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List of channels on Tata Play

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Tata Play.png

Tata Play channel list.

Channel list

Hindi Entertainment

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
115 Star Plus HD Disney Star
Star Plus.png
Star Plus SD Disney Star
121 Star Bharat HD Disney Star
122 Star Bharat SD Disney Star
Sony Entertainment Television HD.png
Sony Entertainment Television HD Sony Pictures Networks India
Sony Entertainment Television.png
Sony Entertainment Television SD Sony Pictures Networks India
132 Sony SAB HD Sony Pictures Networks India
Sony SAB.png
Sony SAB SD Sony Pictures Networks India
137 &TV HD Zee
&TV SD Zee
Zee TV HD.svg
Zee TV HD Zee
Zee TV.svg
Zee TV SD Zee
Colors HD.svg
Colors HD Viacom18
Colors SD Viacom18
153 Bindass SD Disney Star
155 Investigation Discovery HD
Investigation Discovery 2017.png
Investigation Discovery SD
171 Star Utsav SD Disney Star
172 Zee Anmol SD Zee
Colors Rishtey.png
Colors Rishtey SD Viacom18
174 Sony Pal SD Sony Pictures Networks India
175 The Q SD
176 Big Magic SD Zee
177 Dangal SD
178 Anjan TV SD
181 Shemaroo TV SD
182 Ishara SD
183 Dangal 2 SD
184 Shemaroo Umang SD
185 Nazara SD
187 Manoranjan Grand SD
188 Chumbak SD
196 DD National HD HD
197 DD National SD
198 DD Kisan SD

English Entertainment

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
210 Zee Cafe HD Zee
211 Zee Cafe SD Zee
214 Colors Infinity HD Viacom18
Colors Infinity.png
Colors Infinity SD Viacom18
218 Comedy Central HD Viacom18
Comedy Central 2011.svg
Comedy Central SD Viacom18
221 Disney International HD Disney Star
224 Woman SD

Hindi Movies

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
308 Star Gold HD Disney Star
Star Gold.svg
Star Gold SD Disney Star
Sony Max HD.png
Sony Max HD Sony Pictures Networks India
Sony Max.png
Sony Max SD Sony Pictures Networks India
316 Star Gold 2 HD Disney Star
Star Gold 2.png
Star Gold 2 SD Disney Star
Zee Cinema HD.png
Zee Cinema HD Zee
Zee Cinema.svg
Zee Cinema SD Zee
323 Star Gold Romance SD Disney Star
325 Star Gold Thrills SD Disney Star
Zee Bollywood.jpg
Zee Bollywood SD Zee
328 Zee Classic SD Zee
331 &pictures HD Zee
332 &pictures SD Zee
333 &Xplore HD Zee
344 Colors Cineplex HD Viacom18
Colors Cineplex.png
Colors Cineplex SD Viacom18
346 B4U Kadak SD
Zee Action.png
Zee Action SD Zee
351 Sony Wah SD Sony Pictures Networks India
B4U Movies.png
B4U Movies SD
Sony Max 2.png
Sony Max 2 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
356 Star Gold Select HD Disney Star
357 Star Gold Select SD Disney Star
358 Cinema TV India SD
365 Wow Cinema One SD
367 Bflix Movies SD
369 Star Utsav Movies SD Disney Star
Zee Anmol Cinema.png
Zee Anmol Cinema SD Zee
372 Colors Cineplex Superhits SD Viacom18
373 Colors Cineplex Bollywood SD Viacom18
374 ABZY Movies SD
375 Goldmines SD
376 Manoranjan TV SD

English Movies

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
402 Star Movies HD Disney Star
403 Star Movies SD Disney Star
406 Sony Pix HD Sony Pictures Networks India
407 Sony Pix SD Sony Pictures Networks India
412 &flix HD Zee
413 &flix SD Zee
418 Star Movies Select HD Disney Star
419 Star Movies Select SD Disney Star
420 Movies Now HD
421 Movies Now SD
423 MN+ HD
425 MNX HD
426 MNX SD
429 Romedy Now SD
431 &privé HD Zee


Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
452 DD Sports HD
453 DD Sports SD
454 Star Sports 1 HD Disney Star
455 Star Sports 1 SD Disney Star
456 Star Sports 2 HD Disney Star
457 Star Sports 2 SD Disney Star
458 Star Sports 3 SD Disney Star
459 Star Sports 1 Hindi HD Disney Star
460 Star Sports 1 Hindi SD Disney Star
463 Star Sports Select 1 HD Disney Star
464 Star Sports Select 1 SD Disney Star
465 Star Sports Select 2 HD Disney Star
466 Star Sports Select 2 SD Disney Star
470 Sony Sports Ten 1 HD Sony Pictures Networks India
471 Sony Sports Ten 1 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
473 Sony Sports Ten 2 HD Sony Pictures Networks India
474 Sony Sports Ten 2 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
475 Sony Sports Ten 3 HD Sony Pictures Networks India
476 Sony Sports Ten 3 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
483 Sony Sports Ten 5 HD Sony Pictures Networks India
484 Sony Sports Ten 5 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
487 Sports18 1 HD Viacom18
488 Sports18 1 SD Viacom18
490 Sports18 2 SD Viacom18
492 Sports18 3 SD Viacom18
495 Eurosport HD
Eurosport SD
497 Star Sports First SD Disney Star

Hindi News

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
501 DD News HD
502 DD News SD
ABP News.svg
NDTV India.svg
508 Aaj Tak HD
Aaj Tak.svg
Aaj Tak SD
Zee News.png
Zee News SD Zee
India TV.png
India TV SD
516 News 24 SD
519 News18 India SD
520 Zee Bharat SD Zee
521 R Bharat SD
522 India News SD
523 News Nation SD
524 TV9 Bharatvarsh SD
525 Good News Today SD
527 Total TV SD
528 Times Now Navbharat HD
529 Times Now Navbharat SD
530 News India 24X7 SD
531 Bharat 24 SD
533 Surya Samachar SD
534 Sudarshan News SD
535 Bharat Express SD
536 India Daily Live SD
537 Desh News SD
542 APN News SD
551 India Voice SD
552 News11 Bharat SD
553 News 1 India SD
557 Hindi Khabar SD
559 Bharat Samachar SD
563 Khabrain Abhi Tak SD
566 Samay SD
567 Network10 SD
568 Jantantra SD
570 Har Khabar SD
572 FM News SD
573 Swadesh News SD
Zee Business.png
Zee Business SD Zee
592 CNBC Awaaz SD
594 ET Now Swadesh SD
597 Sansad TV HD
598 Sansad TV SD
599 Sansad TV - Rajya Sabha SD

English News

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
NDTV 24x7.svg
NDTV 24x7 SD
603 Times Now World HD
Times Now.png
Times Now SD
606 India Today SD
608 CNN News18 SD
610 NewsX SD
612 Mirror Now SD
613 WION SD Zee
616 Republic TV SD
621 DD India HD
622 DD India SD
NDTV Profit.svg
NDTV Profit Prime SD
625 CNBC TV18 Prime HD
626 CNBC TV18 SD
627 ET Now SD
Bloomberg TV SD
CNN International.svg
BBC News.svg
Al Jazeera English.svg
Al Jazeera SD
Channel NewsAsia.png
Channel News Asia SD
France 24.svg
France 24 SD
TV5MONDE Asie.png
TV5 Monde Asie SD
642 Australia TV SD
Russia Today SD
NHK World-Japan.svg
NHK World Japan SD


Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
652 Hungama TV SD Disney Star
655 Super Hungama SD Disney Star
657 Disney Channel HD Disney Star
Disney Channel 2014.svg
Disney Channel SD Disney Star
662 Nick HD+ HD Viacom18
Nick SD Viacom18
666 Cartoon Network HD+ HD
Cartoon Network.svg
Cartoon Network SD
670 Pogo SD
672 Discovery Kids SD
674 Sonic Nickelodeon SD Viacom18
676 Sony Yay SD Sony Pictures Networks India
678 Gubbare SD
680 ETV Bal Bharat SD
Nick Jr. 2009.svg
Nick Jr SD Viacom18
Disney Junior.svg
Disney Junior SD Disney Star
CBeebies 2002.svg
Cbeebies SD
692 Kushi TV SD Sun Group
693 Chutti TV SD Sun Group
694 Chintu TV SD Sun Group
695 Kochu TV SD Sun Group
696 Unique TV SD

Knowledge & Lifestyle

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
National Geographic HD.svg
National Geographic HD Disney Star
National Geographic.svg
National Geographic SD Disney Star
Nat Geo Wild HD Alt.svg
Nat Geo Wild HD Disney Star
National Geographic Wild Alt.svg
Nat Geo Wild SD Disney Star
713 Discovery Channel HD
Discovery Channel.svg
Discovery Channel SD
Animal Planet HD.svg
Animal Planet HD
Animal Planet.svg
Animal Planet SD
719 Discovery Science SD
720 History TV18 HD
721 History TV18 SD
724 Sony BBC Earth HD Sony Pictures Networks India
725 Sony BBC Earth SD Sony Pictures Networks India
735 Epic SD
753 Fox Life HD Disney Star
754 Fox Life SD Disney Star
755 DD Gyan Darshan SD
759 TLC HD
762 Good Times SD
Discovery Turbo.svg
Discovery Turbo SD
Travelxp HD.svg
TravelXP HD
TravelXP SD
Food Food.png
Food Food SD
769 Zee Zest HD Zee
770 Zee Zest SD Zee
771 Food XP SD
Fashion TV.svg
Fashion TV SD


Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
806 MTV HD Viacom18
MTV SD Viacom18
809 9XM SD
Zoom India.jpg
Zoom SD
813 E24 SD
820 MTV Beats HD Viacom18
821 MTV Beats SD Viacom18
822 B4U Music SD
825 Mastiii SD
Zing 2022.jpg
Zing SD Zee
830 9X Jalwa SD
835 Showbox SD
855 VH1 HD Viacom18
856 VH1 SD Viacom18


Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1055 Aastha SD
1057 Sanskar SD
1059 Paras Gold One SD
1061 MH One Shraddha SD
1063 Sadhna TV SD
1064 Sharnam TV SD
1065 Peace of Mind SD
1066 Jinvani Channel SD
1067 Dharm Sandesh SD
1068 Ishwar TV SD
1073 Satsang TV SD
1074 Shubh TV SD
1077 Aastha Bhajan SD
1078 Vedic SD
1082 Subharti TV SD
1083 Divya SD
1084 Awakening SD
1085 Santwani SD
1086 Aadinath TV SD
1087 Sanskriti 24x7 SD
1088 Studio One + SD
1089 Hare Krsna SD

Hindi Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1102 Zee Ganga SD
1104 MH One Dil Se SD
1113 Zee Biskope SD
1114 Filamchi Bhojpuri SD
1118 Oscar Movies Bhojpuri SD
1119 Bhojpuri Cinema SD
1120 B4U Bhojpuri SD
1122 Pasand SD
1123 Raapchik SD
1125 News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand SD
1126 Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand SD
1129 News18 Bihar Jharkhand SD
1130 Zee Bihar Jharkhand SD
1136 India News UP UK SD
1137 News State UP Uttarakhand SD
1138 Sadhna Plus News SD
1139 Kashish News SD
1140 Sahara Samay UP SD
1141 HNN News SD
1144 DD Uttarakhand SD
1145 DD Jharkhand SD
1146 DD Bharati SD
1147 DD Uttar Pradesh SD
1148 DD Bihar SD
1149 News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh SD
1150 Zee Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh SD
1153 IBC 24 SD
1154 Bansal News SD
1155 INH 24x7 SD
1156 India News MP CH SD
1157 News State MP CG SD
1158 Swaraj Express SMBC SD
1159 Sadhna News MP CG SD
1160 News 24 MP CH SD
1161 Anaadi TV SD
1162 News Hour SD
1163 TV27 News SD
1164 Aryan TV SD
1165 Asian News SD
1166 TV24 SD
1168 Vistaar News SD
1174 DD Chhattisgarh SD
1175 DD Madhya Pradesh SD
1176 News18 Rajasthan SD
1177 Zee Rajasthan News SD
1182 First India Rajasthan SD
1183 India News Rajasthan SD
1185 Jan TV SD
1186 Sach Bedhadak SD
1188 NDTV Rajasthan SD
1190 DD Rajasthan SD
1191 News18 Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Himachal SD
1192 Salaam TV SD
1193 Channel WIN SD
1194 Gulistan News SD
DD Urdu.png
DD Urdu SD

Marathi Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1201 Colors Marathi HD Viacom18
Colors Marathi.jpg
Colors Marathi SD Viacom18
1203 Zee Marathi HD Zee
Zee Marathi.png
Zee Marathi SD Zee
1207 Star Pravah HD Disney Star
1208 Star Pravah SD Disney Star
1211 Zee Yuva SD Zee
1213 Sony Marathi SD Sony Pictures Networks India
1216 Sun Marathi HD Sun Group
1217 Sun Marathi SD Sun Group
1225 Zee Talkies HD Zee
1226 Zee Talkies SD Zee
1227 Star Pravah Pictures HD Disney Star
1228 Star Pravah Pictures SD Disney Star
1229 Fakt Marathi SD
1230 Shemaroo Marathi Bana SD
1255 ABP Majha SD
1257 News18 Lokmat SD
1259 Zee 24 Taas SD Zee
1261 Saam TV SD
1262 Jai Maharashtra SD
1263 TV9 Marathi SD
1265 Lokshahi Marathi SD
1267 Pudhari News SD
1274 DD Sahyadri SD
1277 Sangeet Marathi SD

Bengali Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1302 Colors Bangla HD Viacom18
1303 Colors Bangla SD Viacom18
1306 Zee Bangla HD Zee
1307 Zee Bangla SD Zee
1309 Star Jalsha HD Disney Star
1310 Star Jalsha SD Disney Star
1312 Sony Aath SD Sony Pictures Networks India
1316 Sun Bangla HD Sun Group
1317 Sun Bangla SD Sun Group
1320 Aakaash Aath SD
1321 Ruposhi Bangla SD
1326 Jalsha Movies HD Disney Star
1327 Jalsha Movies SD Disney Star
Zee Bangla Cinema.jpg
Zee Bangla Cinema SD Zee
1331 Colors Bangla Cinema SD Viacom18
1341 Khushboo Bangla SD
1355 Rongeen TV SD
1360 ABP Ananda SD
1362 Zee 24 Ghanta SD Zee
1363 Kolkata TV SD
1365 News18 Bangla SD
1366 TV9 Bangla SD
1367 Republic Bangla SD
1368 News Time Bangla SD
1369 CTVN AKD Plus SD
1370 Calcutta News SD
1371 NKTV Bangla SD
1372 R Plus SD
1379 DD Bangla SD
1380 Sangeet Bangla SD

Telugu Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1403 Zee Telugu HD
1404 Zee Telugu SD
1405 Gemini TV HD Sun Group
Gemini TV.png
Gemini TV SD Sun Group
1408 Star Maa HD Disney Star
1409 Star Maa SD Disney Star
1411 ETV HD
ETV Telugu.jpg
ETV Telugu SD
1415 Gemini Life SD Sun Group
1417 ETV Plus SD
1419 Telugu Naaptol - Free SD
1422 Vissa SD
1425 Vanitha SD
1430 Gemini Movies HD Sun Group
1431 Gemini Movies SD Sun Group
1432 Star Maa Movies HD Disney Star
1433 Star Maa Movies SD Disney Star
1435 Star Maa Gold SD Disney Star
1437 Zee Cinemalu HD
1438 Zee Cinemalu SD
1440 ETV Cinema SD
1442 Gemini Comedy SD Sun Group
1445 Star Sports 1 Telugu HD Disney Star
1446 Star Sports 1 Telugu SD Disney Star
1451 ETV Life SD
1453 ETV Abhiruchi SD
1456 Sakshi TV SD
1457 ETV Andhra Pradesh SD
1458 TV5 News SD
1459 TV9 Telugu SD
1460 NTV Telugu SD
1461 ABN Andhra Jyothy SD
1462 T News SD
1463 V6 News SD
1464 ETV Telengana SD
1465 HM TV SD
1466 Raj News Telugu SD
1467 10 TV SD
1468 Swatantra TV SD
1470 4TV News SD
1471 Channel 36- UP/UK SD
1472 BIG TV SD
1473 News 360 SD
1474 Mahaa News SD
1475 BRK News SD
1476 6TV SD
1477 Zee Telugu News SD
1481 DD Saptagiri SD
1482 DD Yadagiri SD
1483 Gemini Music HD Sun Group
1484 Gemini Music SD Sun Group
1486 Star Maa Music SD Disney Star
1487 Raj Musix Telugu SD
1490 Bhakti TV SD
1491 Subhavaartha TV SD
1492 Aradana TV SD
1493 Swara Sagar SD
1494 Hindu Dharmam SD
1499 SVBC SD

Tamil Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1503 Sun TV HD Sun Group
Sun TV.png
Sun TV SD Sun Group
1506 Sun Life SD Sun Group
1507 Star Vijay HD Disney Star
1508 Star Vijay SD Disney Star
1510 Zee Tamil HD Zee
Zee Tamil.png
Zee Tamil SD Zee
1512 Vijay Super HD Disney Star
1513 Vijay Super SD Disney Star
1514 Colors Tamil HD Viacom18
COLORS Tamil.png
Colors Tamil SD Viacom18
1517 Jaya TV HD
1518 Kalaignar TV SD
1520 Raj TV SD
1521 D Tamil SD
1522 Raj Digital Plus SD
1523 Mega TV SD
1524 Mega 24 SD
1525 Tamil Naaptol - Free SD
1530 Vasanth TV SD
1531 Sirippoli SD
1532 Polimer TV SD
1533 Makkal TV SD
1534 Peppers TV SD
1536 Vendhar TV SD
1540 KTV HD Sun Group
1541 KTV SD Sun Group
1543 Adithya TV SD Sun Group
1544 J Movies SD
1545 Zee Thirai HD Zee
1546 Zee Thirai SD Zee
1550 Star Sports 1 Tamil HD Disney Star
1551 Star Sports 1 Tamil SD Disney Star
1552 Sony Sports Ten 4 SD Sony Pictures Networks India
1553 TravelXP Tamil SD
1554 Sony Sports Ten 4 HD Sony Pictures Networks India
1556 Puthiya Thalaimurai SD
1557 Thanthi TV SD
Jaya Plus.png
Jaya Plus SD
1559 Sun News SD Sun Group
1561 Polimer News SD
1562 News18 Tamil Nadu SD
1563 Seithigal TV SD
1564 Raj News Tamil SD
1565 Sathiyam TV SD
1566 Malaimurasu Seithigal SD
1568 News J SD
1569 News Tamil 24x7 SD
1578 DD Tamil SD
1579 Sun Music HD Sun Group
1580 Sun Music SD Sun Group
1581 Jaya Max SD
1582 Raj Musix SD
1583 Vijay Takkar SD Disney Star
1584 Isaiaruvi SD
1585 Murasu TV SD
1586 Mega Musiq SD
1587 Jothi TV SD
1590 Madha TV SD
1591 Angel TV SD
1592 Nambikkai TV SD
1599 SVBC 2 SD

Kannada Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1603 Udaya TV HD Sun Group
1604 Udaya TV SD Sun Group
1605 Colors Kannada HD
Colors Kannada.png
Colors Kannada SD
1609 Star Suvarna HD Disney Star
Star Suvarna.png
Star Suvarna SD Disney Star
1611 Zee Kannada HD
Zee Kannada.png
Zee Kannada SD
1615 Colors Super SD
1617 Kannada Naaptol - Free SD
1618 Sirikannada All Time SD
1626 Udaya Movies SD Sun Group
1628 Udaya Comedy SD Sun Group
1630 Star Suvarna Plus SD Disney Star
1632 Colors Kannada Cinema SD
1633 Zee Picchar HD
1634 Zee Picchar SD
1639 Public Movies SD
1645 Star Sports 1 Kannada SD Disney Star
1650 Kasthuri SD
1654 TV9 Kannada SD
1654 News18 Kannada SD
1655 Public TV SD
1656 Suvarna News 24x7 SD Asianet News Network
1657 TV5 Kannada SD
1658 Raj News Kannada SD
1659 R Kannada SD
1660 Power TV SD
1661 News 1st Kannada SD
1662 Vistara News SD
1663 Prajaa TV SD
1664 Zee Kannada News SD
1672 DD Chandana SD
1673 Udaya Music SD Sun Group
1674 Raj Musix Kannada SD
1677 Public Music SD
1685 Sri Sankara TV SD
1686 Ayush TV SD
1698 SVBC 3 SD

Gujarati Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
Colors Gujarati.svg
Colors Gujarati SD Viacom18
1711 Colors Gujarati Cinema SD Viacom18
1720 TV9 Gujarati SD
1721 Gujarat Samachar TV SD
1722 Sandesh News SD
1724 CNBC Bajaar SD TV18
1726 News18 Gujarati SD TV18
1728 ABP Asmita SD
1729 VTV News SD
1731 Zee 24 Kalak SD Zee
1732 India News Gujarat SD
1735 Gujarat First 24x7 News SD
1736 Praveg SD
1737 News Capital SD
1739 DD Girnar SD
1743 Aastha Gujarati SD

Odia Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1752 Colors Oriya SD
1754 Tarang TV SD
1756 Zee Sarthak SD
1757 Sidharth TV SD
1758 Star Kiran HD Disney Star
1759 Star Kiran SD Disney Star
1763 Alankar SD
1766 Sidharth Gold SD
1771 OTV SD
1774 Kanak News SD
1776 News18 Odia SD
1777 Kalinga TV SD
1778 Prameya News 7 SD
1779 Nandighosha TV SD
1780 Argus News SD
1785 DD Odia SD
1786 Tarang Music SD
1795 Prarthana TV SD
1796 Sidharth Bhakti SD
1799 Jay Jagannath SD

Malayalam Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1802 Surya TV HD Sun Group
Surya TV.png
Surya TV SD Sun Group
1806 Asianet HD Disney Star
Asianet SD Disney Star
Asianet Plus.png
Asianet Plus SD Disney Star
1811 Zee Keralam HD
Zee Keralam.png
Zee Keralam SD
1814 Flowers SD
1818 Mazhavil Manorama HD
1819 Mazhavil Manorama SD
1820 Kairali TV SD
1822 We TV SD
1823 Amrita TV SD
Surya Movies.png
Surya Movies SD Sun Group
1827 Asianet Movies HD Disney Star
Asianet Movies.png
Asianet Movies SD Disney Star
1830 Surya Comedy SD Sun Group
1838 Safari TV SD
1841 Asianet News SD Asianet News Network
1842 News18 Kerala SD
1843 Manorama News SD
1844 Mathrubhumi News SD
1846 Kairali News SD
1847 Jai Hind TV SD
1848 Jeevan TV SD
1849 Media One TV SD
1850 Janam TV SD
1851 Kaumudy SD
1853 Raj News Malayalam SD
1854 Twenty four SD
1855 Reporter TV SD
1856 Shekinah SD
1874 DD Malayalam SD
1875 Surya Music SD
1877 Raj Musix Malayalam SD
1878 Kappa TV SD
1885 Goodness SD
1886 God TV SD
1887 Shalom TV SD
1888 Harvest TV 24x7 SD

Punjabi Regional

Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
Zee Punjabi.png
Zee Punjabi SD
PTC Punjabi.png
PTC Punjabi SD
1907 MH One SD
1910 Tabbar Hits SD
1911 Pitaara TV SD
PTC Gold.png
1920 Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh SD
PTC News.png
1922 News18 Punjab Haryana SD
1923 India News Punjab SD
1924 India News Haryana SD
1925 Janta TV SD
1926 MH One News SD
1927 ANB News SD
1928 Living India News SD
1930 Khabar Fast SD
1931 Zee Delhi NCR Haryana SD
1932 STV Haryana News SD
1933 Daily Post Punjab Haryana Himachal SD
1934 WPN World TV Punjabi SD
1935 DD Punjabi SD
1936 DD Himachal SD
1937 DD Haryana SD
PTC Chak De.png
PTC Chak De SD
PTC Music.png
PTC Music SD
1942 Punjabi Hits SD
1945 Chardikla Time TV SD
PTC Simran.png
PTC Simran SD


Channel number Channel name Channel logo Quality Group
1951 Nepal 1 SD
1952 Rang SD
1953 Rengoni TV SD
1954 Spondon SD
1961 Indradhanu SD
1970 DY 365 SD
1971 News18 Assam North East SD
1973 News Live SD
1974 Protidin Time SD
1975 Prag News SD
1976 North East Live SD
1977 NKTV 24x7 SD
1978 Hornbill TV SD
1979 ND24 Newsdaily24in SD
1980 NB News SD
1985 DD Port Blair SD
1986 DD Arunprabha SD
1987 DD Manipur SD
1988 DD North East SD
1989 DD Kashir SD
1990 Ramdhenu SD
1991 DD Meghalaya SD
1992 DD Tripura SD
1994 DD Nagaland SD
1995 DD Goa SD
1996 DD Mizoram SD

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