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List of over-the-air television stations in Greenwood-Greenville

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VC = Virtual Channel (what's showing on your TV)
PC = Physical Channel (what channel the station actually broadcasts from)
¤ = Low-power station
Note: Clickable station call letters below are links to station Wikipedia sites.
    The Greenwood-Greenville market is ranked
    #194 out of 210 TV markets in the U.S.
Call Letters VC PC Network or Format Owner/Operator Notes/Other info
WABG 6.1 32.3
Terrier Media
(Cala Broadcast Partners LLC)
6.2 32.4
WHCQ-LD ¤ 8.1 9.3
Antenna TV
Ellington Broadcasting
Licensed to: Cleveland, MS
8.2 9.4
Bounce TV
8.3 9.5
Court TV
8.4 9.6
Court TV Mystery
8.5 9.7
8.6 9.8
WPRQ-LD ¤ 12.1 12.1
This TV
Ellington Broadcasting
Licensed to: Clarksdale, MS
W13CS ¤ 13.1 13.1
Whitfield Media, LLC
Licensed to: Grenada, MS
WFXW 15.1 15.1
Cox Media Group (SSA)
(Tri-State Christian Television)
WMAO 23.1 25.3
Mississippi Authority for Educational TV
23.2 25.4
PBS Kids
23.3 25.6
23.4 25.5
WMAO-FM simulcast
(audio only)
WNBD-LD ¤ 33.1 33.3
Terrier Media
(Cala Broadcast Partners LLC)
Licensed to: Grenada, MS
Simulcasting station (¤):
WXVT-LD, Ch. 17  Cleveland, MS
33.2 33.4