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List of line-up changes on Virgin Media (UK) in 2009

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Date EPG number Channel logo Channel name Type of change New EPG number New channel name New channel logo Region (UK unless stated) Notes
26/01/09 208
UKTV Documentary.svg
UKTV Documentary Rename Eden
Eden 2009.png
05/02/09 160
Trouble +1.png
Trouble +1 Removal Replaced by Living2 +1
Living2 +1.png
Living2 +1 Launch
16/02/09 150
Five US.svg
five US Rename Five USA
Five USA.svg
17/02/09 206
UKTV People.svg
UKTV People Blighty
24/02/09 129
Dave +1.jpg
Dave +1 Dave ja vu
Dave ja vu 2009.svg
02/03/09 203
UKTV History.svg
UKTV History Yesterday
Yesterday 2009.svg
20/03/09 274
Discovery Real Time Extra.png
Discovery Real Time Extra Discovery Shed
Discovery Shed.png
01/04/09 159
Trouble Removal Replaced by Living +2
Living +2.png
Living +2 Launch
06/04/09 132
Paramount Comedy 1.svg
Paramount Comedy 1 Rename Comedy Central
Comedy Central UK 2009.svg
Paramount Comedy +1.png
Paramount Comedy 1 +1 Comedy Central +1
Comedy Central +1 2009.png
Paramount Comedy 2.svg
Paramount Comedy 2 Comedy Central Extra
Comedy Central Extra 2009.svg
30/04/09 265
UKTV Style.svg
UKTV Style Home
Home 2009.svg
UKTV Style +1.svg
UKTV Style +1 Home +1
Home +1 2009.png
19/05/09 267
UKTV Gardens.svg
UKTV Gardens Really
Really 2009.svg
22/06/09 260
UKTV Food.svg
UKTV Food Good Food
Good Food.svg
UKTV Food +1.png
UKTV Food +1 Good Food +1
Good Food +1.svg
01/07/09 311
MTV One.svg
MTV 2002.svg
MTV One +1.png
MTV One +1 MTV +1
MTV +1 2009.png
29/07/09 310
MTVNHD 2008.png
MTVN HD Added Launched on Sky HD on 16 December 2008
30/07/09 158
FX HD 2008.png
FX HD Launched on Sky HD on 28 April 2008
National Geographic Channel HD.svg
National Geographic Channel HD Launched on Sky HD on 22 May 2006
31/07/09 146
Channel 4 HD 2007.svg
Channel 4 HD Launched on Sky HD on 10 December 2007
31/08/09 707
Jetix Rename Disney XD
Disney XD 2009.svg
Jetix +1.svg
Jetix +1 Disney XD +1
Disney XD +1.png
06/10/09 110
Living 2007.svg
Living Move 109 In preparation for launch of Living HD
Living HD.png
Living HD Launch Living HD was added 2 months prior to launch. Living HD launched on Sky nearly a year later
26/10/09 313
The Music Factory Rename Viva
Viva UK.svg
16/11/09 148
Zone Reality.svg
Zone Reality CBS Reality
CBS Reality 2009.svg
30/11/09 112
Living2 LIVINGit
Living2 +1.png
Living2 +1 LIVINGit +1