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List of line-up changes on Sky (UK and Ireland) in 2022

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Note: This list details the EPG changes on Sky+HD, Sky Q and Sky Glass devices in the UK & (Republic of) Ireland. Other channels that may be mentioned elsewhere are not included in this list.

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Example Description
Launch Channel due to be launched on the EPG
Relaunch Channel due to relaunch to the EPG after being removed.
Temporary relaunch Channel due to be temporarily launched on the EPG
Removal Channel due to be removed from the EPG
Temporary removal Channel due to be temporarily removed from the EPG
Rename Channel due to be renamed on the EPG
Temporary rename Channel due to be temporarily renamed on the EPG
Reversion Channel is currently using a temporary name that is due to revert to its previous name
Restoration to EPG Channel due to be restored to the EPG after being removed.
Move Channel due to be moved to another EPG number.
Temporary move Channel due to be moved temporarily to another EPG number.

EPG Changes

HD prominence is used in this table. "Service" refers to Sky Glass or Sky+HD/Q. ("Sky+HD/Q" refers to Sky Q, Sky+ HD, Sky+ and Sky Digiboxes)


Date Region
(UK & Ireland unless stated)
(Sky Glass & Sky+HD/Q unless stated)
Current EPG number Current channel name Type of change New EPG number New channel name References/Notes
01/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 303 Sky Cinema Christmas HD Reversion Sky Cinema Drama HD
01/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 854 Sky Cinema Christmas SD Reversion Sky Cinema Drama SD
04/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 319 GREAT! movies christmas SD Reversion GREAT! movies classic SD
04/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 320 GREAT! movies christmas +1 Reversion GREAT! movies classic +1
04/01/22 408 Sky Sports Darts HD Reversion Sky Sports Arena HD
04/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 866 Sky Sports Darts SD Reversion Sky Sports Arena SD
04/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 184 Hi-Impact TV SD Restoration to EPG
05/01/22 302 Sky Cinema Wizarding World HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Monsters HD
05/01/22 303 Sky Cinema Drama HD Move 310
05/01/22 310 Sky Cinema Hits HD Move 303
05/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 359 Trace Xmas SD Reversion Trace Hits SD
05/01/22 Residential boxes Sky+HD/Q 490 BT Sport Box Office HD Restoration to EPG
05/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 607 CBBC HD
Removal Hours reduced to 07:00-19:00
Sky Glass 201
05/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 643 CBBC SD
06/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 325 Christmas 24 SD Reversion Movies 24 SD
Sky Glass 313
06/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 326 Christmas 24+ SD Reversion Movies 24+ SD
Sky Glass 314
10/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 492 Sky Sports Box Office HD Removal
13/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 709 Zee TV SD Move 898
13/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 709 Zee TV HD Launch
13/01/22 Sky Glass 708 Colors HD Launch
13/01/22 Sky Glass 709 Colors Rishtey SD Launch
13/01/22 Sky Glass 710 Colors Gujarati SD Launch
14/01/22 302 Sky Cinema Monsters HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Feel Good HD
17/01/22 307 Sky Cinema Action HD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Vengeance HD
17/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 851 Sky Cinema Action SD Temporary rename Sky Cinema Vengeance SD
19/01/22 UK Sky+HD/Q 150 Paramount Network SD Rename 5ACTION SD
19/01/22 UK Sky Glass 165 Paramount Network HD Rename 5ACTION HD
20/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 490 BT Sport Box Office HD Removal
20/01/22 Sky+HD/Q 595 Hillsong SD Removal
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