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List of channels on Kabelio

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Current Kabelio logo

Kabelio is a satellite service in Switzerland on Hotbird 13,0°E. It contains all important channels from Switzerland in German, French, Italian, English and other languages.


Package/Notes Description
Check-icon.svg This channel is completely free-to-air
Exclamation-icon.svg This channel is only sometimes free-to-air
Cross-icon.svg This channel can be only viewed with a Kabelio subscription
123 Channel is broadcast in HD on this number
123 Channel is broadcast in ultra HD on this number
4:3 Channel is broadcast is 4:3 SDTV instead of 16:9 SDTV.

Channel list

Channel number Channel name Logo Language Notes Owner Subscription
001 SRF 1 HD SRF 1.svg German
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
002 SRF Zwei HD SRF zwei.svg German
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
003 3+ HD 3+.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
004 RTL HD RTL.svg German Swiss feed Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland Cross-icon.svg
005 ORF 1 HD ORF 1.svg German ORF Cross-icon.svg
006 Sat.1 HD Sat.1.png German Swiss feed ProSiebenSat.1 Media Cross-icon.svg
007 ProSieben HD ProSieben.svg German Swiss feed ProSiebenSat.1 Media Cross-icon.svg
008 TV24 HD TV24.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
009 Das Erste HD Das Erste.svg German ARD Cross-icon.svg
010 ZDF HD ZDF.svg German ZDF Cross-icon.svg
011 RTL zwei HD RTLZWEI.svg German Swiss feed Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland Cross-icon.svg
012 Kabel Eins HD Kabel Eins.svg German Swiss feed ProSiebenSat.1 Media Cross-icon.svg
013 VOX HD VOX.svg German Swiss feed Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland Cross-icon.svg
014 ORF 2 Tirol HD ORF 2.svg German ORF Cross-icon.svg
015 SRF Info HD SRF info.svg German
SRG SSR Check-icon.svg
016 Swiss 1 HD Swiss 1.svg German Swiss 1 TV AG Cross-icon.svg
017 4+ HD 4+.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
018 Puls Acht HD Puls Acht.svg German ProSiebenSat.1 Media Cross-icon.svg
019 TeleZüri HD TeleZüri.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
020 5+ HD 5+.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
021 S1 HD S1.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
022 6+ HD 6+.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
023 TV25 HD TV25.svg German CH Media Cross-icon.svg
024 Blue Zoom D HD Blue Zoom D.svg German Swisscom (Blue Media) Cross-icon.svg
025 TeleBärn German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
026 Tele M1 German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
027 Telebasel German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
028 Tele 1 German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
029 TVO German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
030 TV Südostschweiz German Regional/Local channel ??? Cross-icon.svg
031 RTS 1 HD RTS Un 2019.svg French
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
032 RTS 2 HD RTS Deux 2019.svg French
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
033 TF1 HD TF1.svg French Swiss feed Groupe TF1 Cross-icon.svg
034 France 2 HD France 2.svg French
France Télévisions Cross-icon.svg
035 France 3 France 3.svg French France Télévisions Cross-icon.svg
036 France 4/Culturebox France 4.svgCulturebox.svg French
France 4: 05:00-20:10
Culturebox: 20:10-05:00
France Télévisions Cross-icon.svg
037 France 5 France 5.svg French France Télévisions Cross-icon.svg
038 M6 HD M6.svg French Swiss feed Groupe M6 Cross-icon.svg
039 Arte HD Arte.svg French
ARD, ZDF and France Télévisions Check-icon.svg
040 BFM TV BFMTV.png French Altice France Check-icon.svg
045 France 24 (French) HD France 24.svg French
France Médias Monde Check-icon.svg
046 i24 News (French) HD I24 News Francais.png French Patrick Drahi Check-icon.svg
051 RSI La 1 HD RSI La 1.svg Italian
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
052 RSI La 2 HD RSI La 2.svg Italian
SRG SSR Cross-icon.svg
053 Canale 5 HD Canale 5.svg Italian Mediaset Cross-icon.svg
054 Rai 1 HD Rai 1.svg Italian
Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
55 Rai 2 HD Rai 2.svg Italian
Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
056 Rai 3 HD Rai 3.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
057 Rai News 24 HD Rai News 24.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Check-icon.svg
058 Euronews (Italian) Euronews.svg Italian NBCUniversal and Radiotelevisione Italia Check-icon.svg
059 Mediaset TGcom 24 HD TGcom24.png Italian Mediaset Check-icon.svg
060 Rai Sport HD Rai Sport 2017.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
061 Rai Gulp HD Rai Gulp.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
062 Rai Scuola HD Rai Scuola.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
063 Rai Storia HD Rai Storia.svg Italian Radiotelevisione Italia Exclamation-icon.svg
064 RTL 102.5 Radiovisione HD RTL 102.5 TV.png Italian TV channel version of RTL 102.5 RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Check-icon.svg
065 Radio Freccia TV HD Radio Freccia.png Italian TV channel version of Radio Freccia RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Check-icon.svg
066 Radio Zeta Radiovisione HD Radio Zeta.png Italian TV channel version of Radio Zeta RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Check-icon.svg
067 RTL 102.5 News Radiovisione HD RTL 102.5 News TV.png Italian TV channel version of RTL 102.5 News RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Check-icon.svg
068 Telepace HD Telepace.png Italian
Fondazione Artigiani per la Pace Check-icon.svg
081 BBC One (Network) HD BBC One.svg English BBC Cross-icon.svg
082 BBC Two (Network) HD BBC Two.svg English BBC Cross-icon.svg
083 ITV1 London HD ITV1.svg English ITV plc Cross-icon.svg
084 BBC Four HD/CBeebies HD BBC Four.svgCBeebies.svg English BBC Four: 19:00-06:00
CBeebies: 06:00-19:00
BBC Cross-icon.svg
085 Channel 4 HD Channel 4.svg English Channel Four Television Corporation Cross-icon.svg
086 Channel 5 HD Channel 5.svg English ViacomCBS UK & Australia Cross-icon.svg
087 Viaplay Xtra HD Viaplay Xtra.svg English Viaplay Group Cross-icon.svg
088 CNBC Europe HD CNBC.svg English NBCUniversal Check-icon.svg
089 BBC World News BBC World News.svg English BBC Check-icon.svg
090 DW (English) HD DW.svg English ARD Check-icon.svg
091 Euronews (English) HD Euronews.svg English NBCUniversal Check-icon.svg
092 France 24 (English) HD France 24.svg English
France Médias Monde Check-icon.svg
093 Al Jazeera (English) HD Al Jazeera.svg English
Al Jazeera Check-icon.svg
094 Bloomberg TV Europe Bloomberg.svg English Bloomberg Check-icon.svg
095 NASA TV PUBLIC HD Nasa TV.svg English NASA Check-icon.svg
096 NHK World Japan HD NHK World-Japan.svg English Also broadcasts some programs in Japanese NHK Check-icon.svg
097 CGTN HD CGTN.svg English China Central Television Check-icon.svg
098 CGTN Documentary HD CGTN Documentary.svg English China Central Television Check-icon.svg
100 TRT World HD TRT World.svg English TRT Check-icon.svg
101 RT (English) HD RT.svg English
TV-Novosti Check-icon.svg
102 RT Documentary HD RT Documentary.svg English
TV-Novosti Check-icon.svg
105 ESR 24/7 Esports Network HD ESR 24x7 ESports Network.png English ESR Check-icon.svg
106 NASA TV UHD NASA TV UHD.svg English
NASA Check-icon.svg
107 Fashion TV UHD Fashion TV.svg English Eutelsat Check-icon.svg
108 Hotbird 4K1 UHD Hotbird 4K1.png English Eutelsat Check-icon.svg
110 RTP Internacional RTP Internacional.svg Portuguese RTP Check-icon.svg
111 TVE Internacional HD TVE Internacional.svg Spanish RTVE Check-icon.svg
112 Canal 24 Horas HD 24horas.svg Spanish RTVE Check-icon.svg
113 Telesur Telesur.png Spanish Telesur Check-icon.svg
114 Record TV Europa RecordTV Internacional.png Portuguese Grupo Record Check-icon.svg
115 CGTN Español HD CGTN Español.svg Spanish China Central Television Check-icon.svg
116 HRT International HD HRT Int.png Croatian Hrvatska radiotelevizija Check-icon.svg
117 ERT World ERT World.svg Greek ERT Check-icon.svg
118 Euronews (Greek) Euronews.svg Greek NBCUniversal and ERT Check-icon.svg
119 AVA Entertainment HD Arabic AVA Entertainment Check-icon.svg
120 BBC Arabic HD BBC Arabic.png Arabic BBC Check-icon.svg
121 Sky News Arabia HD Sky News Arabia.svg Arabic Sky Limited Check-icon.svg
122 Alarabiya HD Arabic MBC Check-icon.svg
123 Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD Abu Dhabi Sports 1.png Arabic
Abu Dhabi Media Check-icon.svg
124 Abu Dhabi TV Europe HD Abu Dhabi TV.png Arabic Abu Dhabi Media Check-icon.svg
125 Al Jazeera (Arabic) HD Al Jazeera.svg Arabic Al Jazeera Check-icon.svg
126 RT (Arabic) HD RT.svg Arabic
TV-Novosti Check-icon.svg
128 BBC Persian HD BBC Persian.png Persian BBC Check-icon.svg
129 PMC Persian Mehrdad Kia Check-icon.svg
130 TVP Info HD TVP Info.svg Polish Telewizija Polska Check-icon.svg
131 TVP Polonia HD TVP Polonia.svg Polish
Telewizija Polska Check-icon.svg
133 Polonia 1 Polonia 1.png Polish Polcast Television Check-icon.svg
134 Tele 5 Tele 5 Poland.png Polish Polcast Television Check-icon.svg
135 Stars TV Stars TV.png Polish JBD Check-icon.svg
136 4Fun TV 4fun.TV.png Polish 4Fun Media Check-icon.svg
137 4Fun Dance 4fun Dance.png Polish 4Fun Media Check-icon.svg
138 Eska TV Extra Eska TV Extra.png Polish Telewizija Polsat Check-icon.svg
139 Power TV Power TV.png Polish MWE Networks Check-icon.svg
140 Nuta TV Nuta.TV.png Polish MWE Networks Check-icon.svg
141 Gold TV Gold TV.png Polish MWE Networks Check-icon.svg
142 Zwei Music Television HD Zwei Music Television.svg German Folx Network Check-icon.svg
143 One Music Television HD One Music Television.svg German Folx Network Check-icon.svg
144 Folx Music Television HD Folx Music Television.svg German Folx Network Check-icon.svg
151 Channel One Europe Channel One Russia.svg Russian National Media Group Check-icon.svg
152 TNT International TNT International.png Russian Gazprom-Media Check-icon.svg
153 Euronews (Russian) Euronews.svg Russian NBCUniversal and National Media Group Check-icon.svg
154 TV Rus TV Rus.png Russian BEM Media Check-icon.svg
155 RTR Planeta RTR Planeta.svg Russian VGTRK Check-icon.svg
156 Rossiya 24 Rossiya 24.svg Russian VGTRK Check-icon.svg
157 7D7 Russian 7D7 Check-icon.svg
158 NTV Mir NTV Mir.png Russian Gazprom-Media Check-icon.svg
159 Noviy Mir Russian Noviy Mir Check-icon.svg
998 Kabelio Infokanal HD Kabelio.png German Promo channel Kabelio Check-icon.svg