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List of Cox channels (Franklin, Louisiana, July 2004)

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Cox Communications customers in Franklin, Louisiana had access to the channels listed below in July 2004.

Source: Newspapers.com (Paid subscription to "Publisher Extra" may be required for some sections)
Channel # Logo Network Notes
2 WBRZ 2002.svg WBRZ Ch. 2 (ABC) Baton Rouge
3 KATC 1998.png KATC Ch. 3 (ABC) Lafayette
4 KADN 1997.png KADN Ch. 15 (Fox) Lafayette
5 WVLA 2002.png WVLA Ch. 33 (NBC) Baton Rouge
6 WGMB 2000.png WGMB Ch. 44 (Fox) Baton Rouge
7 QVC 1993.svg QVC
8 CNN 1984.svg CNN
9 WAFB 1995.svg WAFB Ch. 9 (CBS) Baton Rouge
10 KLFY 1998.png KLFY Ch. 10 (CBS) Lafayette
11 ESPN.svg ESPN
12 Louisiana Public Broadcasting 2002.png WLPB Ch. 27 (PBS) Baton Rouge
13 KWBJ.png KWBJ-LP Ch. 39 (The WB) Morgan City-Houma
14 WWL 2003.svg WWL Ch. 4 (CBS) New Orleans
15 PAX.svg Pax TV
16 The Weather Channel 1996.png The Weather Channel
17 Fox Sports Net Southwest 1999.png Fox Sports Net Southwest
18 TBS 2004.png TBS
19 EWTN 2006.png EWTN
20 HSN 2000.svg HSN
21 Great American Country 1995.svg Great American Country
22 CNN Headline News.svg CNN Headline News
23 TV Guide 2004.png TV Guide Channel
24 Lifetime 1994.svg Lifetime
25 Discovery Channel 2001.svg Discovery Channel
26 BET Old.svg BET
27 USA Network 2002.svg USA Network
28 TNT Old.svg TNT
29 FX 1997.svg FX
30 Spike TV 2003.png Spike TV
31 Nickelodeon Old.svg Nickelodeon
Nick@Nite 2002.svg Nick at Nite
32 TLC 1998.svg TLC
33 VH1 2003.svg VH1
34 A&E 1995.svg A&E
35 Disney Channel 2002.svg Disney Channel
36 ESPN 2.svg ESPN2
37 TBN 1992.png TBN
38 TV Land 2001.svg TV Land
39 Fox News Channel 2002.svg Fox News Channel
40 ABC Family.svg ABC Family
41 Animal Planet 1996.svg Animal Planet
42 Speed Channel.png Speed Channel
43 CNBC.svg CNBC
44 Discovery Health USA 2001.png Discovery Health Channel
45 E! 1990.svg E!
46 MSNBC 2000.svg MSNBC
47 Food Network 2003.svg Food Network
48 OLN 2003.svg Outdoor Life Network
49 Cox Sports Television 2002.svg Cox Sports Television
50 HBO Flat.svg HBO (East)
51 Cinemax 2005.svg Cinemax (East)
52 Black Starz!.png Black Starz!
53 Showtime.svg Showtime
54 The Movie Channel 2001.png The Movie Channel
55 Starz! 1994.svg Starz!
56 Encore 1999.png Encore
57 C-SPAN 1991.svg C-SPAN
58 In Demand 1999.svg iN DEMAND 1
59 iN DEMAND 2
60 iN DEMAND 3
61 Superstation WGN.png Superstation WGN
62 KAJN.png KAJN Ch. 40 (Ind.) Baton Rouge
63 AMC 2002.svg AMC
64 Bravo 1991.svg Bravo
65 Sci-Fi 2002.svg Sci Fi
66 The History Channel.svg The History Channel
67 Cartoon Network 2008.svg Cartoon Network
Adult Swim.svg Adult Swim
68 Travel Channel 2002.png Travel Channel
69 Comedy Central 2000.svg Comedy Central
70 The Outdoor Channel.png The Outdoor Channel
71 HGTV 1994.svg HGTV
72 MOVIEplex.png MoviePlex
73 C-SPAN 2 1991.svg C-SPAN 2
74 MTV 2002.svg MTV
98 Bulletin Board
100 Discovery Kids 2002.svg Discovery Kids
101 The Science Channel.png The Science Channel
102 Discovery en Español 2000.png Discovery en Español
103 Discovery Home.png Discovery Home
104 Discovery Times 2003.png Discovery Times
106 Discovery Wings Channel.png Discovery Wings
110 Noggin.svg Noggin
The N 2002.png The N
117 BBC America 1998.svg BBC America
120 The Golf Channel.png The Golf Channel
121 ESPNews.png ESPNews
122 ESPN Classic 2003.svg ESPN Classic
123 NBA TV 2003.svg NBA TV
124 Fox Sports World.jpg Fox Sports World
125 Tennis Channel 2004.png Tennis Channel
128 TVG 1999.png TVG
139 CNNfn.svg CNNfn
140 Bloomberg Television 1998.png Bloomberg Television
145 G4TechTV 2004.svg G4TechTV
147 FamilyNet 2000s.png FamilyNet
148 I-Life TV 2004.png Inspirational Life Television
149 TBN 1992.png TBN
150 The Biography Channel.svg The Biography Channel
151 History International 2001.png History International
155 National Geographic Channel.svg National Geographic Channel
160 Fuse 2003.png Fuse
168 Boomerang 2000.svg Boomerang
169 Toon Disney 2001.svg Toon Disney
170 Soapnet 2002.svg SoapNet
174 Style Network 1998.svg Style Network
177 GSN 2004.svg Game Show Network
186 Hallmark Channel.svg Hallmark Channel
188 BET Jazz.png BET Jazz
190 Nicktoons US 2004.svg Nicktoons
191 Nick GaS.svg Nick GaS: Games and Sports for Kids
193 MTV Hits 2002.png MTV Hits
195 VH1 Classic.svg VH1 Classic
196 VH1 Mega Hits.png VH1 Mega Hits
197 VH1 Country.png VH1 Country
300 Encore 1999.png Encore
301 Westerns.png Westerns
302 Love Stories.png Love Stories
303 Mystery.png Mystery
304 True Stories.png True Stories
305 Action 2002.png Action
306 WAM!.png WAM!: America's Kids Network
307 Sundance 2001.png Sundance Channel
308 IFC 2001.svg IFC
310 Turner Classic Movies 1994.svg Turner Classic Movies
311 Lifetime Movie Network 2002.svg Lifetime Movie Network
320 Starz! 1994.svg Starz!
321 Starz! Theater 2000.png Starz! Theater
322 Black Starz!.png Black Starz!
323 Starz! Family 2000.png Starz! Family
324 Starz! Cinema 2000.png Starz! Cinema
325 Starz Kids.png Starz! Kids
340 HBO Flat.svg HBO (East)
341 HBO 2 2002.svg HBO2 (East)
342 HBO Signature.svg HBO Signature
343 HBO Family.png HBO Family
344 HBO Comedy 2000.png HBO Comedy
345 HBO Zone 2000.png HBO Zone
346 HBO Latino.png HBO Latino (East)
350 HBO Flat.svg HBO (West)
351 HBO 2 2002.svg HBO2 (West)
354 HBO Latino.png HBO Latino (West)
360 Cinemax 2005.svg Cinemax (East)
361 MoreMax.png MoreMax
362 ActionMax.png ActionMax
363 ThrillerMax logo.png ThrillerMax
364 WMax 2001.png WMax
365 5StarMax.png 5StarMax
366 OuterMax.png OuterMax
367 @Max 2001.svg @Max
370 Cinemax 2005.svg Cinemax (West)
380 Showtime.svg Showtime
381 Showtime Too.svg Showtime Too
382 Showcase US.svg Showcase
383 Showtime Extreme 2001.png Showtime Extreme
384 Showtime Beyond.png Showtime Beyond
390 The Movie Channel 2001.png The Movie Channel
391 TMC Xtra 2002.png The Movie Channel Xtra
393 FLiX.svg Flix
600 ESPN Now Barker
601-605 ESPN GamePlan 1999.svg ESPN GamePlan
649 NBA TV 2003.svg NBA TV
650 NBATV.com Barker
651-661 NBA League Pass old.svg NBA League Pass
670-679 MLB Extra Innings 2002.svgNHL Center Ice 2000.svg MLB Extra Innings/NHL Center Ice
734 Discovery HD Theater 2002.svg Discovery HD Theater
736 In Demand 1999.svg INHD 1
738 INHD 2
742 Showtime HD.svg Showtime HD
750 Spice.png Spice
751 Playboy TV 1989.svg Playboy TV
752 Hot Network
800 In Demand 1999.svg iN DEMAND Barker A
801-830 iN DEMAND
901 Music Choice.png Music Choice: Showcase
902 Music Choice: Today's Country
903 Music Choice: Classic Country
904 Music Choice: Americana
905 Music Choice: Bluegrass
906 Music Choice: R&B and Hip Hop
907 Music Choice: Classic R&B
908 Music Choice: Smooth R&B
909 Music Choice: Rap
910 Music Choice: Metal
911 Music Choice: Rock
912 Music Choice: Power Rock
913 Music Choice: Classic Rock
914 Music Choice: Alternative Rock
915 Music Choice: Electronica
916 Music Choice: Dance
917 Music Choice: Progressive
918 Music Choice: Soft Rock
919 Music Choice: Hit List
920 Music Choice: Party Favorites
921 Music Choice: 80's
922 Music Choice: New Wave
923 Music Choice: 70's
924 Music Choice: Solid Gold Oldies
925 Music Choice: Singers & Standards
926 Music Choice: Big Band & Swing
927 Music Choice: Easy Listening
928 Music Choice: Smooth Jazz
929 Music Choice: Jazz
930 Music Choice: Blues
931 Music Choice: Reggae
932 Music Choice: Soundscapes
933 Music Choice: Classic Masterpieces
934 Music Choice: Opera
935 Music Choice: Light Classical
936 Music Choice: Show Tunes
937 Music Choice: Contemporary Christian
938 Music Choice: Gospel
939 Music Choice: For Kids Only
940 Music Choice: Sounds of the Seasons
941 Music Choice: Musica Latina
942 Music Choice: Salsa Merengue
943 Music Choice: Rock en Espanol
944 Music Choice: Latin Love Songs
945 Music Choice: Mexicana