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List of Jones Intercable channels (Naperville, December 1988)

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Jones Intercable customers in Naperville, Illinois had access to the channels listed below in December of 1988. Today, Naperville's cable television services are handled by Comcast through Xfinity.

Source: YouTube
CH# Name Notes/Today
2 WBBM Ch. 2 (CBS) Chicago A CBS network owned-and-operated station, owned by ViacomCBS
5 WMAQ Ch. 5 (NBC) Chicago An NBC network owned-and-operated station, owned by NBCUniversal and sister to Telemundo O&O WSNS
7 WLS Ch. 7 (ABC) Chicago An ABC network owned-and-operated station, owned by The Walt Disney Company
8 ESPN Owned as a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company
9 WGN Ch. 9 (Independent) Chicago Would later become a charter affiliate of The WB and then The CW, now an independent once again
10 Turner Network Television (TNT) Programming shifted from mostly classic movies towards drama movies and shows over the years with sporting events featured as well
11 WTTW Ch. 11 (PBS) Chicago The primary of two PBS member stations in the Chicago market, the other station, being WYIN in Gary, Indiana, also WTTW is sister to FNX affiliate WYCC
12 Cable News Network CNN in Atlanta, an American multinational news channel
13 Music Television (MTV) Owned by ViacomCBS, it has shifted from strictly music and music videos in its early years to a mix of music, reality shows and dramas in recent years
16 WGBO Ch. 66 (Independent) Joliet Would become Chicago's Univision network owned-and-operated station starting in August of 1994, and later sister to UniMás O&O WXFT
(WGBO continued to run English language programming while it waited for the network's contract with WCIU to expire, which wasn't until January 1, 1995)
18 WCFC Ch. 38 (Independent) Chicago Once a religious independent, now an Ion network owned-and-operated station as WCPX, owned by The E.W. Scripps Company
19 Financial News Network (FNN) Financial, consumer and business news and stocks, sold to NBC and absorbed/integrated into CNBC in 1991
FNN Score Sports programming from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am (Eastern Time) Weeknights (1985-1998) and 12:00 pm to 1:00 am on Weekends (1988-1991), shut down with NBC's integration of FNN into CNBC in 1991
20 WYCC Ch. 20 (PBS) Chicago WYCC disaffiliated from PBS in 2017, subsequently went dark, before returning to the air as an FNX affiliate, sister to PBS station WTTW
21 Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Once a channel focused on arts and history, the channel has shifted significantly towards reality shows, dramas and documentaries
22 American Movie Classics Today operates only by the acronym AMC, shifted from originally exclusively classic movies (as a pay channel) towards movies, shows and originally programming (as a general cable channel)
24 WSNS Ch. 44 (Univision) Chicago WSNS today operates as a Telemundo network owned-and-operated station, owned by NBCUniversal and sister to NBC O&O WMAQ
(Only a part-time affiliate at the time, Univision programming would return to WCIU in 1989 before landing on present-day network owned-and-operated WGBO starting in 1995)
26 WCIU Ch. 26 (Independent) Chicago Now the Chicago's market modern-day CW network affiliate
(At the time, WCIU was also a part-time Telemundo affiliate, before programming moved to modern-day O&O WSNS)
28 WTBS Ch. 17 (Independent) Atlanta, Georgia Both the station and the cable network were separated from each other in 2007, with the station operating today as WPCH-TV, owned by Gray Television
29 WWOR Ch. 9 (Independent) Secaucus, New Jersey Now a MyNetworkTV O&O, owned by Fox Television Stations in a duopoly with Fox network flagship WNYW in New York City
(WWOR and WNYW are also sister stations to Fox O&O WFLD and MyNetworkTV O&O WPWR)
30 WPWR Ch. 50 (Independent) Gary, Indiana Later a UPN affiliate, now a MyNetworkTV owned-and-operated station, owned by Fox Television Stations, sister to Fox O&O WFLD
31 The Weather Channel Weather forecasting and science and in recent years, weather related shows and documentaries as well
32 WFLD Ch. 32 (Fox) Chicago A Fox network owned-and-operated station, owned by Fox Television Stations, sister to MyNetworkTV O&O WPWR
34 Home Box Office Still operates today by its acronym HBO, Home Box Office (owned today by WarnerMedia) is still used as the network's legal corporate name
35 Cinemax Sister network to HBO, owned by WarnerMedia
36 Showtime A premium subscription channel with movies, shows, documentaries and sporting events, owned by ViacomCBS
37 The Movie Channel Sister network to Showtime, owned by ViacomCBS
38 The Disney Channel Originally a premium pay subscription channel, Disney is now a general cable channel
39 Bravo Originally focused on film and performing arts (as a premium pay subscription channel), the channel has shifted towards lifestyle and reality shows as well as
programming themed around the LGBTQ community (as a general cable channel)
40 The CBN Family Channel Spun off by the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1990 and renamed The Family Channel, and then sold to Fox becoming Fox Family in 1998 and
then resold to The Walt Disney Company and renamed ABC Family in 2001 and rebranded and relaunched as Freeform in 2016
41 Nickelodeon Programming then and now, still consists of programming towards children and teenagers up to 18 years of age
Nick at Nite Programming initially consisted of 1950s and 1960s shows but shows from later decades added in the years and decades since
43 Lifetime Programming geared towards women and women in lead roles of movies and shows
44 C-SPAN A channel entirely focused on government and public affairs
45 C-SPAN2 A channel entirely focused on government and public affairs
48 Request Television A defunct pay-per-view channel, replaced by iN DEMAND
56 Black Entertainment Television Then and now, still carries programming heavily targeting African-American audiences, though it nowadays goes only by the acronym BET