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List of channels on Guangdong IPTV

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This is the listing for Guangdong IPTV, the branding for IPTV service for China Telecom, Unicom and Mobile phone companies operating in the province, which removed local channels (available depending on location) and some thematic channels. Channels' availability differs through ISP.

For cable companies operating in metropolitan Guangzhou, see List of channels on GCable (metropolitan Guangzhou) and List of channels on Guangzhou Digital Media.

translated from the Chinese version


Channel name translations are referred to Lyngsat, otherwise retranslated;

All channel numbers are referred to their HD version, along with some SD only channels.

Channel names in bold contains programmes in languages other than Chinese

Basic channels

EPG No. Channel name Notes Owner/parent company
1 Guangdong Sat TV Radio Television Guangdong
2 Zhujiang (Pearl River) TV Domestic version. Radio Television Guangdong
3 Guangdong TV News Radio Television Guangdong
4 Guangdong TV Social Radio Television Guangdong
5 Guangdong TV Sport Blacked out during certain events. Radio Television Guangdong
7 Guangdong TV Economy Radio Television Guangdong
8 Greater Bay Area TV Radio Television Guangdong
10 Guangdong TV Series Radio Television Guangdong
11 Guangdong TV Kids Radio Television Guangdong
12 Jia-jia Cartoon Radio Television Guangdong / Alpha Animation
16 Guangdong TV Shop Radio Television Guangdong
18 Guangdong TV Mobile Radio Television Guangdong
93 Guangdong TV Opera Radio Television Guangdong
95 Guangdong TV Education Radio Television Guangdong
98 CRI SharkShop China Radio International
100 CCTV 1 China Central Television
101 CCTV 2 China Central Television
102 CCTV 3 China Central Television
103 CCTV 4 Asia China Central Television
104 CCTV 5 China Central Television
105 CCTV 6 China Central Television
106 CCTV 7 China Central Television
107 CCTV 8 China Central Television
108 CCTV 9 China Central Television
109 CCTV 10 China Central Television
110 CCTV 11 China Central Television
111 CCTV 12 China Central Television
112 CCTV 13 China Central Television
113 CCTV 14 China Central Television
114 CCTV 15 China Central Television
116 CCTV 17 China Central Television
200 Hunan TV Hunan Broadcasting System
201 Zhejiang TV Zhejiang Radio and Television Group
202 Jiangsu TV Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation
203 Dragon TV Radio Television Shanghai (Shanghai Media Group)
204 Anhui TV Radio Television Anhui
205 Beijing TV Beijing Media Networks
206 Tianjin TV Radio Television Tianjin
207 Shandong TV Shandong Television
108 Jiangxi TV Radio Television Jiangxi
209 Shenzhen TV Shenzhen Media Group
210 Hubei TV Radio Television Hubei
211 Liaoning TV Radio Television Liaoning
212 Heilongjiang TV Radio Television Heilongjiang
213 Guizhou TV Radio Television Guizhou
214 Sichuan TV Radio Television Sichuan
215 Henan TV Henan Broadcasting System
216 Chongqing TV Chongqing Broadcasting Group
217 Yunnan TV Radio Television Yunnan
218 Hebei TV Hebei Television
219 Fujian South East TV Fujian Television
220 Guangxi TV Radio Television Guangxi (Gvangjsih Gvangjbo Densidaiz)
221 Jilin TV Jilin Television
222 Shaanxi TV Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation
223 Shanxi TV Radio Television Shanxi
224 Nei Mongol TV Chinese Inner Mongolia Television
225 Qinghai TV Radio Television Qinghai
226 Hainan TV Hainan Broadcasting Group
227 Ningxia TV Radio Television Ningxia
228 Xizang TV Chinese Xizang TV
229 Xinjiang TV 1 Xinjiang Television
230 Gansu TV Gansu Television
231 Bingtuan TV Media Network of Xinjiang Corps
233 Beijing TV Kaku Beijing Media Networks
234 Aniworld TV Hunan Broadcasting System
235 Toonmax TV Radio Television Shanghai (Shanghai Media Group)
236 CETV 1 Chinese Ministry of Education
237 Shandong Education TV Chinese Ministry of Education / Province of Shandong
238 Trading Day TV Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation
239 Amoy Star TV China Xiamen Media Group
240 Youman Cartoon Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation
241 Sansha TV Hainan Broadcasting Group
242 Yanbian Sat TV Jilin Television / Yanbian TV
243 CETV 2 Chinese Ministry of Education
234 CETV 4 Chinese Ministry of Education
374 CCTV 5+ China Central Television
390 CCTV 16 (Olympic Channel China) China Central Television
392 CCTV 4 Europe China Central Television
393 CCTV 4 Americas China Central Television
394 CGTN China Central Television
395 CGTN Documentary China Central Television
396 CGTN Spanish China Central Television
397 CGTN French China Central Television
398 CGTN Arabic China Central Television
399 CGTN Russian China Central Television
413 Golden Eagle Documentary Hunan Broadcasting System
419 CRI CCTBN Traffic Local feed. China Radio International
422 DocuChina TV Radio Television Shanghai (Shanghai Media Group)

Premium channels

EPG No. Channel name Notes Owner/parent company
492 CHC Fans China Home Cinema
493 VBS Tea Culture Hunan Broadcasting System
494 Vanguard Fishing Hunan Broadcasting System
632 Wasu-Discovery Channel Wasu Media (Hangzhou Television) / Warner Bros Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
801 Tianyuan Go (Weiqi) Channel Radio Television Guizhou
809 Chongqing TV Auto Free-to-view Chongqing Broadcasting Group
820 CND History Free-to-view Chinese Newsreel and Documentaries Group (China Central Television)
826 Chinese Culture Channel Free-to-view Henan Broadcasting System
830 CCTV Military Plus Free-to-view China Central Television
831 CCTV Guide Free-to-view China Central Television
832 CCTV Football (Soccer) Free-to-view China Central Television
833 CCTV Billiards and Snooker Free-to-view China Central Television
834 CCTV Golf & Tennis Free-to-view China Central Television
835 CCTV Fashion Free-to-view China Central Television
836 CCTV Geography Free-to-view China Central Television
837 CCTV Classic Drama Free-to-view China Central Television
838 CCTV Drama Plus Free-to-view China Central Television
839 CCTV Classic Shows Free-to-view China Central Television
840 CCTV Drama Free-to-view China Central Television
841 CCTV Music Plus Free-to-view China Central Television
842 CETV Kids and Family Free-to-view Chinese Ministry of Education

Ultra HD

EPG No. Channel name Notes Owner/parent company
15 GDTV 4K SDR feed. Also on channels 13 (selected boxes), 15 (HDR version) and 17 (AVS2 HDR version). Radio Television Guangdong

Defunct channels

Channel name Date of defunct Owner/parent company Notes
Guangdong TV Travel August 2019 (channel shutdown) Radio Television Guangdong Ceased broadcasting.
Guangdong TV Pets August 2019 (channel shutdown) Radio Television Guangdong / BAMC Media Ceased broadcasting.
CBN Cable channels April 2020 (removed) Chinese Cable Broadcasting Network Removal due to copyright concerns.
Photography Channel April 2020 (removed) Radio Television Guizhou Removal due to end of contract.
CCTV Health, CCTV Cartoon Plus April 2020 (removed) China Central Television Removal due to end of contract.
Shenzhen TV Documentary April 2020 (removed) Shenzhen Media Group Removal due to end of contract.
TV Tutoring May 2020 Varies Tutoring content during the coronavirus outbreak.
English Teaching Channel 29 Jun 2020 Radio Television Guangdong / Lancoo Media Ceased broadcasting.
Pearl River Movie Channel 15 Aug 2020 Radio Television Guangdong / Pearl River Film Studios Ceased broadcasting.
Shanxi TV Lotto 28 Dec 2020 Radio Television Shanxi Ceased broadcasting.
Beijing TV Sports and Documentaries Late July 2021 Beijing Media Networks Removal due to end of contract or copyright concerns.
Henan TV Culture, Henan TV Martial Arts, Henan TV Opera 31 Dec 2021 Henan Television Removal due to channel's decision to air in HD only.
Guangdong TV World 31 Dec 2021 Radio Television Guangdong Removal due to end of contract.
CCTV 4K 16 Mar 2022 China Central Television Removal due to end of contract, now serves as a seasonal pop-up channel.
GTV Gaming 30 Dec 2022 Radio Television Liaoning Ceased broadcasting.
CND Secondary Education Q4 2022 Chinese Newsreel and Documentaries Group (China Central Television) Removal due to end of contract.
CRI Super Channel Q4 2022 China Radio International Removal due to end of contract.
Real Estate Channel 27 Apr 2023 Radio Television Guangdong / Guangzhou Broadcasting Network / Shenzhen Media Group Ceased broadcasting.
JSBC Style 1 Jun 2023 Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation Ceased broadcasting.