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List of channels on Tivùsat

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Current Tivùsat logo

Tivùsat is an Italian free satellite television platform operating in Italy by Tivù, itself owned by Rai, Mediaset, Cairo Communication, Confindustria Radio TV e Aeranti-Corallo.

TV services are transmitted from the Eutelsat's Hot Bird satellites, located at 13.0° East, and encrypted in Nagravision.

Channel format, packs and services

This table shows the colour used to show the channel format. 4K UHD HDR channels are broadcast in 2160p UHDTV; most HD channels are broadcast in 1080i HDTV; SD channels are broadcast in 576i 16:9 SDTV.

Channel number box Description
210 4K UHD HDR channel number
1 HD channel number
11 SD channel number

This table shows the colour coding used to show what type of subscription (if any) is needed to view a channel or service.

Pack or service name Provider Description
Free-to-air Various Channels that can be viewed without a subscription
Free-to-view Free-to-air channels that require a Tivùsat viewing card
DAZN DAZN DAZN subscription required

Channel list


UHD HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Encryption / Pack (UHD) Encryption / Pack (HD) Encryption / Pack (SD)
1 Rai 1 Rai 1.svg Rai Occasionally encrypted/free-to-view 24 hours Free-to-air
2 Rai 2 Rai 2.svg
3 Rai 3 Rai 3.svg
4 Rete 4 Rete 4.svg Mediaset Free-to-view
5 Canale 5 Canale 5.svg
6 Italia 1 Italia 1.svg
7 LA7 La 7.svg Cairo Communication
8 TV8 TV8 Italy.svg Sky Italia
9 Nove Nove.svg Discovery Italia
10 Rai 4 Rai 4.svg Rai
11 Iris Iris.svg Mediaset
12 La 5 La 5.svg
13 Rai 5 Rai 5.svg Rai
14 Rai Movie Rai Movie.svg
15 Rai Premium Rai Premium.svg
16 Italia 2 Italia 2.svg Mediaset
17 Mediaset Extra Mediaset Extra.svg
18 TV2000 TV2000.svg Italian Episcopal Conference Free-to-air
19 Cielo Cielo.png Sky Italia Free-to-view
20 20 20.svg Mediaset
21 Rai Sport Rai Sport.svg Rai Occasionally free-to-air
22 VH1 VH1.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
23 Rai Storia Rai Storia.svg Rai Free-to-air
24 Rai News 24 Rai News 24.svg
25 TGcom24 TGcom24.png Mediaset
26 Rai Scuola Rai Scuola.svg Rai
27 TwentySeven TwentySeven.svg Mediaset Free-to-view
28 DMAX DMAX.svg Discovery Italia
29 LA7d LA7d.svg Cairo Communication
31 Real Time Real Time.svg Discovery Italia
32 QVC QVC.svg QVC Italia Free-to-air
33 Focus Focus.svg Mediaset Free-to-view
34 Cine34 Cine34.svg
35 Radio Italia TV Radio Italia TV.svg Radio Italia Free-to-air
36 RTL 102.5 TV RTL 102.5.svg RTL 102.5 Hit Radio
37 RTL 102.5 NEWS RTL 102.5.svg
38 Giallo Giallo.svg Discovery Italia Free-to-view
39 Top Crime Top Crime.svg Mediaset
40 Boing Boing.svg Mediaset /
Turner Broadcasting System Italia
41 Cartoonito Cartoonito.svg
42 Rai Gulp Rai Gulp.svg Rai Free-to-air
43 Rai Yoyo Rai Yoyo.svg Free-to-view
44 Frisbee Frisbee.svg Discovery Italia Free-to-view
46 K2 K2 Italy.svg
47 Super! Super!.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
48 ARTE Arte.svg ARTE France /
ARTE Deutschland TV
49 Mezzo Mezzo.svg Groupe Lagardère /
France Télévisions
50 RDS Social TV RDS Social TV.svg Radio Dimensione Suono Free-to-air
51 EQUtv NoInfo
52 ACI Sport TV NoInfo
53 Food Network Food Network.svg Discovery Italia Free-to-view
54 Warner TV Italy Warner TV Italy.svg
55 Gold TV NoInfo Free-to-air
56 HGTV HGTV.svg Discovery Italia Free-to-view
57 Motor Trend Motor Trend.svg
58 Solo Calcio Italia Sport Communication S.r.l. Free-to-air
59 Euronews Euronews.svg Euronews SA Free-to-air
61 BFC BFC.svg Blue Financial Communication
63 Radio Italia Trend TV Radio Italia Trend TV.svg Radio Italia Free-to-air
64 Radio Kiss Kiss TV Radio Kiss Kiss.png Radio Kiss Kiss
65 Radio Zeta TV Radio Zeta.svg Radio Zeta /
RTL 102.5 Hit Radio
66 Radio Freccia TV Radio Freccia.png A.C.R.C. /
RTL 102.5 Hit Radio
67 Radio Monte Carlo TV RMC Logo.png RadioMediaset Free-to-view
68 Virgin Radio TV Virgin Radio.svg
69 France 24 English France 24.svg Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France Free-to-air
70 BBC News BBC News.svg BBC Free-to-air
71 Al Jazeera English Al Jazeera English.svg Al Jazeera Media Network Free-to-air
72 TRT World TRT World.svg Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
73 NHK World TV NHK World-Japan.svg NHK
74 FREEДОМ FREEДОМ.svg Ukrinform Free-to-air
75 France 24 en français France 24.svg Audiovisuel Extérieur de la France Free-to-air
77 177 Al Jazeera Al Jazeera.svg Al Jazeera Media Network Free-to-air
78 Espreso TV Espreso TV.svg Goldberry LLC Free-to-air
79 Sonlife Broadcasting Network SonLife Broadcasting Network.png Jimmy Swaggart
81 CNBC CNBC.svg NBCUniversal Free-to-air
82 Bloomberg Television Bloomberg.svg Bloomberg L.P. Free-to-air
83 i24 English I24News.svg Patrick Drahi Free-to-air
84 i24 French
85 DW English DW.svg ARD
86 Euronews English Euronews.svg Euronews SA
87 187 CGTN CGTN.svg China Central Television Free-to-air
88 CGTN Documentary CGTN Documentary.svg Free-to-air
89 Senato TV Senato TV.svg Senato della Repubblica Free-to-air
90 Camera dei deputati Camera dei deputati.png Camera dei deputati
91 KBS World KBS World.svg Korean Broadcasting System Free-to-air
92 CCTV-4 CCTV-4.svg China Central Television
93 San Marino RTV San Marino RTV.svg San Marino RTV
202 Rai Radio 2 Visual Rai Radio 2.svg Rai Free-to-view
210 Rai 4K Rai 4K.svg Free-to-view
211 NASA TV Nasa TV.svg NASA Free-to-air
220 Museum Museum.svg Secom Free-to-view
222 MyZen TV My Zen 4K.svg
225 Travel XP TravelXP 4K.svg Celebrities Management Private Limited
230 HotBird 4K1 NoInfo Eutelsat Free-to-air
289 Fashion TV Fashion TV.svg Michel Adam Lisowski
301 Rai 3 TGR Valle d'Aosta Rai 3.svg Rai Rai 3 national version that airs regional news Free-to-view
302 Rai 3 TGR Piemonte
303 Rai 3 TGR Liguria
304 Rai 3 TGR Lombardia
305 Rai 3 TGR Veneto
306 Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Bolzano
307 Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Trento
308 Rai 3 TGR Südtirol Rai Südtirol.svg It airs German and Ladin programming for German-speaking public from South Tyrol and Ladin-speaking public from Ladinia Free-to-view
309 Rai 3 TGR Friuli-Venezia Giulia Rai 3.svg Rai 3 national version that airs regional news Free-to-view
310 Rai 3 TGR Friulanija-Julijska Krajina It airs Slovene programming for Slovene-speaking public from Friuli-Venezia Giulia
311 Rai 3 TGR Emilia-Romagna Rai 3 national version that airs regional news
312 Rai 3 TGR Toscana
313 Rai 3 TGR Marche
314 Rai 3 TGR Umbria
315 Rai 3 TGR Lazio
316 Rai 3 TGR Abruzzo
317 Rai 3 TGR Molise
318 Rai 3 TGR Campania
319 Rai 3 TGR Puglia
320 Rai 3 TGR Basilicata
321 Rai 3 TGR Calabria
322 Rai 3 TGR Sardegna
323 Rai 3 TGR Sicilia
444 Horse TV Horse TV.png Class Editori /
Giglio Group
445 Padre Pio TV NoInfo Free-to-air
454 Parole di vita Parole di vita.jpg NoInfo Free-to-air
462 Byoblu
la TV dei cittadini
Byoblu logo h100.jpg Byoblu Edizioni Free-to-air
518 ER24 NoInfo Free-to-air
519 TRM h24
(Televisione Radio del Mezzogiorno)
TRM.png Rossella Tosto
701 UniNettuno University TV Uninettuno University TV.png Università telematica internazionale UniNettuno
809 Paci contemporary channel Paci contemporary
815 Vatican Media Vatican Media Free-to-air
819 Videolina Videolina.png L'Unione Editoriale Free-to-air
832 TVA Vicenza TVA Vicenza.png Videomedia
863 Arte Atelier NoInfo
868 Arte Investimenti NoInfo Free-to-air
882 EURSAT NoInfo Free-to-air


UHD HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Encryption / Pack (UHD) Encryption / Pack (HD) Encryption / Pack (SD)
601 Rai Radio 1 Rai Radio 1.svg Rai 24 hours Free-to-air
602 Rai Radio 2 Rai Radio 2.svg
603 Rai Radio 3 Rai Radio 3.svg
604 Rai Isoradio Rai Isoradio.svg
605 Rai Gr Parlamento Rai Gr Parlamento.svg
606 Rai Radio 1 Sport Rai Radio 1 Sport.svg
607 Rai Radio 3 Classica Rai Radio 3 Classica.svg
608 RDS RDS Logo.png Radio Dimensione Suono
609 Dimensione Suono Roma NoInfo
610 RTL 102.5 RTL 102.5.svg RTL 102.5 Hit Radio
611 Radio Zeta Radio Zeta.svg
612 Radio Freccia Radio Freccia.png
613 Radio Gamma Stereo NoInfo
615 Radio 105 105.png RadioMediaset
616 Virgin Radio Virgin Radio.svg
617 R101 R101.svg
618 Radio Monte Carlo RMC Logo.png
619 Rai Radio Südtirol Rai Radio Südtirol.svg Rai
620 Radio Italia Radio Italia TV.svg Radio Italia
621 Radio m2o Radio m2o - Logo 2019.png Elemedia
622 Radio Capital Radio Capital.svg
623 Radio Deejay Logo DeeJay.png
624 Radio 24 Radio 24.svg Gruppo 24 ORE
625 Discoradio Discoradio.png Radio Dimensione Suono
626 Radio Onda d'Urto NoInfo
627 Radio Italia Anni 60 NoInfo Radio Italia
628 Radio Sintony NoInfo
629 Radio Supersound NoInfo
630 Radio Margherita Radio Margherita.png NoInfo
631 Radio Number One NoInfo Radio Lagouno
632 Radio Radio NoInfo
633 Radio Maria Radio Maria.png Associazione Radio Maria
634 Radio Mater Radio Mater.jpg Associazione Radio Mater
635 Radio Popolare NoInfo Errepi
636 No Name Radio NoInfo
637 Rai Radio Tutta Italiana Rai Radio Tutta Italiana.svg Rai
638 Rai Radio Techetè Rai Radio Techeté.svg
639 Rai Radio Kids Rai Radio Kids.svg
640 Rai Radio Live Rai Radio Live.svg
641 L'Ora della Venezia Giulia
642 Rai Radio Trst A
643 Radio Kiss Kiss Radio Kiss Kiss.png Radio Kiss Kiss
644 Radio Sportiva Radio Sportiva.png Priverno
645 RVS-Accendi la Speranza NoInfo
656 Radio France Internationale RFI.png Radio France Internationale
661 Radio Swiss Pop Radio Swiss Pop.svg SRG SSR
662 Radio Swiss Jazz Radio Swiss Jazz.svg
663 Radio Swiss Classic Radio Swiss Classic.svg
667 DW-FM02 DW.svg ARD
668 DW08
670 DW09