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List of line-up changes on Virgin Media (UK) in 2023

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Date Region
(UK unless stated)
(TV 360, V6/TiVo and Stream boxes unless stated)
Current EPG number Current channel logo Current channel name Type of change New EPG number New channel name New channel logo Reference/Notes
01/01/23 410 Sky Cinema Christmas HD.svg Sky Cinema Christmas HD Reversion Sky Cinema Drama HD Sky Cinema Drama HD.svg
03/01/23 404 Sky Cinema Greats HD.png Sky Cinema Greats HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema British Icons HD Sky Cinema British Icons HD.svg
04/01/23 TV 360/V6/TiVo 335 BoXmas.svg BoXmas SD Reversion The Box SD The Box.svg
TV 360/V6/TiVo 424 GREAT! movies christmas.svg GREAT! movies christmas SD Rename GREAT! romance SD GREAT! romance.svg EPG label only
Channel rebranded on 05/01/23
508 Sky Sports Darts HD.svg Sky Sports Darts HD Reversion Sky Sports Arena HD Sky Sports Arena HD.svg
TV 360 508 Sky Sports Darts.svg Sky Sports Darts SD Sky Sports Arena SD Sky Sports Arena.svg
V6/TiVo 518
06/01/23 TV 360/V6/TiVo 419 Christmas 24.svg Christmas 24 SD Reversion Movies 24 SD Movies 24.svg
420 Christmas 24+.svg Christmas 24+ SD Reversion Movies 24+ SD Movies 24+.svg
13/01/23 TV 360/V6/TiVo 276 Smithsonian Channel HD.svg Smithsonian Channel HD Removal Ceased broadcasting on 05/01/23
402 Sky Cinema Wizarding World HD.svg Sky Cinema Wizarding World HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Feel Good HD Sky Cinema Feel Good HD.svg
403 Sky Cinema Hits HD.png Sky Cinema Hits HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Twilight HD Sky Cinema Twilight HD.svg
411 Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror HD.png Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Dystopia HD Sky Cinema Dystopia HD.svg
16/01/23 403 Sky Cinema Twilight HD.svg Sky Cinema Twilight HD Reversion Sky Cinema Hits HD Sky Cinema Hits HD.png
404 Sky Cinema British Icons HD.svg Sky Cinema British Icons HD Reversion Sky Cinema Greats HD Sky Cinema Greats HD.png
TV 360/V6 523 Eurosport 4K.svg Eurosport 4K Temporary launch
19/01/23 411 Sky Cinema Dystopia HD.svg Sky Cinema Dystopia HD Reversion Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror HD Sky Cinema Sci Fi & Horror.svg
24/01/23 TV 360/V6/TiVo 106 E4.svg E4 SD Removal
TV 360 109 Sky Showcase.svg Sky Showcase SD
V6/TiVo 110
TV 360 111 Sky Witness.svg Sky Witness SD
V6/TiVo 112
England, Wales V6/TiVo 113 ITV1.svg ITV1 SD
NI V6/TiVo 113 UTV.svg UTV SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 115 ITV2.svg ITV2 SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 117 ITV3.svg ITV3 SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 118 ITV4.svg ITV4 SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 119 ITVBe.svg ITVBe SD
TV 360 121 Sky Max.svg Sky Max SD
V6/TiVo 122
TV 360 123 Sky Comedy.svg Sky Comedy SD
V6/TiVo 135
TV 360 136 Sky Crime.svg Sky Crime SD
V6/TiVo 137
TV 360 138 Sky Sci-Fi.svg Sky Sci-Fi SD
V6/TiVo 139
V6/TiVo 143 4seven.svg 4seven SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 147 More4.svg More4 SD
V6/TiVo 154 Channel 5.svg Channel 5 SD
TV 360 163 E!.svg E! SD
V6/TiVo 164
V6/TiVo 181 Comedy Central.svg Comedy Central SD
V6/TiVo 183 MTV.svg MTV SD
V6/TiVo 187 5Action.svg 5ACTION SD
V6/TiVo 266 National Geographic.svg National Geographic SD
TV 360 277 Sky Documentaries.svg Sky Documentaries SD
V6/TiVo 278
TV 360 279 Sky Nature.svg Sky Nature SD
V6/TiVo 280
V6/TiVo 415 TCM Movies.svg TCM Movies SD
TV 360/V6/TiVo 428 Film4.svg Film4 SD
TV 360 509 Sky Sports News.svg Sky Sports News SD
V6/TiVo 519
TV 360 510 Sky Sports Mix.svg Sky Sports Mix SD
V6/TiVo 520
V6/TiVo 704 Cartoon Network.svg Cartoon Network SD
V6/TiVo 712 Nickelodeon.svg Nickelodeon SD
111 Sky Witness HD.svg Sky Witness HD Move 110
121 Sky Max HD.svg Sky Max HD 111
123 Sky Comedy HD.svg Sky Comedy HD 112
136 Sky Crime HD.svg Sky Crime HD 121
138 Sky Sci-Fi HD.svg Sky Sci-Fi HD 122
140 Sky Arts HD.png Sky Arts HD 123
V6/TiVo 145 E4 HD.svg E4 HD 106
156 Pick.svg Pick SD 135
160 Challenge.png Challenge SD 139
163 E! HD.svg E! HD 160
TV 360/Stream 140 Sky Arts.png Sky Arts SD 123
V6/TiVo 165 140
V6/TiVo 176 ITV2 HD.svg ITV2 HD 115
V6/TiVo 177 ITV3 HD.svg ITV3 HD 117
V6/TiVo 178 ITV4 HD.svg ITV4 HD 118
V6/TiVo 179 ITVBe HD.svg ITVBe HD 119
180 Sky Replay.svg Sky Replay SD 159
TV 360/V6/TiVo 182 Comedy Central Extra.svg Comedy Central Extra SD 154
V6/TiVo 193 4SevenHD.svg 4seven HD 143
V6/TiVo 195 More4 HD.svg More4 HD 147
TV 360/V6/TiVo 220 Sky Witness +1.svg Sky Witness +1 163
TV 360/V6/TiVo 221 Sky Crime +1.svg Sky Crime +1 164
V6/TiVo 268 National Geographic HD.svg National Geographic HD 266
279 Sky Nature HD.svg Sky Nature HD 278
V6/TiVo 416 TCM Movies HD.svg TCM Movies HD 415
V6/TiVo 429 Film4 HD.svg Film4 HD 428
V6/TiVo 714 Nickelodeon HD.svg Nickelodeon HD 712
V6/TiVo 732 Cartoon Network HD.svg Cartoon Network HD 704