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List of over-the-air television stations in Reno

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VC = Virtual Channel (what's showing on your TV)
PC = Physical Channel (what channel the station actually broadcasts from)
¤ = Low-power station
Note: Clickable station call letters below are links to station Wikipedia sites.
    The Reno market is ranked
    #104 out of 210 TV markets in the U.S.
Call Letters VC PC Network or Format Owner/Operator Notes/Other info
KTVN 2.1 11.3
Sarkes Tarzian, Inc.
Translators (all are ¤):
K06MK  Elko, NV
K06NY  Ryndon, NV
K08IO  Wells, NV
K10GT  Mina/Luning, NV
K10KB  Austin, NV
K12MW  Manhattan, NV
K14JY  Walker Lake, NV
K16FD  Battle Mountain, NV
K16IZ  Eureka, NV
K17HE  Susanville, CA
K18JG  Beowowe, NV
K18KA  Ely, NV
K19MM  Ruth, NV
K20OD  Valmy, NV
K24FF  Lovelock, NV
K25FR  Elko, NV
K29BN  Silver Springs, NV
K29KJ  Orovada, NV
K29MG  Hawthorne, NV
K29NH  Lund/Preston, NV
K33ER  Verdi/Mogul, NV
K34LE  Shurz, NV
K36HA  Elko, NV
K44LL  Austin, NV
K49BK  Winnemucca, NV
2.2 11.4
Light TV
2.3 11.5
KCNL-LD ¤ 3.1 3.1
Prism Broadcasting
(DNV Spectrum Holdings, LLC)
3.2 3.2
(paid programs)
3.3 3.3
Biz TV
KRNV 4.1 12.3
Sinclair (JSA)
(Reno (KRNV-TV) Licensee, Inc.
(Cunningham Broadcasting))
Translators (all are ¤):
K10LQ  Manhattan, NV
K16LG  Lund/Preston, NV
K20FR  Hawthorne, NV
K21FO  Winnemucca, NV
K21OJ  Ruth, NV
K24JL  Beowowe, NV
K28GX  Walker Lake, NV
K28PP  Shurz, NV
K29EV  Valmy, NV
K30DS  Lovelock, NV
K31IE  Susanville, CA
K31LO  Eureka, NV
K33IB  Silver Springs, NV
K34PY  Mina/Luning, NV
K34QL  Fallon, NV
K36LU  Ely, NV
K45LE  Eureka, NV
K51DJ  Verdi/Mogul, NV
4.2 12.4
4.3 12.5
KNPB 5.1 15.3
Channel 5 Public Broadcasting
(Channel 5 Public Broadcasting, Inc.)
This station has digital replacement translators:
Ch. 5 (digital 22)  Truckee, CA
Ch. 5 (digital 33)  Tahoe City, CA

Translators (all are ¤):
K15EE  Elko, NV
K15LG  Hawthorne, NV
K16FV  Ryndon, NV
K18DP  Lovelock, NV
K19IU  Battle Mountain, NV
K19LS  Walker Lake, NV
K20JQ  Wells, NV
K22LE  Cedarville, CA
K23FC  Elko, NV
K23KV  Austin, NV
K24NQ  Golconda, NV
K25PU  Mina/Luning, NV
K28LM  Eureka, NV
K29ES  Carson City, NV
K30PB  Shurz, NV
K31BM  Silver Springs, NV
K32CA  Battle Mountain, NV
K34KK  Litchfield, CA
K36HH  Susanville, CA
K36OB  Verdi, NV
K46FB  Austin, NV
K47DG  Eureka, NV
5.2 15.4
5.3 15.5
PBS Kids
KRMF-LD ¤ 7.1 4.19
Estrella TV
Prism Broadcasting
(DTV Innovators, Inc.)
7.2 4.18
(no programming)
7.3 4.20
Biz TV
KOLO 8.1 8.1
Gray Television
(Gray Television Licensee, LLC)
Translators (all are ¤):
K05AF  Mina/Luning, NV
K08LS  Elko, NV
K08NQ  Ryndon, NV
K14AL  Ely, NV
K16FU  Mina/Luning, NV
K22GM  Battle Mountain, NV
K23OK  Walker Lake, NV
K24KX  Cedarville, CA
K25OT  Susanville, CA
K26GG  Golconda, NV
K28PX  Stead, NV
K28QC  Imlay, NV
K30FS  Hawthorne, NV
K30LB  Beowawe, NV
K32CQ  Shurz, NV
K34MF  Orovada, NV
K39GL  Starr Valley, NV
K41GI  Imlay, NV
K43MT  Eureka, NV
K45BJ  Winnemucca, NV
8.2 8.2
8.3 8.3
8.4 8.4
8.5 8.5
KRXI 11.1 23.3
Sinclair  (KRXI Licensee, LLC)
This station has a digital replacement translator:
Ch. 11 (digital 21)  Reno, NV

Translators (all are ¤):
K06KQ  Manhattan, NV
K13JD  Battle Mountain, NV
K17CA  Carson City, NV
K17DT  Elko, NV
K17NU  Ruth, NV
K18GT  Ryndon, NV
K19MJ  Yerington, NV
K20LD  Ely, NV
K21OK  Lund/Preston, NV
K22FH  Hawthorne, NV
K23FR  Winnemucca, NV
K24EY  Walker Lake, NV
K26EH  Austin, NV
K27OM  Valmy, NV
K29LT  Susanville, CA
K32KQ  Orovada, NV
K32MJ  Litchfield, CA
K32NW  Mina/Luning, NV
K33GB  Golconda, NV
K34FP  Valmy, NV
K36FF  Shurz, NV
K36KN  Eureka, NV
K41HH  Austin, NV
K48LA  South Lake Tahoe, CA
K48MW  Ely/McGill, NV
11.2 23.4
11.3 23.5
Antenna TV
KNRC-LD ¤ 14.1 14.3
(KBLN-TV (30.1) simulcast)
Better Life Television
(Better Life Television, Inc.)
Licensed to: Sparks, NV
14.2 14.4
14.3 14.5
Nature Channel  (audio only)
14.4 14.6
3ABN Latino
KNSN 21.1 20.3
MyNetwork  (12am - 2am)
Nevada Sports Net  (2am - 12am)
(Deerfield Media (Reno) Licensee, LLC
(Deerfield Media))
Translators (all are ¤):
K16GM  Yerington, NV
K17FR  Walker Lake, NV
K17HB  Winnemucca, NV
K19MK  Lake Tahoe, CA
K27NE  Susanville, CA
K27OI  Mina/Luning, NV
K32GW  Carson City, NV
K35AX  Hawthorne, NV
K35FL  Silver Springs, NV
K47HP  Elko, NV
21.2 20.4
21.3 20.5
Comet TV
K30HY ¤ 11.1 30.1
(KRXI-TV (11.1) simulcast)
Verdi Television Tax District
Licensed to: Verdi/Mogul, NV

Translators (all are ¤):
K22JC  Silver Springs, NV
K34BL  Lovelock, NV
K36GL  Lovelock, NV
K51IA  Fallon, NV
11.2 30.2
(KRXI-TV (11.2) simulcast)
11.3 30.3
Antenna TV
(KRXI-TV (11.3) simulcast)
21.1 30.4
Nevada Sports Net
(KNSN-TV (21.1) simulcast)
21.2 30.5
(KNSN-TV (21.2) simulcast)
21.3 30.6
Comet TV
(KNSN-TV (21.3) simulcast)
KREN 27.1 26.1
(Entravision Holdings, LLC)
Translators (all are ¤):
K18GG  Mina/Luning, NV
K26JC  Walker Lake, NV
K33GZ  Hawthorne, NV
27.2 26.2
27.3 26.3
True Crime Network
27.4 26.4
27.5 26.5
Court TV
KRNS-CD ¤ 46.1 18.1
(Entravision Holdings, LLC)
46.2 18.2
46.3 18.3
Court TV Mystery
46.4 18.4
Bounce TV