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List of analog channels on VTVcab

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VTVcab is a division of Vietnam Television (VTV) providing cable television services nationwide.

Here is the list of analog channels on VTVcab (Hanoi):

# Logo Channel Name Owner
1 HTV7.png HTV7 Ho Chi Minh City Television
2 SCTV Phim Tong Hop.png SCTV Phim Tổng Hợp Saigontourist Cable Television
3 HTV9 HD.png HTV9 Ho Chi Minh City Television
4 Blue Ant Entertainment.png Blue Ant Entertainment Blue Ant Media
5 HTVC Thuan Viet.png HTVC Thuần Việt Ho Chi Minh City Television Cable
6 VTV Hyundai Home Shopping.png VTV Hyundai Home Shopping VTVcab/Hyundai Home Shopping Network
7 HTVC Thuan Viet.png HTVC Thuần Việt Ho Chi Minh City Television Cable
8 VOV TV.png VOV TV VTC Digital Television/Voice of Vietnam
9 Today TV VN.png VTC7 - Today TV VTC Digital Television/IMC Group
10 VNEWS.png VNEWS Vietnam News Agency
11 SCTV4.png SCTV4 Saigontourist Cable Television
12 V Shopping VN.png VTVcab14 - V Shopping VTVcab
13 Vinh Long TV1.png THVL1 Vinh Long Radio & Television
14 VTV8.png VTV8 Vietnam Television
15 GS Shop VN.png VTVcab11 - GS SHOP VTVcab/Vivi Homeshopping/GS Shop
16 VTV1.png VTV1 Vietnam Television
17 VTV2.png VTV2 Vietnam Television
18 VTC1.png VTC1 VTC Digital Television
19 WakuWaku Japan.png Waku Waku Japan Waku Waku Japan
20 VTV4.png VTV4 Vietnam Television
21 Hanoi TV1.png H1 Hanoi Radio & Television
22 Vie Giai Tri VN.png VTVcab1 - Vie Giải Trí VTVcab/Vie Channel Corparation
23 V Family VN.png VTVcab20 - V Family VTVcab/DTT Media
24 Nhan Dan TV.png Nhân Dân Nhan Dan Newspaper
25 Bong Da TV VN.png VTVcab16 - Bóng Đá TV VTVcab
26 E Channel VN.png VTVcab5 - E Channel VTVcab/ADT Media
27 Hay TV VN.png VTVcab6 - Hay TV VTVcab
28 Vie Channel VN.png HTV2 - Vie Channel Ho Chi Minh City Television/Vie Channel Corparation
29 SCTV15.png SCTV15 - S SPORT 2 Saigontourist Cable Television
30 VTV3.png VTV3 Vietnam Television
31 VTC9.png VTC9 VTC Digital Television
32 Style TV VN.png VTVcab12 - Style TV VTVcab/STV Media
33 Phim Viet VN.png VTVcab2 - Phim Việt VTVcab
34 Vie Dramas VN.png VTVcab10 - Vie Dramas VTVcab/Vie Channel Corparation
35 VTVcab4.png VTVcab4 - Phim Đặc Sắc VTVcab
36 The Thao TV VN.png VTVcab3 - Thể Thao TV VTVcab
37 VTV9.png VTV9 Vietnam Television
38 ANTV VN.png ANTV Ministry of Public Security (Vietnam)
39 VTV6.png VTV6 Vietnam Television
40 INFO TV VN.png VTVcab9 - INFO TV VTVcab/STV Media
41 ON Sports VN.png VTC3 - ON Sports VTC Digital Television/VTVcab
42 SCTV9.png SCTV9 - Phim Châu Á Saigontourist Cable Television
43 Film TV VN.png VTVcab19 - Film TV VTVcab
44 BIBI VN.png VTVcab8 - BiBi VTVcab
45 Hollywood Classics.png Hollywood Classics InTheBox TV
46 FX.png FX Walt Disney
47 Yeah1 TV VN.png VTVcab17 - Yeah1 TV VTVcab/Yeah1
48 VTVcab15.png VTVcab15 - Âm Nhạc VTVcab
49 Cartoon Kids VN.png VTVcab21 - Cartoon Kids VTVcab/InTheBox TV
50 FOX.svg FOX Walt Disney
51 Happy Kids.png Happy Kids InTheBox TV
52 QPVN.png QPVN Ministry of Defense (Vietnam)
53 Planet Earth.png Planet Earth InTheBox TV
54 Fox Sports - Logo 2015.png FOX Sports Fox Networks Group Asia/Disney
55 The Thao Tin Tuc HD VN.png VTVcab18 - Thể Thao Tin Tức VTVcab
56 Fox Life 2017.png FOX Life Walt Disney
57 Blue Ant Extreme.png Blue Ant Extreme Blue Ant Media
58 SCJ TV Shopping.png SCTV5 - SCJ TV Shopping Saigontourist Cable Television/CJ O Shopping
59 The Thao Golf VN.png VTVcab23 - Thể Thao Golf VTVcab
60 Cartoon Network.svg Cartoon Network WarnerMedia
61 You TV VN.png Hanoicab2 - You TV Hanoicab/IMC Group
62 SCTV2.png SCTV2 Saigontourist Cable Television
63 Kix.png KIX Celestial Tiger Entertainment
64 Quoc Hoi.png Quốc Hội National Assembbly (Vietnam)
65 SCTV14.png SCTV14 - Kênh Phim Việt Saigontourist Cable Television
66 VTVcab7.png VTVcab7 - Sức Khoẻ & Cuộc Sống VTVcab
67 Box Movie 1.png Box Movie 1 InTheBox TV
68 Fox Movies Asia (Black).png FOX Movies Walt Disney
69 VTV5.png VTV5 Vietnam Television
70 VITV VN.png SCTV8 - VITV Saigontourist Cable Television/VIT
71 An Vien TV VN.png An Viên TV AVG/Binh Duong Radio & Television/VTVcab
72 SCTV6.png SCTV6 Saigontourist Cable Television
73 Hanoi TV2.png H2 Hanoi Radio & Television