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List of Cablentertainment channels (Zanesville, June 1980)

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Parent Page: List of Retro Cable lineups in the United States

Cablentertainment customers in Zanesville, Ohio had access to 12 channels in June of 1980. Cablentertainment was later absorbed into and bought out by Adelphia. After Adelphia filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2006, the franchise was sold to Time Warner Cable, which operates today as Charter Spectrum. (Source: TVTV.us)


  • CALL — The call letters of an over-the-air television station in bold text.
  • CABLE — Cable channels in regular text.
  •  ##  — Over-the-air channel number for stations within the Zanesville television market, according to current laws by the FCC and mapping of markets by Nielsen Media Research. Also, some stations may service areas outside of the television market as well.
  •  ##  — Over-the-air channel number for distant out-of-market stations, including regional and national "superstations", according to current laws by the FCC and mapping of markets by Nielsen Media Research.
  • Network affiliated stations will have the network's logo (of the corresponding era) next to them and independent stations are unmarked.


The Zanesville market consists of a single county, Muskingum County, Ohio with its market hub in bold text, though it is also surrounded by the Columbus television market:

  • Cities: Dillon Hills, Dresden, Duncan Hills, Licking View, New Concord, North Zanesville, Pleasant Grove, South Zanesville, Wesley and Zanesville


Source: Newspapers.com (Paid Subscription to "Publisher Extra" Required)
CH# Name Notes/Today
2 1979 NBC logo.svg  18  WHIZ-TV Zanesville Currently a combination NBC, Fox and MyNetworkTV affiliate
(Owned by Marquee Broadcasting, it is the only full-power commercial television station in the market)
3 Time/Temperature Defunct, likely a teletext channel displaying time and temperature
(Predating the launch of The Weather Channel by almost two years)
4 1979 NBC logo.svg  4  WCMH-TV Columbus Then and now, still an NBC affiliate, now owned by Nexstar Media Group
(Once was network owned-and-operated from 1996 to 2006)
5 Home Box Office A premium subscription network, still operates today by its acronym HBO, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery
(Home Box Office is still used as the network's legal corporate name)
6 American Broadcasting Company Logo.svg  6  WTVN-TV Columbus Currently a combination ABC, MyNetworkTV and Fox affiliate as WSYX, owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
(Sinclair through WSYX also operates TBD affiliate WTTE owned by Cunningham Broadcasting and CW affiliate WWHO owned by Manhan Media)
7 CBS Eyemark.svg  7  WTRF-TV Wheeling, WV Currently a combination CBS, MyNetworkTV and ABC affiliate, owned by Nexstar Media Group
8 CBN At the time owned by the Christian Broadcasting Network, a predecessor to what is now Freeform,
owned by The Walt Disney Company
9 SPN Short for Satellite Program Network, sold to NBC and relaunched as CNBC in 1989
10 CBS Eyemark.svg  10  WBNS-TV Columbus Then and now, still a CBS affiliate today, owned by Tegna
11 PBS 1971 Logo Only.svg  20  WOUB-TV Athens Chosen over its in-market satellite WOUC-TV Channel 44 in Cambridge, both owned by Ohio University
12 PBS 1971 Logo Only.svg  34  WOSU-TV Columbus Still a PBS member station, then and now, still owned and operated by Ohio State University
13  17  WTBS Atlanta, GA The direct OTA feed at the time, now as WPCH-TV (now a CW affiliate), owned by Gray Television
(Both the station and the TBS network (short for Turner Broadcasting System), were separated from each other in 2007, TBS today,
is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, Gray also owns and operates CBS affiliate  46  WANF and Telemundo affiliate  47  WKTB-CD)