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List of channels on Vodafone TV (Italy)

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Current Vodafone logo

Vodafone TV is an Italian IPTV platform operating in Italy by Vodafone Italia, part of Vodafone Group.

Channel format, packs and services

This table shows the colour used to show the channel format. HD channels are broadcast in 1080i HDTV; SD channels are broadcast in 576i 16:9 SDTV.

Channel number box Description
1001 HD channel number
1008 SD channel number

This table shows the colour coding used to show what type of subscription (if any) is needed to view a channel or service.

Pack or service name Provider Description
Vodafone TV Intrattenimento Vodafone The basic TV package from Vodafone
Vodafone TV Sport Plus Adds Sky Sport Mix to the Vodafone TV Intrattenimento package
NOW Entertainment Sky Package for NOW's entertainment channels
NOW Sport Package for NOW's sport channels
NOW Cinema Package for NOW's cinema channels
NOW Kids Package for NOW's kids channels

Channel list

Intrattenimento (Entertainment)

HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Package
1001 Discovery Channel Discovery Channel.svg Discovery Italia 24 hours Vodafone TV Intrattenimento
1007 LA7 La 7.svg Cairo Communication
1008 TV8 TV8 Italy.svg Sky Italia
1009 Nove Nove.svg Discovery Italia
1027 Paramount Network Paramount Network.png ViacomCBS Networks Italia
1029 LA7d LA7d.svg Cairo Communication
1031 Real Time Real Time.svg Discovery Italia
1033 Food Network Food Network.svg
1038 Giallo Giallo.svg
1041 K2 K2 Italy.svg
1044 Frisbee Frisbee.svg
1047 Super! Super!.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
1049 Spike Spike AU.svg
1052 DMAX DMAX.svg Discovery Italia
1056 HGTV HGTV.svg
1059 Motor Trend Motor Trend.svg
1067 VH1 VH1.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
1099 Sky Sport Mix Sky Sport Mix HD.svg Sky Italia Vodafone TV Sport Plus
1100 Sky Uno Sky Uno.svg NOW Entertainment
1101 Sky Atlantic Sky Atlantic.svg
1102 Fox FOX.svg Fox Networks Group Italy
1103 Sky Investigation Sky Investigation.svg Sky Italia
1104 Sky Serie Sky Serie.svg
1105 MTV MTV.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
1106 Comedy Central Comedy Central.svg
1107 History History.svg A+E Networks Italia
1108 National Geographic National Geographic.svg Fox Networks Group Italy
1109 Sky Nature Sky Nature.svg Sky Italia
1110 Sky Arte Sky Arte.svg
1111 Sky Documentaries Sky Documentaries.svg
1112 Sky TG24 Sky TG24.svg


HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Package
1200 Sky Sport 24 Sky Sport 24.svg Sky Italia 24 hours NOW Sport
1201 Sky Sport Uno Sky Sport Uno.svg
1202 Sky Sport Calcio Sky Sport Calcio.svg
1203 Sky Sport Football Sky Sport Football.svg
1204 Sky Sport Arena Sky Sport Arena.svg
1205 Sky Sport Tennis Sky Sport Tennis.svg
1206 Sky Sport Action Sky Sport Action.svg
1207 Sky Sport F1 Sky Sport F1.svg
1208 Sky Sport MotoGP Sky Sport MotoGP.svg
1209 Sky Sport NBA Sky Sport NBA.svg
1210 Eurosport 1 Eurosport 1.svg Discovery Italia
1211 Eurosport 2 Eurosport 2.svg

Cinema (Movies)

HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Package
1301 Sky Cinema Uno Sky Cinema Uno.svg Sky Italia 24 hours NOW Cinema
1302 Sky Cinema Due Sky Cinema Due.svg
1303 Sky Cinema Collection Sky Cinema Collection.svg
1304 Sky Cinema Family Sky Cinema Family.svg
1305 Sky Cinema Action Sky Cinema Action.svg
1306 Sky Cinema Suspense Sky Cinema Suspense.svg
1307 Sky Cinema Romance Sky Cinema Romance.svg
1308 Sky Cinema Drama Sky Cinema Drama.svg
1309 Sky Cinema Comedy Sky Cinema Comedy.svg


HD SD Channel name Logo Owner Notes Broadcast hours Package
1600 Cartoon Network Cartoon Network.svg Turner Broadcasting System Italia 24 hours NOW Kids
1601 Boomerang Boomerang.svg
1602 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon.svg ViacomCBS Networks Italia
1603 Nick Jr. Nick Jr..svg
1604 DeA Kids DeA Kids.svg De Agostini
1605 BabyTV Babytv.png Fox Networks Group Italy