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Master list of analogic television channels (Romania)

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General interest

No. Logo Channel name
1 Antena 1.svg Antena 1
2 Antena Stars Flat.svg Antena Stars
3 Prima TV.svg Prima TV
4 Kanal D.svg Kanal D
5 PRO TV.svg Pro TV
6 National TV.svg Național TV
7 National 24 Plus.svg Național 24 Plus
8 TVR 1.svg TVR 1
9 TVR 2.svg TVR 2
10 TVR 3.svg TVR 3
11 TVR Cultural.svg TVR Cultural


No. Logo Channel name
12 MDI TV.jpg MDI TV
13 Mix TV Brasov.png Mix TV
14 Nova TV Brasov.png Nova TV
15 TvSud.png TV Sud
16 Balada TV.png Balada TV
17 AS TV.png AS TV
18 TV Giurgiu.jpg TV Giurgiu
19 Gorj TV.gif Gorj TV
20 Nova TV Fagaras
21 Polyp TV.jpg Polyp TV
22 TeleM.png TeleM
23 Sovidek TV.png Sóvidék TV
24 Székely TV.png Székely TV
25 Logotele3.png Tele 3
26 TVR Cluj.svg TVR Cluj
27 TVR Craiova.svg TVR Craiova
28 TVR Iasi.svg TVR Iași
29 TVR Timisoara.svg TVR Timișoara
30 TVR Tg-Mures.svg TVR Tîrgu Mureș
31 Accent TV.png Accent TV Oltenia
32 AlbaCarolinaTV.png Alba Carolina TV
33 Antena 3 Constanta.png Antena 3 Constanța
34 Valea Prahovei TV.jpg VP TV
35 ArdealTV.png Ardeal TV
36 Columna TV.png Columna TV
37 Dobrogea-TV.png Dobrogea TV
38 Eveniment TV.png Eveniment TV
39 Litoral TV.png Litoral TV
40 Job TV.png Job TV
41 TV City.png TV City
42 Tele Universitatea.png Tele Universitatea
43 TeleNova.png Tele Nova TM
44 QUB TV.svg QUB TV
45 Sud Vest TV.jpg Sud Vest TV


No. Logo Channel name
46 DIGI 24.svg Digi 24
47 Realitatea Plus.png Realitatea Plus
48 Romania TV.svg România TV
49 TVR Info.svg TVR Info
50 Antena 3 CNN.svg Antena 3 CNN
51 B1.svg B1


No. Logo Channel name
52 Orange Sport 1.svg Orange Sport 1
53 Orange Sport 2.svg Orange Sport 2
54 Prima Sport 1.svg Prima Sport 1
55 Prima Sport 2.svg Prima Sport 2
56 Eurosport 1.svg Eurosport 1
57 DIGI Sport 1.svg Digi Sport 1
58 DIGI Sport 2.svg Digi Sport 2
59 DIGI Sport 3.svg Digi Sport 3


No. Logo Channel name
60 Exploris.svg Exploris
61 TV Paprika.svg TV Paprika


No. Logo Channel name
62 DIGI World.svg Digi World
63 Discovery Channel.svg Discovery Channel
64 History.png History
65 National Geographic.svg National Geographic
66 Viasat Explore.svg Viasat Explore


No. Logo Channel name
67 PRO Cinema.svg Pro Cinema
68 Timeless Dizi Channel.svg Dizi
69 Film Cafe.svg Film Cafe
70 CineMaraton.png Cinemaraton
71 AXN.svg AXN
72 Acasa.svg Acasă
73 Acasa Gold.svg Acasă Gold
74 DIVA.svg Diva
75 Happy Channel.svg Happy Channel
76 PRO Arena.svg Pro Arena


No. Logo Channel name
77 Cartoonito.svg Cartoonito
78 Cartoon Network.svg Cartoon Network
79 Disney Channel.svg Disney Channel
80 Disney Junior.svg Disney Junior
81 Minimax.png Minimax
82 Nickelodeon 2023 Commercial.svg Nickelodeon


No. Logo Channel name
83 Etno.svg Etno
84 Favorit.png Favorit TV
85 Traditional TV.png Traditional TV
86 U TV.svg U TV
87 ZU TV.png ZU TV
88 Hora TV.png Hora TV
89 Kiss TV Romania.svg Kiss TV
90 Taraf TV.png Taraf TV


No. Logo Channel name
91 Speranta TV.png Speranța TV
92 Trinitas TV.svg Trinitas TV
93 Maria TV.png Maria TV


No. Logo Channel name
107 Star TV.svg Star TV
108 Show TV.svg Show TV
109 TV2.svg TV2
110 TV5MONDE Europe.svg TV5MONDE Europe
111 VIASAT3.png Viasat 3
112 ATV.svg ATV Hungary
113 ATV HD.png ATV Turkey
114 Duna.svg Duna
115 Erdely Magyar Televizio.svg Erdélyi Magyar Televízió
116 M1.svg M1
117 RTL Hungary.svg RTL Hungary