HD 2010.svg Syfy HD NBCUniversal
833 E! HD.png E! HD Comcast
834 Style HD.png Style HD Comcast
838 HGTV HD.png HGTV HD Scripps Networks
839 FOOD NETWORK HD.png Food Network HD Scripps Networks
848 Versus HD.png Versus HD Comcast
849 Golf HD.png Golf Channel HD Comcast
857 Speed HD.png Speed HD News Corporation
867 G4 HD.png G4 HD Comcast
868 Animal Planet HD 2008.svg Animal Planet HD Discovery Communications
869 Discovery HD 2009.png Discovery HD Discovery Communications
870 HD Theater 2007.png HD Theater Discovery Communications
871 National Geographic Channel HD.svg National Geographic Channel HD National Geographic Society/News Corporation
872 Science Channel HD.png Science Channel HD Discovery Communications
873 Planet Green HD.png Planet Green HD Discovery Communications
874 BioHD.png The Biography Channel HD A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
875 History HD Old.svg History HD A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
876 HI HD.png History International HD A&E Networks (ABC/Hearst/NBC)
877 Disney XD HD 2010.svg Disney XD HD The Walt Disney Company
878 Cartoon Network HD 2007.png Cartoon Network HD TimeWarner
879 Nickelodeon HD 2009.svg Nickelodeon HD Viacom
880 Disney Channel HD 2008.png Disney Channel HD The Walt Disney Company
882 Palladia.png Palladia HD Viacom
883 CMT HD.png CMT HD Viacom
884 MTV HD Old.png MTV HD Viacom
886 VH1 HD 2007.png VH1 HD Viacom
891 Encore HD 2009.png Encore HD Starz Entertainment LLC
892 MGM HD 2009.svg MGM HD MGM Holdings
893 IFC HD.png IFC HD Rainbow Media