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List of channels on BFBS TV (Far East)

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Current BFBS logo

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The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) provides radio and television programmes for Her Majesty's Armed Forces, and their dependents worldwide. Editorial control is independent of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces themselves. It was established by the British War Office (now the Ministry of Defence) in 1943. In 1944, it was managed by Gale Pedrick.

Originally known as the Forces Broadcasting Service (FBS), it was initially under the control of the British Army Welfare Service, with its first effort, the Middle East Broadcasting Unit, with its headquarters in Cairo. Before and after end of the Second World War, various radio stations were set up, some using the FBS name, others using the name British Forces Network (BFN), but by the early 1960s, these had all adopted the BFBS name.

From 1982 until 2020, BFBS formed part of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC), a registered charity, which is also responsible for the British Defence Film Library, SSVC Cinemas (now BFBS Cinemas), and Combined Services Entertainment (CSE; now BFBS Live Events), providing entertainment for HM Forces around the world. In March 2020, most of the properties under the SSVC umbrella were rebranded under the new BFBS and Forces brandings. On 23 July 2020, SSVC was renamed BFBS.[5][6] BFBS does not carry commercial advertising.

BFBS Television

BFBS Television started in Celle, near Hanover in the then West Germany, on 18 September 1975 from Trenchard Barracks. This used taped broadcasts from the BBC and ITV, flown to Germany from London, which were then rebroadcast using low-power UHF transmitters. Live broadcasts of news and sport began in 1982, using a microwave link between the UK and West Germany, extending as far east as West Berlin.

The BFBS TV service used the 625-line PAL system, used in the UK as well as West Germany. By 1982, it was available at 50 sites throughout northern and central regions of West Germany.

It was known as SSVC Television (Services Sound and Vision Corporation) between 1985 and 1997, when it reverted to the BFBS name. Today it now broadcasts live via satellite. DVDs are still sent to forces serving in more remote areas. There was also a service known as Navy TV, which broadcasts time-shifted versions of the channel to Royal Navy vessels around the world via military satellite.

All channels below are free-to-air to military personnel and their families. A specific set-top box or viewing card may be required for copyright reasons.


Abbreviation Description
Diego Garcia Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory
Cable TV icon.png Available via cable on said channel number.
Satellite TV icon.png Available via satellite on said channel number.
1 Channel is broadcast in HD


All time GMT/BST

EPG Diego Garcia Nepal Channel Logo Owner/Parent company Content from Broadcasting hours
1 Cable TV icon.png Cable TV icon.png Sky News HD Sky News.svg Sky plc Sky News HD 24 hours
2 Cable TV icon.png Cable TV icon.png BBC One HD - Delayed BBC One.svg BBC BBC One HD - Delayed to local time 24 hours
3 Cable TV icon.png Cable TV icon.png BBC Two HD - Delayed
(BFBS version)
BBC Two.svg BBC (BBC Two - Delayed to local time.
(Times GMT/BST))

CBeebies HD - 04:00-12:00*
CBBC HD - 12:00*-18:00
BBC Two HD - 18:00-04:00

(* Dependent on schedule,
varies between 11:30-12:30)
24 hours
4 Cable TV icon.png Cable TV icon.png ITV HD - Delayed ITV HD.svg ITV Digital Channels Ltd
(ITV plc)
24 hours
5 Cable TV icon.png Cable TV icon.png BFBS Extra - Delayed BFBS Extra.png BFBS BFBS Extra - Delayed to local time

Sky One,
Sky Witness,
Sky Atlantic,
Sky Comedy,
Sky Documentaries,
Sky Crime,
Sky Arts,
Sky History
Sky History2,
Sky Nature,
Sky Replay,
Comedy Central,
Comedy Central Extra,
National Geographic,
Nat Geo Wild

Also shows independent programming.
24 hours

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