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List of line-up changes on Sky (UK and Ireland) in 2005

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Date EPG No. SD boxes EPG No. HD boxes Channel name Type of change New EPG number SD boxes New EPG number HD boxes New channel name Region (UK & Ireland unless stated) Notes
10/01/05 413 Eurosport News Removal Replaced with Eurosport 2.
04/02/05 837 NSAT Removal
14/02/05 211 ACTV Removal
23/02/05 144 UKTV Style Gardens Launch UKTV Style Gardens was launched as a spin-off from UKTV Style.
21/03/05 428 TWC Re:Loaded Removal Slot bought by CSC Media Group. Ceased broadcasting for Movies 333.
03/04/05 428 Authentic TV Removal Slot bought by CSC Media Group. Ceased broadcasting for Movies 333.
12/05/05 663 Snatch It! Removal Replaced with Gems TV 2.
??/05/05 793 SAB TV Removal Purchased by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sky EPG slot given to MATV National.
01/07/05 686 txt me Removal Replaced with The Soundtrack Channel.
08/08/05 696 Exchange & Mart TV Removal
06/09/05 180 You TV 3 Removal Returned on 04/10/05 as You TV 2 Extra.
14/09/05 898 Big Blue Radio Removal
30/09/05 259 Unlimited TV Removal Replaced with The Audi Channel.
01/10/05 823 LBC Europe Removal Low subscriber numbers.
10/10/05 247 Classics TV Removal Replaced with Dove Vision.
10/10/05 165 More4 Launch
23/12/05 525 ITV News Channel Removal Replaced with ITV4 and CITV

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