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List of line-up changes on Sky (UK and Ireland) in 2003

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Date EPG No. SD boxes EPG No. HD boxes Channel name Type of change New EPG number SD boxes New EPG number HD boxes New channel name Region (UK & Ireland unless stated) Notes
03/02/03 410 The Racing Channel Removal
09/02/03 115 BBC Choice Removal Replaced with BBC Three.
09/03/03 889 The Scene Removal
12/03/03 665 Chart Shop TV Removal Replaced with Video Vault.
18/03/03 644 Shop USA Removal Replaced with Video Vault.
25/03/03 952 CPD / Dental TV Removal Replaced with Video Vault.
??/03/03 906 Rampage Removal
14/04/03 645 Simply Music Removal Poor viewing figures. Replaced with Simply Shop+.
14/04/03 579 Simply Nature Removal Poor viewing figures.
14/04/03 581 Simply Einstein Removal Poor viewing figures.
??/04/03 905 Relax with a Book Removal
01/05/03 262 Simply Nostalgia Removal Financial difficulties.
01/05/03 645 Simply Shop+ Removal Financial difficulties.
01/05/03 826 Simply Asian Removal Financial difficulties.
05/05/03 326 FilmFour Extreme Removal Timeshared with FilmFour World. Replaced with FilmFour Weekly.
05/05/03 326 FilmFour World Removal Timeshared with FilmFour Extreme. Replaced with FilmFour Weekly.
??/05/03 952 Automotive Channel Removal
03/06/03 305 Sky Movies Premier Widescreen Removal Ceased broadcasting due to widescreen content being broadcast on all other Sky Movies channels.
18/06/03 414 Red Button Races Removal Financial difficulties.
24/06/03 461 P-Rock Removal Financial difficulties.
25/06/03 882 ART Europe Removal Replaced with MBC.
26/06/03 619 Toons and Tunes Removal Replaced with Pop.
24/07/03 913 Apna Radio Removal Financial difficulties.
01/09/03 814 Ekushey TV Removal Licensing problems in Bangladesh.
03/09/03 247 MBE (Major Black Entertainment) Removal
08/09/03 244 CNX Removal Replaced with Toonami.
16/10/03 744 Erotika 4 Removal
16/10/03 745 Erotika 5 Removal
16/10/03 746 Erotika 6 Removal
30/10/03 681 TX1 Removal
15/11/03 691 Mobile Crazy TV Launch
24/12/03 691 Mobile Crazy TV Removal Financial difficulties.

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