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List of terrestrial channels in Belgium

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Here is the list of terrestrial channels in Belgium. It contains the French channels in Belgium and the Dutch-language channels in Belgium


Multiplex Notes
MUX-FR Multiplex dedicated to French-language channels from Belgium
MUX-NL Multiplex dedicated to Dutch-language channels from Belgium

French-speaking channels

Position Logo Channel name Owner/parent company Broadcast hours
1 La Une.svg La Une RTBF 24 hours
2 Tipik.svg Tipik RTBF 24 hours
3 RTL Club.svg RTL Club RTL Group 24 hours
4 RTL Plug.svg RTL Plug RTL Group 24 hours
5 Radio Contact.png Radio Contact Vision RTL Group 24 hours
6 Bel RTL.svg BelVision RTL Group 24 hours
7 LN24.png LN24 Les News 24 SA 24 hours
8 La Trois.svg La Trois RTBF 24 hours
9 Canal C.png Canal C
Namur region
La télévision du Namurois 24 hours
10 Télésambre.png Télésambre
Charleroi region
Télévision Sambre 24 hours
11 AB3.svg AB3 HD Mediawan Thematics 24 hours
12 BX1.png BX1 BX1 24 hours
13 Canal Z.png Canal Z Roularta Media Group 24 hours

Dutch-speaking channels

Position Logo Channel name Notes Owner/parent company Broadcast hours
1 VTM.svg vtm DPG Group 24 hours
2 VTM 2.svg vtm 2 HD DPG Group 24 hours
3 VTM 3.svg vtm 3 DPG Group 24 hours
4 VTM 4.svg vtm 4 DPG Group 24 hours
5 VTM Gold.svg vtm Gold DPG Group 24 hours
6 VRT 1.svg Een VRT Belgium 24 hours
7 VRT Canvas.svg Canvas VRT Belgium 24 hours
8 Ketnet.svg Ketnet VRT Belgium 24 hours
9 Play4.svg Play4 SBS Belgium 24 hours
10 Play5.svg Play5 SBS Belgium 24 hours
11 Play6.svg Play6 SBS Belgium 24 hours
12 No Logo ATV Antwerp Antwerpse Televisie 24 hours
13 No Logo AVS Eeklo
Audio Video Studio 24 hours
14 No Logo Focus West Vlaanderen West-Vlaamse Televisie 24 hours
15 No Logo TV Oost Dendermonde
TV Oost 24 hours
16 No Logo Ring TV Halle-Vilvoorde 24 hours
17 No Logo ROB Vlaams-Brabant Regionale Omroep Oost-Brabant 24 hours
18 No Logo RTV Geel
Regionale Televisie 24 hours
19 No Logo NoTélé Komen NoTélé 24 hours
20 No Logo TV Limburg Limburg TV Limburg 24 hours
21 Canal Z.png Kanaal Z Roularta Media Group 24 hours
22 Play Sports Open.png Play Sports Open Telenet 24 hours