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List of line-up changes on Freesat (UK) in 2024

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Date Region EPG No. Channel logo Channel name Type of change New EPG No. New channel name New channel logo Notes
HD boxes SD boxes HD boxes SD boxes
03/01/24 181 That's Christmas.png That's Christmas SD Rename That's TV 2 SD That's TV 2.svg
303 GREAT! christmas.svg GREAT! christmas SD Reversion GREAT! romance SD GREAT! romance.svg
304 GREAT! christmas +1.svg GREAT! christmas +1 GREAT! romance +1 GREAT! romance +1.svg
502 BoXmas.svg Box Christmas SD
The Box SD The Box.svg
08/01/24 700 BBC Radio 1.svg BBC Radio 1 Removal Moved to DVB-S2 transponders
701 BBC Radio 1Xtra.svg BBC Radio 1Xtra
702 BBC Radio 2.svg BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3.svg BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4.svg BBC Radio 4 FM
705 BBC Radio 5 Live.svg BBC Radio 5 Live
706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.svg BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra
707 BBC Radio 6 Music.svg BBC Radio 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 4 Extra.svg BBC Radio 4 Extra
709 BBC Asian Network.svg BBC Asian Network
710 BBC Radio 4 LW.svg BBC Radio 4 LW
711 BBC World Service.svg BBC World Service
712 BBC Radio Scotland.svg BBC Radio Scotland
713 BBC Radio nan Gàidheal.svg BBC Radio nan Gàidheal
714 BBC Radio Wales.svg BBC Radio Wales
715 BBC Radio Cymru.svg BBC Radio Cymru
716 BBC Radio Ulster.svg BBC Radio Ulster
717 BBC Radio Foyle.svg BBC Radio Foyle
London 718 BBC Radio London.svg BBC Radio London
Wales 718 BBC Radio Cymru 2.svg BBC Radio Cymru 2
Eng, Scot, NI 735
09/01/24 ScotB 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
(Border Scotland)
Wales 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
CI 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
(Channel Islands)
NI 111 103 UTV.svg UTV SD
West Scotland
103 STV (Scotland).svg STV West SD
North Scotland
103 STV (Scotland).svg STV Tayside SD
115 ITV3.svg ITV3 SD
117 ITV4.svg ITV4 SD
119 ITVBe.svg ITVBe SD
ScotB, NI 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
Wales 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
(Central West)
CI 111 103 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
(Meridian East)
West Scotland
111 STV (Scotland).svg STV West HD
Move 103
111 103 STV (Scotland).svg STV East SD
North Scotland
103 STV (Scotland).svg STV North SD
07/02/24 142 GREAT! tv.svg GREAT! tv SD Removal
143 GREAT! tv +1.svg GREAT! tv +1
302 GREAT! movies.svg GREAT! movies SD
303 GREAT! romance.svg GREAT! romance SD
304 GREAT! romance +1.svg GREAT! romance +1
305 GREAT! action.svg GREAT! action SD
603 Pop.svg Pop SD
604 Pop Max.svg Pop Max SD
605 Tiny Pop.svg Tiny Pop SD