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List of line-up changes on Virgin Media (Ireland) in 2020

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Date EPG No. Channel logo Channel name Type of change New EPG No. New channel name New channel logo Notes
TV 360 Horizon
& Older
TV 360 Horizon
& Older
06/01/20 651 702 VH1 Christmas.png VH1 Christmas SD Reversion MTV Rocks SD MTV Rocks.svg
07/01/20 658 706 VH1.svg VH1 SD Removal
09/01/20 664 714 BoXmas 2019.png BoXmas SD Removal
27/01/20 118 173 Universal TV HD.svg Universal TV HD Removal
716 123 Universal TV.svg Universal TV SD Removal
118 173 Sky Comedy HD.svg Sky Comedy HD Launch
716 123 Sky Comedy.svg Sky Comedy SD Launch
??/02/20 858 Television X.png Television X SD Removal
863 863 Sky Sports Box Office 2017.svg Sky Sports Box Office SD
(PPV Channel 2)
28/02/20 655 707 MTV Classic 2017.svg MTV Classic SD Temporary rename MTV 80s SD MTV 80s (UK & Ireland) 2020.svg
01/04/20 655 707 MTV 80s (UK & Ireland) 2020.svg MTV 80s SD Reversion MTV Classic SD MTV Classic 2017.svg
27/05/20 216 220 History HD 2015.svg History HD Rename Sky History HD Sky History HD.svg
726 217 History 2015.svg History SD Rename Sky History SD Sky History.svg
217 226 History 2 2019.svg History 2 SD Rename Sky History2 SD Sky History2.svg
29/05/20 657 709 MTV OMG.svg MTV OMG SD Temporary rename MTV 00s SD MTV 00s.svg
22/06/20 657 709 MTV 00s.svg MTV 00s SD Temporary rename MTV Pride SD MTV Pride 2019.svg
29/06/20 657 709 MTV Pride 2019.svg MTV Pride SD Reversion MTV OMG SD MTV OMG.svg
20/07/20 651 702 MTV Rocks.svg MTV Rocks SD Removal
654 705 Club MTV 2018.svg Club MTV SD Removal
657 709 MTV OMG.svg MTV OMG SD Removal
0?/08/20 312 342 Sky Cinema Animation HD.svg Sky Cinema Animation HD Launch
342 312 Sky Cinema Animation.svg Sky Cinema Animation SD Launch
1?/08/20 521 321 Sky Cinema Premiere +1.svg Sky Cinema Premiere +1 Removal
26/08/20 410 410 (440) Eir Sport 1 HD.png eir Sport 1 HD Removal
(410) Eir Sport 1.svg eir Sport 1 SD Removal
27/08/20 120 115 Sky Two.svg Sky Two SD Rename Sky Replay SD Sky Replay.svg
31/08/20 200 RTÉ News Now.svg RTÉ News Now IPTV Rename RTÉ News IPTV RTÉ News.svg
31/08/20 200 RTÉ News Now.svg RTÉ News Now SD Rename RTÉ News SD RTÉ News.svg
21/09/20 220 RT.svg RT SD Removal
24/09/20 3xx 329 Sony Movies Classic.png Sony Movies Classic SD Temporary rename Sony Movies Christmas SD Sony Movies Christmas.png
29/09/20 3xx 329 Sony Movies Christmas.png Sony Movies Christmas SD Removal
30/09/20 610 633 Disney Channel HD.png Disney Channel HD Removal
613 Disney Channel 2017.svg Disney Channel SD Removal
611 616 Disney Junior.svg Disney Junior SD Removal
??/09/20 Radio App 914 Galway Bay FM.svg Galway Bay FM  Radio-icon.svg Restoration to EPG
03/10/20 241 RT.svg RT SD Removal
2?/10/20 200 RTÉ News.svg RTÉ News IPTV Removal
2?/10/20 200 RTÉ News.svg RTÉ News SD Launch
01/11/20 662 710 The Box.svg The Box SD Temporary rename BoXmas SD BoXmas 2019.png
12/11/20 655 707 MTV Classic 2017.svg MTV Classic SD Temporary rename MTV Xmas SD MTV Xmas 2020.png
28/12/20 655 707 MTV Xmas 2020.png MTV Xmas SD Reversion MTV Classic SD MTV Classic 2017.svg
662 710 BoXmas 2019.png BoXmas SD Reversion The Box SD The Box.svg
31/12/20 305 335 Sky Cinema Disney HD.svg Sky Cinema Disney HD Rename Sky Cinema Five Star Movies HD Sky Cinema Five Star Movies HD.png
355 305 Sky Cinema Disney.svg Sky Cinema Disney SD Rename Sky Cinema Five Star Movies SD Sky Cinema Five Star Movies.png


  • Dates listed are for when the channel rebranded or ceased broadcasting, not when the EPG label was updated or when the channel was fully removed from the EPG.
  • (1XX) - Channel numbers on pre-Horizon set-top boxes.