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List of channels on VMedia

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Not to be confused with Virgin Media.


This is a list of channels available on VMedia, a Canadian IPTV that was founded in 2013.

Note: French language channels are in bold.

Channel list

Channel number Logo Channel name Notes Owner/parent company
25 YTV.png YTV HD Corus Entertainment
36 AMC HD.svg AMC HD AMC Networks
38 CMT Canada.svg CMT Corus Entertainment/Paramount
39 Showcase HD.svg Showcase HD Corus Entertainment
40 CTV Drama Channel.svg CTV Drama Channel HD Bell Media
42 Discovery HD.svg Discovery HD CTV Specialty Television/Warner Bros Discovery
43 History HD 2015.svg History HD Eastern feed Corus Entertainment
45 Cartoon Network HD.svg Cartoon Network HD Easteen feed Corus Entertainment
46 HGTV Canada HD 2015.svg HGTV HD Corus Entertainment/Warner Bros Discovery
50 CTV Comedy Channel.svg CTV Comedy Channel Eastern feed Bell Media
52 MTV HD UK.svg MTV HD Bell Media
53 ID HD.png Investigation Discovery HD CTV Specialty Television/Warner Bros Discovery
54 DTour.svg DTour HD Formerly TVTropolis Corus Entertainment
61 CTV Life Channel.svg CTV Life Channel HD Formerly M3 Bell Media
64 Boomerang.svg Boomerang Corus Entertainment
65 Treehouse HD.svg Treehouse HD Corus Entertainment
68 Family Jr..png Family Jr. Wildbrain
71 E! HD.svg E! HD Bell Media
82 Adult Swim.svg [adult swim] Corus Entertainment
87 Discovery Science HD.svg Discovery Science HD CTV Specialty Television/Warner Bros Discovery
92 Discovery Velocity.jpg Discovery Velocity HD CTV Specialty Television/Warner Bros Discovery
108 Télémagino.png Télémagino Quebec Wildbrain
116 Historia 2021.png Historia Quebec Corus Entertainment
186 BNN Bloomberg.svg BNN Bloomberg HD Bell Media
231 Nickelodeon (2009).svg Nickelodeon Corus Entertainment
251 Animal Planet HD.svg Animal Planet HD CTV Specialty Television/Warner Bros Discovery
267 T+E.png T+E Blue Ant Media
281 CTV Sci-Fi Channel.svg CTV Sci-Fi Channel HD Bell Media
302 HBO Flat.svg HBO HD Eastern feed Bell Media
303 Western feed
701 Much HD.svg Much HD Bell Media
706 MTV2.svg MTV2 Bell Media

Former channels and changes

Channel number Logo Channel name Removal date/notes Owner/parent company
84 IFC 2001.svg IFC 30 September 2019, ceased broadcasting Corus Entertainment
90 G4 Canada.svg G4 Canada 31 August 2017, ceased broadcasting Rogers Media
273 BookTelevision.svg BookTelevision 21 February 2021, ceased broadcasting Bell Media