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List of channels on MVSHub

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MVSHub is an OTT platform owned by MVS Comunicaciones that broadcasts video content over an internet connection. It's characterized by the broadcast of both On Demand content and live TV channels through a subscription. It was launched as an alternative for subscribers and non-subscribers of Dish México, because unlike its predecessor, MVSHub does not depend on having a subscription of any TV service for its use.

When launched, this platform only had live TV packages. As time went by, additional add-ons were added, such as Paramount+, Max, AnimeOnegai, among others. Its coverage has been limited, because, currently it can only be contracted within Mexican territory.

EPG Channel Name Channel Logo Owner/parent company Notes Packs Genre
Channel APP Incluido con Dish Esencial Extendido
101 Azteca Uno Azteca Uno 2023.png TV Azteca National feed
(Satellite signal)
National Commercial
106 Canal 6 Canal 6.svg Grupo Multimedios Local feed
(XHTDMX-TDT signal)
National Commercial
107 Azteca Siete Azteca Siete.svg TV Azteca National feed
(Satellite signal)
National Commercial
140 ADN40 ADN40.png TV Azteca National feed
(Satellite signal)
National Commercial
200 Star Channel Star Channel.svg The Walt Disney Company Entertainment
202 MVS TV MVStv.png MVS Comunicaciones Entertainment
204 Universal TV Universal TV.svg NBCUniversal Entertainment
206 Sony Channel SONY Channel.png SONY Pictures Entertainment Entertainment
208 Warner Warner TV.png Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
210 AMC AMC.svg AMC Networks International Movies
212 AXN AXN.svg SONY Pictures Entertainment Entertainment
214 FX FX.svg The Walt Disney Company Entertainment
216 Space Space LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery Movies
218 USA USA Network.svg NBCUniversal Entertainment
220 [adult swim] Adult Swim.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
222 Lifetime Lifetime.svg A+E Networks Entertainment
224 A&E A&E.svg A+E Networks Entertainment
226 DHE DHE.png Grupo DHE Movies
228 TNT Series TNT Series.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
230 A3Series A3Series.png ATRESMEDIA Corporación de Medios Entertainment
231 Star TVE TVE STAR-2020.png Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española Entertainment
232 corazón Corazón.png TV Azteca Entertainment (Azteca telenovelas)
234 Telemundo Internacional Telemundo Internacional.svg NBCUniversal Entertainment
235 TNT Novelas TNT Novelas.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
236 Pasiones Pasiones.svg Hemisphere Media Group Entertainment
238 Kanal D Drama Kanal D Drama.svg Kanal D International Networks Entertainment
240 Ve Plus VePlus.png Organización Cisneros Entertainment
242 Novelísima Organización Cisneros Entertainment
244 Discovery Home & Health Discovery Home & Health LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery Lifestyle
246 Food Network Food Network.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Lifestyle
248 Discovery World DiscoveryWorldHD.png Warner Bros. Discovery Lifestyle
250 HGTV HGTV.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Lifestyle
252 TLC TLC.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Lifestyle
254 Investigation Discovery Investigation Discovery.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
256 Clic Clic.png TV Azteca Entertainment
257 a más+ A Más.svg TV Azteca National feed
(Satellite signal)
National Commercial
258 El Gourmet ElGourmet.svg AMC Networks International Lifestyle
260 Más Chic MasChic.png AMC Networks International Lifestyle
262 FashionBox FashionBox HD.svg SPI International Lifestyle
264 Hola TV HolaTV.png ATRESMEDIA Corporación de Medios Lifestyle
266 E! E!.svg NBCUniversal Entertainment
268 Latin Angels Girls Entertainment
270 Show Business TV Sierralta Entertainment Entertainment
274 Azteca Internacional Azteca Internacional.png TV Azteca Entertainment
276 Antena 3 Internacional Antena 3 ES.svg ATRESMEDIA Corporación de Medios International (Spain)
277 TVE Internacional TVE Internacional.svg Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española International (Spain)
278 Europa Europa EuropaEuropa.png AMC Networks International Movies
280 TV5Monde TV5 Monde.png France Télévisions International (France)
282 Caracol Internacional Caracol Internacional.png Valorem International (Colombia)
286 Arirang Arirang TV.svg Korea International Broadcasting Foundation International (South Korea)
294 Comedy Central Comedy Central.svg Paramount Global Entertainment
300 MTV MTV.svg Paramount Global Entertainment
302 Exa TV Exa TV.svg MVS Comunicaciones Music
304 MTV Hits MTV Hits.svg Paramount Global Music
305 MTV 00s MTV 00s.svg Paramount Global Music
306 Club MTV Club MTV.svg Paramount Global Music
307 MTV 80s MTV 80s.svg Paramount Global Music
314 VR VR.png PCTV Music
316 HTV HTV (Latin America).svg Warner Bros. Discovery Music
320 Trace Latina Trace Latina.svg TRACE Partners Music
321 Trace Urban Trace Urban.svg TRACE Partners Music
350 Discovery Kids Discovery Kids LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery Kids
352 Anime Onegai Anime Onegai Add-on Entertainment
356 Disney Channel Disney Channel 2019.svg The Walt Disney Company Kids
357 Disney Junior Disney Junior 2011.svg The Walt Disney Company Kids
358 Dreamworks Channel DreamWorks.svg NBCUniversal Kids and family movies
359 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon.svg Paramount Global Kids
361 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Kids
365 Fix & Foxi Fix Foxi.svg Your Family Entertainment / Eutelsat Kids
366 Clan Clan TVE.svg Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española Kids
367 Nick Jr. Nick Jr..svg Paramount Global Kids
369 Cartoonito Cartoonito.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Kids
371 babyfirst BabyFirst.svg First Media Kids
373 Baby TV Babytv.png The Walt Disney Company Kids
400 Discovery Channel Discovery Channel.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Factual
401 Discovery Science Discovery Science LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery Factual
402 Discovery Theater DiscoveryTheaterHD.png Warner Bros. Discovery Factual
403 Animal Planet Animal Planet.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Factual
407 National Geographic National Geographic.svg The Walt Disney Company Factual
409 History History.png A+E Networks Factual
410 History 2 History 2.png A+E Networks Factual
412 WOBI WOBI.svg Grupo HSM Entertainment
414 DocuBox DocuBox HD.svg SPI International Factual
416 Curiosity Channel Curiosity Channel.svg CuriosityStream Factual
418 Filmex Documentales Factual
420 Classic Arts Showcase Classic Arts Showcase.png Classic Arts Showcase Music
424 Agrotendencia TV Agrotendencia TV.png Agrotendencia Factual
426 Mariavisión María Visión.png Mariavisión Religious
427 Mariavisión Italia María Visión.png Mariavisión Religious
429 Jesus Christ Religious
431 ESNE ESNE.png El Sembrador Nueva Evangelización Religious
433 Daystar en Español Daystar Español.png Word of God Fellowship Religious
435 EWTN EWTN.svg EWTN Religious
437 Enlace Enlace 2016.png Trinity Broadcasting Network Religious
500 Discovery Turbo Discovery Turbo LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery Entertainment
502 Azteca Deportes Network TV Azteca Deportes Network.png TV Azteca Sports
504 Fox Sports Fox Sports - Logo 2015.png Grupo Multimedia Lauman Fox Sports Add-on Sports
505 Fox Sports 2 FOX Sports 2.png Grupo Multimedia Lauman Fox Sports Add-on Sports
506 Fox Sports 3 FOX Sports 3.png Grupo Multimedia Lauman Fox Sports Add-on Sports
507 Fox Sports Premium FOX Sports Premium.png Grupo Multimedia Lauman Fox Sports Add-on Sports
508 Caliente TV Logo caliente horizontal-1536x869.png Grupo Caliente Sports
510 Claro Sports Claro Sports.png MVS Comunicaciones / América Móvil Sports
515 ESPN ESPN LatinAmerica.png The Walt Disney Company Sports
516 ESPN 2 ESPN 2 LatinAmerica.png The Walt Disney Company Sports
517 ESPN 3 ESPN 3 LatinAmerica.png The Walt Disney Company Sports
518 ESPN 4 ESPN 4 LatinAmerica.png The Walt Disney Company Sports
520 TVC Deportes TVC Deportes.png PCTV Sports
522 AYM Sports AYM Sports.png AYM Media Networks Sports
524 TyC Sports TYC Sports.png Artear Sports
528 NBA TV NBA TV.svg National Basquetball Association Sports
530 Golf Channel Golf Channel.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Sports
532 FastBox & Fun Fast&FunBox HD.svg SPI International Sports
534 PX Sports PXSports.png PXSports Sports
536 Outdoor Channel Outdoor Channel.svg Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Sports
540 World Fishing Network WFN.png Kroenke Sports & Entertainment Sports
542 Fuel TV Fuel TV.svg Thema Entertainment
544 MotoADV MotoADV-TV-logo organization.png Sports
552 FightBox FightBox HD.svg SPI International Sports
554 Ginx E-Sports GINX Esports TV.svg GINX E-sports
556 Gametoon Gametoon HD.svg SPI International Sports
560 Trace Sports Stars Trace Sport Stars 2012.svg TRACE Partners Sports
600 Milenio Televisión Milenio Televisión.png Grupo Multimedios News
602 Telefórmula TeleFormula.png Grupo Fórmula News
606 CNN en Español CNN en Español.svg Warner Bros. Discovery News
607 CNN International CNN International.svg Warner Bros. Discovery News
611 BBC News BBC News 2022 (Alt).svg BBC Worldwide News
612 Canal 24 Horas 24horas.svg Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española News
613 France24 (Francés) France 24.svg France Médias Monde News
614 France24 (Español) France 24.svg France Médias Monde News
615 France24 (Inglés) France 24.svg France Médias Monde News
620 Bloomberg Television Bloomberg.svg Bloomberg News
700 TNT TNT.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Movies
702 MC MC.png MVS Comunicaciones Movies
704 Cinemax Cinemax 2011.svg Warner Bros. Discovery Movies
706 Multipremier Multipremier2020.svg MVS Comunicaciones Movies
708 Cinecanal Cine canal.png The Walt Disney Company Movies
710 Studio Universal Studio Universal LatinAmerica.png NBCUniversal Movies
712 Paramount Network Paramount Network Full Logo.svg Paramunt Global Movies
713 Claro Cinema América Móvil Movies
716 A3Cine A3CINE.svg ATRESMEDIA Corporación de Medios Movies
718 Cine Latino Cine Latino 2017.svg Hemisphere Media Group / MVS Comunicaciones Movies
720 Filmex Movies
722 Cine Estelar Movies
724 Cinema Cinema.png TV Azteca Movies
726 Filmex Clásico Movies
728 Cine Nostalgia Movies
730 Film & Arts Film & Arts.png AMC Networks International Movies
732 FilmBox FilmBox HD.svg SPI International Movies
735 Cindie Lite Movies
736 TV Cortos TV Cortos.svg Shorts International Movies
740 HBO HBO Asia (Black).png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
741 HBO2 HBO2 LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
742 HBO Family HBO Family LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
743 HBO Plus HBO Plus LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
744 HBO Signature HBO Signature.svg Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
745 HBO Mundi HBO Mundi LatinAmerica.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
746 HBO Pop HBOPOP.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
747 HBO Xtreme HBO Xtreme.png Warner Bros. Discovery HBO Add-on Movies
750 Universal Premiere Universal Premiere.svg NBCUniversal Universal+ Add-on Movies
751 Universal Cinema Universal Cinema.svg NBCUniversal Universal+ Add-on Movies
752 Universal Comedy Universal Comedy.svg NBCUniversal Universal+ Add-on Movies
753 Universal Crime Universal Crime.svg NBCUniversal Universal+ Add-on Movies
754 Universal Reality Universal Reality.svg NBCUniversal Universal+ Add-on Movies
800 Playboy TV Playboy TV.svg Claxson Media HOTPACK Add-on Adult
802 Sexy Hot HOTPACK Add-on Adult
803 Noticias MVS 320px-Noticias MVS 102.5.svg.png MVS Comunicaciones Local feed
(XHMVS-FM 102.5 signal)
Radio station
804 Exa FM Exa FM logo.jpg MVS Comunicaciones Local feed
(XHEXA-FM 104.9 signal)
Radio station