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List of line-up changes on Sky (UK and Ireland) in 2006

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Date EPG No. SD boxes EPG No. HD boxes Channel name Type of change New EPG number SD boxes New EPG number HD boxes New channel name Region (UK & Ireland unless stated) Notes
09/01/06 647 TelSell Removal Sky EPG slot bought by Pitch TV Plus.
23/01/06 860 The Storm Removal Replaced with Chill.
31/01/06 336 Matinee Movies Removal Bought by Dolphin Broadcast Services Ltd. Replaced with Movies4Men.
31/01/06 339 Bad Movies Removal Bought by Dolphin Broadcast Services Ltd. Replaced with ACTIONMAX.
20/02/06 172 Game Network Removal Replaced with Babestation.
20/02/06 871 The Mix Removal Replaced by Fun Kids
28/02/06 214 L!VE TV Removal Replaced with Babeworld.
01/03/06 364 The Amp Removal Replaced with Bliss
06/03/06 602 Cartoon Network +1 Removal Replaced with original version of Cartoon Network Too on 24 April 2006 and then Cartoonito on 24 May 2007. Was relaunched on 1 April 2014.
14/03/06 277 London TV Removal Replaced with Celebrity Shopping.
16/03/06 613 Toon Disney Removal Replaced with Disney Cinemagic
18/04/06 541 UKTV People +1 Removal Replaced with UKTV Drama +1 on 2 May 2006.
06/05/06 0167 Jazz FM Removal
25/05/06 0163 Apple FM Removal
02/06/06 0132 PrimeTime Radio Removal Ex-NTL only.
23/06/06 852 Quiz TV Removal
19/07/06 325 FilmFour Weekly Removal Ceased broadcasting when the subscription service ended. Ex-NTL only.
??/07/06 672 GDTV Removal Financial difficulties.
??/07/06 667 One TV Removal Financial difficulties. Licence revoked by Ofcom.
01/08/06 346 VH2 Removal Replaced with MTV Flux.
17/08/06 674 Treasures.tv Removal
09/09/06 202 Trouble Reload Removal Replaced with Trouble +1.
04/10/06 841 Avago Removal Replaced with Gala TV.
09/10/06 339 ACTIONMAX Removal Replaced with Movies4Men 2.
??/10/06 0204 Virgin Radio Party Classics Removal
10/11/06 786 Vectone Urdu Removal
10/11/06 784 Vectone One Removal
10/11/06 794 Vectone Tamil Removal
10/11/06 800 Vectone Bangla Removal
10/11/06 803 Vectone Punjab Removal
10/11/06 811 Vectone Sinhla Removal
10/11/06 812 Vectone Two Removal
11/11/06 512 South Asia World Removal Ex-Telewest only.
24/11/06 821 Vectone 2U Removal
14/12/06 0113 Century Digital Removal Station sold to GMG Radio, EPG slots retained by GCap Media and given to theJazz.

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