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List of Wyandotte Municipal Cable System channels (January 1998)

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Wyandotte Municipal Cable System provided customers in Wyandotte, Michigan with the channels listed below in January 1998. Wyandotte Municipal Cable System now operates as Wyandotte Connex.



  • CON: Converter
  • BAS: Basic/no converter


Source: Facebook
CON BAS Name Notes
2 2 WJBK Ch. 2 (Fox) Detroit Still a Fox network owned-and-operated station, owned by Fox Television Stations
3 3 ESPN Owned as a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company
4 4 WDIV Ch. 4 (NBC) Detroit Still an NBC affiliate
5 5 WKBD Ch. 50 (UPN) Detroit Then a UPN, now CW network O&O, owned by Paramount Global, sister to CBS O&O WWJ-TV
6 6 The Weather Channel Weather forecasting and science and in recent years, weather related shows and documentaries as well
7 7 WXYZ Ch. 7 (ABC) Detroit Still an ABC affiliate, sister to independent station WMYD (the former WDWB)
8 8 WDWB Ch. 20 (WB) Detroit Now an independent station as WMYD, sister to ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV
9 9 CBET Ch. 9 (CBC) Windsor, Ontario, Canada Then and now, still, a CBC network O&O
10 10 Cable News Network CNN in Atlanta, an American multinational news channel
11 11 Prevue Channel Today operates as Pop, a general entertainment channel, focusing primarily on programs pertaining to popular culture
(The scrolling guides for which the network was legendary for were phased out over the years, at least on the network)
12 12 WTVS Ch. 56 (PBS) Detroit Still a PBS member station
13 Pay-Per-View Likely now operating as iN DEMAND
14 14 Home & Garden Television Now known simply as HGTV, features programming focused entirely on home improvement, do-it-yourself and gardening
15 15 CICO Ch. 32 (TVOntario) Windsor, Ontario, Canada A repeat transmitter of CICA in Toronto, as CICO-DT-32, now on channel 19
(TVOntario programming is no longer available on cable in Wyandotte)
16 16 WGTE Ch. 30 (PBS) Toledo, Ohio Still a PBS member station
17 17 Nickelodeon Programming then and now, still consists of programming towards children and teenagers up to 18 years of age
Nick at Nite Programming initially consisted of 1950s and 1960s shows but shows from later decades added in the years and decades since
18 18 The Family Channel Sold to Fox becoming Fox Family later that year and then resold to The Walt Disney Company and
renamed ABC Family in 2001 and rebranded and relaunched as Freeform in 2016
19 19 The History Channel Originally focused on history-based documentaries, The History Channel (now known simply as History) shifted focus significantly towards
reality television programming by the late 2000s
20 20 City/Municipal Access A local cable access channel focused heavily on local and state government affairs, now operating as City Government Channel 16
21 21 Public Access A local cable access channel, now operating as Public Access Channel 15
22 22 Educational Access A local cable access channel with educational programs
23 23 Local Access Defunct
24 24 Advertising Now operating as an Ad/Lease Channel
25 25 Public Service Channel Defunct
26 26 QVC One of America's two major home shopping television networks, the other being HSN
27 27 Home Shopping Network Now known only by the acronym HSN, one of America's two major home shopping networks, the other being QVC
(It is unclear at this time whether the national satellite feed or that of WBSX (now WPXD) in Ann Arbor was used)
28 28 FX Originally carried programming aspiring to the standards of premium cable channels in regard to mature themes and content, high-quality writing, directing and acting,
now a general entertainment channel
29 29 American Movie Classics Today operates only by the acronym AMC, shifted from originally exclusively classic movies (as a pay channel) towards movies, shows and
originally programming (as a general cable channel)
30 30 USA Network Today owned by NBCUniversal
31 31 WTBS Ch. 17 (Independent) Atlanta, Georgia Both the station and the cable network were separated from each other in 2007, with the station operating today as WPCH-TV, owned by Gray Television
32 32 Turner Network Television Programming shifted from mostly classic movies towards drama movies and shows over the years with sporting events featured as well, solely by the acronym TNT
33 33 CNN Headline News Once a companion network to CNN with news headlines, programming has shifted mostly to crime and law oriented shows and documentaries in recent years as HLN
34 Home Box Office Still operates today by its acronym HBO, Home Box Office (owned today by Warner Bros. Discovery) is still used as the network's legal corporate name
35 The Movie Channel Sister network to Showtime, owned by Paramount Global
36 36 Fox Sports Detroit Now operates as Bally Sports Detroit
37 Showtime A premium subscription channel with movies, shows, documentaries and sporting events, owned by Paramount Global
38 Cinemax Sister network to HBO, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery
39 39 The Disney Channel Originally a premium pay subscription channel, Disney is now a general cable channel
40 40 WGN Ch. 9 (WB) Chicago, Illinois The direct feed of the OTA station at the time, its later cable counterpart, WGN America, was rebranded as NewsNation
(Meanwhile, WGN itself would become an independent once again starting in 2016)
41 41 Lifetime Programming geared towards women and women in lead roles of movies and shows
42 42 Video Hits One Owned by Paramount Global, it has shifted from strictly music and music videos in its early years to a mix of music, reality shows and dramas in recent years
43 43 Music Television (MTV) Owned by Paramount Global, like VH1, it too has shifted from strictly music and music videos in its early years to a mix of music, reality shows and dramas in recent years
44 44 C-SPAN A channel entirely focused on government and public affairs
45 45 C-SPAN2 A channel entirely focused on government and public affairs
46 46 Consumer News and Business Channel Still operates today, but only by the acronym CNBC
47 47 The Learning Channel Initially focused on educational and learning content, by this time, the network began to primarily focus towards reality series involving lifestyles, family life,
and personal stories as TLC
48 48 Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Once a channel focused on arts and history, the channel has shifted significantly towards reality shows, dramas and documentaries
49 49 The Discovery Channel Still operates today with a program mix of technology, science, nature and reality, and its name shortened to just Discovery
50 50 The Nashville Network (TNN) A channel once focused on country music and lifestyle, it now operates as a general entertainment channel as Paramount Network
51 51 Court TV A channel focused on law, crime and live court case coverage, shifted towards reality and comedy as truTV starting in 2008
(An unrelated digital broadcast network was launched with the Court TV logo and name in 2019)
52 52 Trinity Broadcasting Network Now operating by the acronym TBN, one of the leading major Christian television networks in America
53 53 Catholic Television Network of Detroit Originally owned by the Archdiocese of Detroit, the network was sold to CatholicTV in 2020, now operating as CatholicTV Detroit
54 1 The Sci-Fi Channel Programming focused primarily around fantasy, horror and science fiction, now as SYFY
57 95 Cartoon Network Originally consisted of cartoons 24 hours a day, the network has occasionally added live-action programming into its lineups as well
60 98 WADL Ch. 38 (Independent) Mount Clemens Now a MyNetworkTV affiliate
61 99 WWJ Ch. 62 (CBS) Detroit Still a CBS network owned-and-operated station, owned by Paramount Global, sister to CW O&O WKBD-TV