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List of channels on BBC iPlayer

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Current BBC iPlayer logo

BBC iPlayer is a british free VOD platform with live TV functionality. The BBC iPlayer app is available for Android and iOS.

1080p streaming is limited to supported TVs.

Channel list

1080p Supported TV? Channel name Logo Notes Owner/parent company
No Yes
720p 1080p BBC One HD BBC One HD.svg Defaults to "London" region.
Other regions:
South, East, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, West, Scotland, South West, Channel Islands, North East & Cumbria, North West, Northern Ireland, Wales, Yorkshire, South East
720p 1080p BBC Two HD BBC Two HD.svg Uses same region system as BBC One but defaults to Network (England & Scotland) region.
Other regions:
Wales, Northern Ireland
720p 1080p BBC Three HD BBC Three HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC Four HD BBC Four HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC Radio 1 HD BBC Radio 1.svg On-demand only BBC
720p 1080p CBBC HD CBBC HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p CBeebies HD CBeebies HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC Scotland HD BBC Scotland HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC News HD BBC News HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC Parliament HD BBC Parliament HD.svg BBC
720p 1080p BBC Alba HD BBC Alba HD.svg BBC
MG Alba
720p 1080p S4C HD S4C HD.svg S4C Authority

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