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List of channels on Fetch TV

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This is a list of channels on Fetch TV, incorporating the July 2019 channel number changes. Fetch TV is an IPTV provider in Australia. Channels are available in four individual packs (Kids, Knowledge, Variety, Vibe) at $6/month each or all four (the Ultimate Pack) for $20/month. Subscribers who subscribed to the Entertainment Pack ($15/month), prior to its retirement in late February 2017, remain on the Entertainment Pack until they change channel plans. The Entertainment Pack excludes the new channels introduced as part of the February 2017 channel and package changes. Fetch TV supplied by Optus is known as 'Yes TV'.


The packages are shown in the colours below:

Package Description/Notes Price
Kids Fun and learning for children of all ages, filled with characters and stories to ignite their curiosity. $6/month
Knowledge Factual storytelling, news and adventure from around the world, plus inspiration ideas for your home. $6/month
Variety The latest character-driven drama, plus classic shows and tunes to make you smile and dance. $6/month
Vibe Sports, music, comedy, reality and more. The place for the latest games, shows, songs, looks and laughs. $6/month
À la carte Channels that can be subscribed to individually (beIN Sports, Horse & Country, Cbeebies, Hillsong) Varies
Optus Sports Available on Optus Yes TV only $15/month or included in bundle
Foreign Language Italian, Hindi, South Indian, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean and Pinoy packages Varies

Bundle packs are also available:

Package Description/Notes Price
Ultimate Pack Bundle consisting of the Knowledge, Variety, Vibe and Kids packs. $20/month
Entertainment Pack No longer available. Existing Entertainment Pack customers can stay on this plan. $15/month

Channel listings

Channel Number Logo Channel Name Language Pack Entertainment Pack Ultimate Pack HD
100 - Movie Box (Virtual Channel) English -
101 Oxygen TV (2017 Logo).png Oxygen English Variety
102 Universal Channel AU.png Universal Channel English Variety
104 MTV.svg MTV English Vibe
106 E AU.png E! English Vibe
108 TLC (au) logo.png TLC English Variety
110 Comedy Central 2011.svg Comedy Central English Vibe
112 UKTV AU.png UKTV English Variety
114 BBC First AU.png BBC First English Variety
116 13th Street AU.png 13th Street (Discontinued) English Variety
116 Logo id.png Discovery ID English Variety
118 SyFy AU.png Syfy (Discontinued) English Variety
118 Discovery Turbo.png Discovery Turbo English Variety
120 Spike AU.png Spike English Vibe
125 National Geographic.svg National Geographic English Knowledge
126 DiscoveryChannel.png Discovery Channel English Knowledge
128 National Geographic Wild.svg Nat Geo Wild English Knowledge
129 Animal Planet.svg Animal Planet English Knowledge
130 BBC Knowledge AU.png BBC Knowledge (Discontinued) English Knowledge
130 BBC Earth.svg BBC Earth English Knowledge
132 BBC-Living-logo.jpg BBC Living (Discontinued) English Knowledge
132 BBC Brit.png BBC Brit English Knowledge
134 HGTV.svg HGTV English Knowledge
136 Food Network.svg Food Network English Knowledge
138 Travel Channel.svg Travel Channel English Knowledge
150 ESPN AU.png ESPN English Vibe
151 ESPN2 AU.png ESPN2 English Vibe
152 Optus Sport AU.png Optus Sport 1 English Optus Sport
157 BeIN1 Australia.png beIN sports 1 English beIN Sports
158 BeIN1 Australia.png beIN sports 2 English beIN Sports
159 BeIN1 Australia.png beIN sports 3 English beIN Sports
160 EDGEsport.svg EDGEsport English Vibe
170 CNN International.svg CNN English Knowledge
171 Msnbc-logo-card.png MSNBC English Knowledge
172 CNBC.svg CNBC Asia English Knowledge
174 BBC World News.svg BBC World News English Knowledge
236 MTV Classic.svg MTV Classic English Vibe
237 MTV Hits.svg MTV Hits English Vibe
238 MTV 90s.png MTV 90s English Vibe
241 Stingray CMusic.svg Stingray CMusic English Variety
242 Style AU.png Style Network (Discontinued) English Vibe
243 Fashion TV.svg Fashion TV English Vibe
245 EGG Network.png eGG Network English Vibe
250 Disney Channel 2014.svg Disney Channel (Discontinued) English Kids
251 Disney Junior 2011.svg Disney Junior (Discontinued) English Kids
252 Nickelodeon.svg Nickelodeon English Kids
253 Nick Jr..svg Nick Jr. English Kids
254 Cartoon Network.svg Cartoon Network English Kids
255 Boomerang.svg Boomerang English Kids
256 CBeebies AU.png Cbeebies English Kids
257 BabyTV.png BabyTV English Kids
258 ZooMoo.png ZooMoo English Kids
275 Al Jazeera English.svg Al Jazeera English English Knowledge
276 Euronews.svg Euronews English Knowledge
279 Channel NewsAsia.png Channel NewsAsia English Knowledge
280 France 24.svg France 24 English Knowledge
282 NDTV 24x7.png NDTV 24x7 English Knowledge
283 Bloomberg AU.png Bloomberg Television English Knowledge
284 CGTN.svg CGTN English Knowledge
290 Hillsong AU.png Hillsong Channel English Hillsong + ACCTV (Free)
291 ACCTV AU.png Australian Christian Channel English Hillsong + ACCTV (Free)
292 Horse Country.jpg Horse & Country English Horse & Country
600 RAI AU.png Rai Italia Italian Italian
601 Rai World Premium.jpg Rai World Premium Italian Italian
602 Rai News 24.svg Rai News24 Italian Italian
603 Mediaset Italia.svg Mediaset Italia Italian Italian
699 News18 India.png News 18 India English Hindi
700 Zee Punjabi.jpg Zee Punjabi Hindi Hindi
701 NDTV India.png NDTV India Hindi Hindi
702 60px Star Plus Hindi Hindi
703 Zee TV.png Zee TV Hindi Hindi
704 Colors.png Colors Hindi Hindi
705 Life OK.png Life OK! (Discontinued) Hindi Hindi
705 Star bharat.jpg Star Bharat Hindi Hindi
706 AndTV.png &TV Hindi Hindi
707 Zee Cinema.png Zee Cinema Hindi Hindi
708 Star Gold.jpg Star Gold Hindi Hindi
709 NDTV Good Times.png NDTV Good Times Hindi Hindi
710 PTC Punjabi.jpg PTC Punjabi Hindi Hindi
711 MTV India.jpg MTV India Hindi Hindi
712 Zing.jpg Zing (Discontinued) Hindi Hindi
713 SET.jpg Sony Entertainment Television (SET) Hindi Hindi
714 SAB.jpg SAB TV Hindi Hindi
715 Sony Max.jpg Sony Max Hindi Hindi
716 Geo Entertainment.png Geo Entertainment Hindi Hindi
717 ARY Digital.png ARY Digital (Discontinued) Hindi Hindi
718 HUM TV.png HUM TV Hindi Hindi
719 Times Now.png Times Now Hindi Hindi
720 Zoom.png Zoom Hindi Hindi
721 ET Now.png ET Now Hindi Hindi
722 Rishtey.jpg Rishtey Hindi Hindi
723 Geo News UK.png Geo News Hindi Hindi
724 UTV Movies.png UTV Movies Hindi Hindi
725 Bindass.png Bindass Hindi Hindi
726 Sun News.jpg Sun News (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
727 Sun TV.png Sun TV (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
728 KTV India.png KTV (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
729 Adithya TV.png Adithya TV (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
730 Sun Music.png Sun Music (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
731 Gemini News.jpg Gemini News (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
732 Gemini TV.png Gemini TV (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
733 Gemini Movies.png Gemini Movies (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
734 Gemini Comedy.jpg Gemini Comedy (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
735 Gemini Music.jpg Gemini Music (Discontinued) Tamil Sun South Indian (Discontinued)
800 CCTV-4.png CCTV-4 Chinese Chinese
801 CCTV Opera.png CCTV Opera (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
802 CCTV Entertainment.png CCTV Entertainment Chinese Chinese
803 China Movie Channel.png China Movie Channel Chinese Chinese
804 Beijing TV.png Beijing TV Chinese Chinese
805 Shanghai Dragon TV.png Shanghai Dragon TV Chinese Chinese
806 Guangdong Southern TV TVS.png Guangdong Southern TV (TVS) (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
807 Jiangsu International.png Jiangsu International (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
808 Hunan TV World.png Hunan World TV Chinese Chinese
809 Fujian Straits TV.png Fujian Straits TV Chinese Chinese
810 China Yellow River.png China Yellow River (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
811 Zhejiang International Channel.png Zhejiang International Channel Chinese Chinese
812 China Anhui TV.png Anhui TV (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
813 Chongqing TV.png Chongqing TV (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
814 Phoenix Info.png Phoenix InfoNews Channel Chinese Chinese
815 GWElite.png Great Wall Elite Chinese Chinese
816 Ccm.png CCM Chinese Chinese
826 KMTV Asia.png KMTV (Discontinued) Korean Korean
827 KBS World.svg KBS World Korean Chinese
TVB Cantonese
831 Tianjin.png Tianjin (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
832 Sichuan.png Sichuan TV (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
833 Guangxi.png Guangxi (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
834 Taishan TV.png Taishan TV (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
835 Xiamen.png Xiamen (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
836 Shenzhen.png Shenzhen (Discontinued) Chinese Chinese
837 Phoenix Chinese.png Phoenix Chinese Chinese Chinese
844 ONE Korea.png Sony ONE (Discontinued) Korean Korean (Discontinued)
846 TvN Korea.jpg tvN (Discontinued) Korean Korean (Discontinued)
849 Arirang.png Arirang (Discontinued) Korean Korean (Discontinued)
858 Kapatid TV5.jpg Kapatid TV5 Filipino Pinoy
859 Aksyon International.jpg Aksyon International Filipino Pinoy
860 GMA Pinoy TV.png GMA Pinoy TV Filipino Pinoy
861 GMA Life TV.png GMA Life TV Filipino Pinoy
862 DZBB.png DZBB Filipino Pinoy
863 DWLS.png DWLS Filipino Pinoy
864 GMA News.png GMA News Filipino Pinoy
865 Viva TV Plus.png Viva TV Plus Filipino Pinoy
886 TVB Jade.png TVB Jade Chinese TVB Cantonese
887 TVB Xing He.png TVB Xing He (Discontinued) Chinese TVB Cantonese
887 Tvb-entertainment-news.jpg TVB Entertainment News Chinese TVB Cantonese
888 TVB News.png TVB News Chinese TVB Cantonese
889 TVB Lifestyle.png TVB Lifestyle (Discontinued) Chinese TVB Cantonese
890 TVB Junior.png TVB Junior (Discontinued) Chinese TVB Cantonese
891 Mei Ah Movies.png Mei Ah Movies (Discontinued) Chinese TVB Cantonese
950–955 Optus Sport AU.png Optus Sport 1–10 English Optus Sports
970-971 UFC.png UFC/PPV Event English
998 Movies Now Showing.jpg Movies Now Showing English
999 Sneak Peek.png Sneak Peek English